Slavic Voloshba in conspiracies and nauzah

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To learn the secrets of the world around us, we just need to know yourself thoroughly and knows the value of the roots of the ancient language. In our
ancient language incorporated all the information about the world order, interactions and even the history of mankind. In this short story, we will fully try to rely on that knowledge.

Like our ancestors: we now support the eternal flame in honor of the heroes,
worship stone idols, idols heroes (monuments), is named after them, cities, streets, landmarks. Changed one — for ancestors heroes were Veles, Perun, Kolyada, Svarog, Tara, mind you, but now we have different characters. But our inner essence has not changed, so the issue that we are considering, as close to every Slav, it is within. The more each have already heard a lot, read. In the selection of materials for a new just placed some emphasis and deeper disclosed the essence of the phenomenon. So take heed.

Voloshba "Ox" — the ancient Slavic means strength, power, "W" — to connect the energies of three worlds (Reveal, Navi, right) coming from the bottom of the world Reveal, "B" — the divine. Literally divine force connection energy produced from the three worlds of the world Reveal.
Volhovat "Ox" — force "Hove" — to hide. Literally, it means
use secret power.
They say: "Go" — a tall, top (head, mountain), "Thief" — penetrate (gate
Thief). Literally get into higher education (head worlds). With the conspiracy, slander, sentencing is an influence on other people or the world around us — to achieve a certain state or vice versa, to get rid of him.
Plot — this is what follows the accent. That is, here we have a minimum
trinity. They say accompany mental images, and certain actions
addressed to the same goal.
Hex — is that applied to the dialect (used as a so-nauzah
and with anything — water, amulets, etc.).
In Russia before clearly distinguish different actions: talk, rumor,
Tell me, Recto, bait — it's not the same thing. In say for example as opposed to speech and molvleniya important rhythm. After all, with a penetration occurs (open gate). Plots are also divided into zasheptyvanie (words spoken softly) and spell (words-they call screaming), and the choice of method depends on the task.
According to the book of Veles our universe consists of three worlds waking,
Navi and rules and each of the world belong to the knowledge-Veda. The three worlds and the three Vedas exist in the Slavic tradition, but the world is divided into a dark Navi Nav — Sunshine and light Nav-Fame and therefore one of the Vedas is also divided into two parts. All this is of great importance in the creation of plots, because of its form depends on the use and certain knowledge.
Nav light called in Slavic tradition Blue country Svarga
Celestial or figuratively Okiyanom-blue sea. Reveal the world called the White light and
world of law in conspiracies usually symbolizes stone Alatyr.
Alatyr: "Al" — is a ancient means "All" (Alka-absorb all), "Tyr" — means to carry. Literally "stone carrying in itself all things." Hence the way, and the "god-tyr" — bearing in a god.
Each planet, stars, the sun, have their counterparts in other
realities (on the right, Navi). And the visible world we condensed matter is a mere shadow of the other worlds, not formed out of material atoms, and particles of subtle energy.
Gods divine worlds (worlds rights) are the first round
states of light and peace, which can not speak in words. The shadow of the first round, a second round (worlds Navi), or the energy space. And it is immeasurably more than a third of a circle (the shadow of the second), the worlds manifest and fixed forms (Reveal). Slavic tradition teaches that the second round of this soul-energy world, which contains infinite number of worlds, solar systems and planets. From lower density of its composition, located on the border of physical matter to the highest, where the forms of life are extraordinary and beautiful. Second round all in motion it is called figuratively "ocean" from which was derived the "Earth" that is our physical world.
Location of the world everywhere, it pervades all solid matter and here is the embodiment of what is for the accent.
Consider the basic principles of traditional charms.
In the first plot at the "I" or as they say "ego" sorcerer must realize
themselves in the "Black Country". But few are the souls of people living on earth, can
knowingly act in the world of fame (why I do not worry about about the appearance of this article.) One has to be at least a modicum shaman. Example:
The blue sea-okiyane
On the island of Buyan
Oak stands up roots
Sitting on the oak fair maiden.
This is not a fair maiden — Mother herself Lada.
She sews, embroiders,
Patients wounds sewn up,
pulls a thread from the north to the east
This thread breaks
Do the children of (name) hot blood appeased
By this hour,
By this time,
For that moment!
These traditional images, Blue Sea okiya translate our consciousness in
Navneet world of fame. "The Island of Buyan" connects us with the sacred center of the universe.
"Oak roots up" symbolizes the connection of all the worlds (the World Tree).
Secondly you need to know that most of the plots are based on
"Law Ouse." The essence of it is to ensure that the desired action is necessary to connect
invisible threads unquestionably upcoming events. With such a tough
