Singing Fingals Cave

Some parts of our planet, few people know, but to be there is. Such is the charming island of Staffa, which is located along the Scottish coast. Externally it is nothing special stands out, but its admirable internal content. After all, there is a spectacular Fingal's Cave.

The uniqueness of the cave is not in its size. They are relatively small (length — 75 m, width — about 14 m, and height — as much as 20 m). The feature of this cave is stunning acoustics. Music waves lapping on the basalt columns (see also the article on the Trail of the Giants), is spread through the cave. It creates such a fantastic feeling that everyone sings.

To get to this island basalt is quite simple. But to reach the cave can not every tourist. To her entrance is very narrow path that runs along the wreckage of columns. On the part of the vast sea to swim into the cave will not work. There again, a narrow passage through which no boat not protisnetsya. Unusual cave once visited William Wordsworth, Sir Walter Scott, John Keats, and even the Jules Verne. One listen to the amazing sea melody here came the Queen Victoria. Therefore, tourists, walking along a narrow trail to the cave entrance, go to the feet of many famous people.


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