Silent War with humanity

The truth is both simpler and more incredible than we can imagine. Satanic cult, whose main headquarters is located in London, enslaves humanity.

"Silent War" with humanity

They worship Lucifer and are determined to redefine reality and control the planet. Having inadequate part of the world's wealth, you share it with the ignorant masses? Would not preach that God is dead, and truth and justice purely subjective? Will not indicate that the person is essentially — nothing more than an animal intended to be domesticated or killed?

Satanism has penetrated in Free Masonry and many other religions, institutions and groups. Satanists hold the levers of power secretly lending, media, education, government and the church. They show themselves true liberals, socialists, conservatives, Zionists, Nazis, Communists, etc. Many of them say that they — and Christians, with the aim to deceive us, carry out the service, which lead to the fatal end of Christianity.

This cult is intended to gradually expand people dehumanize and bring them to a state where they will state public policy called the New World Order (New World Order). They soothe and distract us while also reducing our freedom, preparing us to repression, fully using all known pretext of "terrorism."

Aldous Huxley in his lecture in 1961 described the state policy as "the last revolution," "dictatorship without tears," in which people will love "slavery, in which will be cast."

The goal is to form a "kind of a concentration camp for entire societies, where people will not only be selected in principle freedom .. but … the means of propaganda and brainwashing … pharmacological methods they have also destroyed any desire to rebel. "

Of pharmaceutical products can already be found Ritalin, Prozac and Viagra, are quite healthy men commonly use to "rise to the occasion." Doctors — dealers for that elite, which is intended to become dependent on, aside from the social problems.

Document entitled "Quiet weapons for silent wars» ("Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars") has confirmed that this — part of the war against humanity. This document refers to "the introduction of drugs that alter behavior" that can accelerate the transition of children from the family (which will soon be done) in this type of community, such as "child care and community centers of State-education."


The document "Quiet weapons for silent wars" appeared in May 1979 ("Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars", Manual Tehnic SW7905.1) and was discovered copier company IBM, which bought the paper on the sale of surplus.

As it turned out, this was a project within the discipline, called "Operational Research", which was developed during World War II in order to attack the enemy population, using social engineering techniques and psychological warfare.

If you believe this document, the "international elite" in 1954, decided to start a "silent war" against the American people, in order to transfer funds out of the hands of "multiple and irresponsible" in the hands of "the few critical and valuable."

The law of natural selection says that the nation or the people who do not use your mind, not much better than animals who do not mind. These people, like animals, just drag and hot (sic) according to their own choice and in their agreement.

The goal is to establish an economy that is "completely predictable and subject to regulation." The masses will be "inspired, and they will be put problem (collar) from an early age …"

In order to achieve this, "the family has to be ruined by increasing parent involvement in activities that are completely engulf them, the children were to be placed in centers run by the government (these children because of the permanent absence of parents are orphans).

This goal is achieved, used in the environment and in school "silent weapons" — propaganda and social engineering.

"Society can not see a weapon, and therefore can not think that is attacked, and the action of this weapon."

"If the arms are gradually quiet, society gets used to it … until the time when the pressure is very strong, and then the company shall … So quiet weapon — a type of biological warfare .. which is under attack sources of natural and social energy, and solve physical, emotional and mental aspects … "

This, however, does not mention that the weapon is a quiet and feminism, which promotes lesbian love, though exposes himself as a defender of women.

It says also that the father must be "domesticated". Press talks about the fact that he was "henpecked" and that "must accept and comply with .. or his sex life will be reduced to zero … ". Women primarily to manage emotions, and then — logic … to open wide the eyes to see [her child] fed — a tool of the rich man or a cheap source of slave power.

The author says: "this unassuming minded school, father, mother, son and daughter — are working cattle …"

Initial strategy DIVERSION

The document refers to "the establishment of social control" by the fact that it is mired in "ignorance, lack of discipline, lack of understanding, disorganized, and play."

"Keep the public away from it all, away from the 'true social issues, but immersed in the issues, devoid of any importance was." As well as "sabotage mental activities of society, constantly surrounding it in the media sex, violence and war," it is the "mental and emotional rape."

In the evening, let them «junk-food (garbage), and deprived of what they really need," especially — a good education. "Make sure the spare time people dedicated to entertainment, performed absolutely mediocre."

"As for the work: it is necessary to make sure that they were constantly busy, busy and busy again, time for reflection to do but it will take them back to the farm to the other animals."

"Destroy the faith of the American people, so that no one may not believe in anything."

