Siuchyk: The police acted unpatriotic orders

August 5th in the Soviet district court held trials of democracy activists, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Nikolai Demidenko and Catherine Davydik awarded a penalty in three basic units (from 105 thousand). Vyacheslav Sivchikov and Andrei Kim — 10 basic units (at 350,000).

By the evening of Aug. 5 near the Soviet District Court of duty bus with riot police — the emergency measures taken in relation to the right four processes over democratic activists. Judged chairman of the solidarity movement "Together" Vyacheslav Siuchyk, as well as Nikolai Demidenko, Andrew Kim andCatherine Davydik. Democratic activists are accused of an administrative offense, which allegedly was using foul language towards the police.

July 27, the day of the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Belarus a few dozen activists gathered on Yakub Kolas to celebrate this holiday. The girl, the same age as the independence, read an essay by Vladimir Orlov, "Independence — is …" and then the activists laid flowers to the monument of Yakub Kolas. Including Siuchyk. Then all moved Independence Avenue to the monument to Yanka Kupala, but then people attacked riot police, began detention. In the report the police wrote that the detainees allegedly "obscene language."

Today in court the police captain of the Soviet police department Dmitry Volyntsev said that the detained person Vyacheslav Siuchyk, who allegedly was expressed in his address. Witnesses, police officers Gennady Zhakun andAndrew Cherepovets, also confirmed in a report written earlier. However, during the questioning of witnesses revealed significant differences. Thus, different place where the alleged abuse of Siuchyk sounded. Witnesses for the activist said Siuchyk general course of action was silent. Dennis Sadowski called the actions of the police, "brutal" and does "unmotivated" andAnton Koipish, be near, said that he had heard foul language from the police. Anastasia Marinkina showed the court a few dozen shots that made during detention. In her view, they indicate illegal actions on the day the police regarding Siuchyk and other activists.

Lawyer Siuchyk Svetlana Gorbatok believes that her client's innocence is proved witness and asked the judge to Oksana Relyava dismiss the case. After three hours, the judge adjourned the hearing, after which promised to read out the verdict. And after 10 minutes of the hearing of another case — against activist Andrew Kim.

In the second half of the day in the Soviet court began another process — over activist Nikolai Demidenko. And Nikolai Demidenko written statement that he agreed that the case was heard in his absence, and left the court. After the case was heard by Nikolai Demidenko affair Catherine Davydik.

Nikolai Demidenko and Catherine Davydik awarded a penalty in three basic units (from 105 thousand). Vyacheslav Sivchikov and Andrei Kim — 10 basic units (at 350,000).

But as commented on the case before the Court Siuchyk:

"It's very frustrating to remember those events. The authorities had to celebrate this day of celebrations, but instead sent the Minsk police against Belarusian patriots. Now riot will give false readings if we cursed. "

Before the trial,

Andrew Kim

Catherine Davydik.

Nikolai Demidenko



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