binding, it will happen. An example of such a plot:
On Mother Mezhovke
Water runs-rolling
And hurry
And with a child of God (name)
Disease slide.
Liquid-prizory bridki lessons,
Slim hudobische,
Evil yawn
Here we again see that the process of getting rid of disease is likened
"Utekaniyu" of water, which in this case zagovornaya formula "as the water flows, and
Let's disease will flow "is based on the" Law of Uz. "
Third plot should pronounce or with a shout — click and
Then he called the spell or whispering and then called
zascheptyvaniem. With the help of breathing must be set a certain rhythm.
The presence of rhythm in texts conspiracy required. He plays a practical role
"Suggestive" of influence on the mind. With rhythm, we give ourselves a
ordered state and in conformity with the laws of the universe called differently
RITA laws that must be followed at all levels — from the divine to
human. Therefore, the interaction of the forces of nature, ancestors and gods
possible only in the rhythmic form. The plot has a traditional rhythmic
organized by the formula. Therefore, through a conspiracy and a forced
impact on people and nature.
Fourth is often used in the production of plots
certain objects to help get into the consciousness of world famous and link it
obtaining a result, depending on the course of events. Well in
this case, use the "Law of similarity." For example, link thread
symbolizing the fate of people who need to connect to burn or to release
water any items that symbolize something from which a person must
rid etc.
Fifth in the pronunciation of the sorcerer spells important focus, because
according to the Slavic tradition in the galactic east, we are Iriy
(Light Nav), and ancestral homeland in the north of Darius. It follows that all the light
plots (removal of damage, oberezhnye, medical, etc.) uttered with his face
to these sacred sites. For the medical conspiracy is also important to look at Magus
patient and at the same time facing toward the east.
I'm going to (name)
I will go out of the house doors
Out of the yard — gate
In the open field,
In the eastern side of the
Sunshine according to ancient traditions (see lecture on. Alexander) is on
galactic West, so plots associated with induction of damage and curses
spoken face to the west:
I'm going to (name)
Go for the lower path,
Wolf burrow
I will face in the Sunset
At Sunrise Ridge
Consider now the order of the ritual conspiracies. It has
svastichnuyu structure, which may vary in different directions. We present
following general scheme.
1. Consecration places.
Site preparation begins with the cleaning. Then created using
stones with a crystal lattice, water, metal, etc. oberezhny circle
within which the work of the Magi.
2. Claiming the blessing of the gods and the ancestors of the production
Slavs in the structure have a tool like "conscience."
To wage received from the gods and ancestors. Therefore, before it is
commit always seek blessing to them, and then listen to the
his conscience to decide what to do.
3. Conspiracy:
3.1 Log into space Navi
Usually, in the dialect describes traveling man
reading the plot in the World of the Gods, Spirits and Ancestors
I'm going to (name)
I will go out of the door doors
Out of the gate the gate
East to the east side,
By okiya-sea …
On the blue sea-Okiyane
On the Island of Buyan
Oak stands up roots
Yes to the bottom of the branches …
But if the text plot no path is specified, everything happens according to
mental images.
3.2. Conception of creation. The perception of power (from the Goddess) and vector
information (from God).
Often present in the plot description acquiring person Higher
Forces, meaning the symbolic unity of man and nature elements:
Honeydew wash,
Red sun wiped away,
Clothe the clouds,
Some stars zoster …
Sky cover,
Zoreyu podpoyashus,
Stars otychus …
But if this is not in the text of the plot, then again, everything happens according to
thoughtforms. The only thing to remember a simple set of energy without giving it
certain divine structural trends will produce only zilch. After all,
energy itself is chaotic.
3.3. Programming events and actions
After the awareness of the world, Navi, and obtaining certain forces should request
incentive or requirement of a certain character, depending on the
purpose of a conspiracy. All this can be accompanied by
certain actions such as "flushing" water, "blowing" air
"Burning" fire disease or spoilage.:
As the rain water is not broke
So would I (name) the name Perunova
Swords yes arrows do not pierce
My body was tight b White Stone
And as the water stones otpryadyvayut
And bubbles bounce
So from me to (name) the name Perunova bounced
Boom da spear-sulitsy …
A mandatory part of any conspiracy.
3.4. Conclusion.
Zagovorny text must end enshrining ending. For example:
Be you, my love spell,
Harder than a rock
Stronger than iron,
Century after century,
From now until the century!
4. But thanks for the help.
After the end of the ritual, always, for their assistance in response to Daryl Magus
The benefit of the energy of your soul to the gods and ancestors.
Based on all the above, we can say that one reading the plot without
the use of other elements (rhythm, penetration, action, and mental images
etc) for practical purposes, is not enough. But even just a rhythmic murmur may
facilitate the acquisition of harmony and practitioners fret.

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