The main rule: "We won the state of the created general confusion, and the more confusion, the bigger the payout. The best approach — to create problems, and then provide the ability to solve them. "

STATE benefactor as a strategic weapon

The public wants the rulers prolonged childhood, so that people have always been dependent children. In other words, the public wants a person as God, which would eliminate any chance of life, which would be stroking them on the head, and kissed when they hit or scratched, and dinner served at the table of fried chicken .. comforted and say that everything will be alright … "

This "man as God" — the politician who promises manna from heaven, but does not give anything. Appropriate public behavior — "surrender, born in fear, laziness and comfort (unprincipled). Is the basis of publicly provided social assistance programs and additional revenue, that's a strategic weapon, useful against the hideous public. "

Lack of resistance on the part of the public — a sign that it is "ripe and ready to give up and leaning to the legal slavery and his imprisonment. A sure sign that it's harvest time — the number of citizens who pay taxes, despite the apparent lack of honest and mutual benefits from the state. "


People may respond that this document — not just another fake. However, people are aware of what is going on, can see that this model has been implemented.

Promotion of homosexuality under the guise of "tolerance" and "equality" — an example of quiet weapons.

Equal rights of homosexual to heterosexual marriage is blatant denial of the fact that heterosexuality is unique. While cries are heard on human rights, attacks are healthy and happy 97% of the population. The difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality is in a single word: children. Homosexuals are not biologically capable of having children. In the development of heterosexual couples is the most important step when the couple becomes parents. That is, we form a permanent bond that is unique to humans and is unique (see «Relearning Heterosexual Love», «Let's go back to the knowledge of heterosexual love").

Homosexuals could marry with a special status with the same rights and responsibilities. However, they typically result in a majority in the state of confusion by insisting that, because we are not making connections, you are suffering because of this limited development (see «» Canada Redefines Marriage »», «Canada redefines the concept of marriage").

Another example — the feminist movement. Rejecting the natural heterosexual roles, women downplay the role of men as head of the family and have few children, or form a family with a single parent. Men are marginalized or "wives." The family is destroyed, and society destabilized.


The media and the school mislead, shall be suspended and deform. "The mental and moral rape" — is the name for this phenomenon. At that time, as we are quite financially secure, our mind and soul starve without truth (starved for truth).

We are accustomed to think is trivial or completely avoid contact with reality. Of continuing and deepening of fraud by the world government and the erosion of national independence like no shelter, according to all this is not discussed.

Since neither nationalism nor democracy in the full sense of the word no longer exists, the youth is no longer possible to study history or social cultural issues. Sex as advocated by the obsession for life. Pornography attacks and fuming. We are not allowed to have any experience, characteristic of mature age, for example — what is the world that we inherit our children.

When was the last time you watched a film that inspired and taught anything? Which would have been recognizable human situations and emotions? Which would have been the real problems that we face? Heart to skip a beat to appear grateful for the fact that you live in the world? That the film was such a hero, who would like to emulate in your life?

Mankind has enough ideas to create a wonderful world. We sabotage. Satanic teachers are responsible for the murders of presidents and other leaders, for depression, genocide and war, including the notorious "cold war" and its offspring — the "war on terror". All wars are fought with humanity and organized by the same satanic cult.

Their main headquarters — Chatham House (Chatham House) in London and branch — Pratt House (Pratt House) in New York. Control network extends through the oil and banking tycoon Rockefellers and Rothschilds, through corporations, foundations, think tanks, all kinds of control and communication links. Business cards on this list of monsters corporations, including media, contain Masonic symbols (contain Masonic references).

Our political, economic and cultural "leaders" pre-sold their souls and betrayed by society. They literally servants of Satan. Otherwise, they could not stand to see both presidential candidates were members of a secret satanic society Skull and Bones (Skull and Bones). They would not stand the obvious tricks, which took place September 11, 2001. They imagine that in the New World Order will enjoy privileges. History has shown that you can use anyone.


We consider "progressives," but this — just another example of the metalanguage. "Progress" was introduced educators.

In those days, when a man was created in the image and likeness of God, human life was sacred. From the moment we agreed that God is dead, we have become easy to use. That is why the author of "The Silent War" speaks to us, calling us "working cattle" and uses Darwin's "struggle for existence" to justify falling into slavery and genocide.

Satan does not agree to destroy us physically. He concluded with God bet. Do we create the image and likeness of God, or …? To win he needed to show that we are just that — other than the stupid animals.

The fact that we do not offer resistance, means that we consent. We gradually demoralized and our suspicions are directed not to where it should be. Need to knock yourself out of this nonsense and show that we are not without pride, that we — people who will fight for his divinity, for a right that is given to us at birth.

This is — a battle from which mankind can not escape. And the longer it is delayed, the more the price will get us victory.

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