Slavs, ask yourself a question. Who are we? Where our roots are, where to start?

The worst thing for a person — completely lose their memory. This is akin to death. Yourself a man can not live. If a person has lost some memory, or it does not work, it is called and try to cure the mentally ill. But no less scary when your memory is cut or inputting false data. In this case, the person becomes a zombie bio-robot, a slave.

Slavs, ask yourself a question. Who are we? Where our roots are, where to start?

I asked this question many Slavs — Ukrainian, Russian and Belarus. I've heard different answers, but most people no doubt answered — all humans descended from Adam and Eve, God created us. People referred to the Bible, without specifying a date. When I asked them — and that was before the Bible? This question is posed to a deadlock. I offered to take the Bible and to calculate when there were the first people. If we believe in the Bible, the Hebrew God sent Adam and Eve on Earth 6012 years ago, 4004 years before our era. And the people in the world up to this point was not. And Slavic calendar February 7, 2008 came 7516 year. So, Slavic calendar existed in 1504 before the first Jews in the world. It follows that the Slavs did not create the Jewish God. And while the ancient Slavs did not deny the existence on Earth even before the Slavic calendar. In our time, found ample evidence that people have lived on Earth for millions of years, not 6012, as claimed by the Jewish Old Testament, the Torah and the Talmud.

In addition, the Bible does not say who took Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Kazakhs, Mongols, Germans, British, Chinese, Japanese, Indians and all other peoples. It refers only to the Jewish people. If you believe the Old Testament, the Hebrew (Jewish) God banished from heaven to earth of Adam and Eve (the first humans) for fail-eaten apple. Other people at the time in the world was not. They gave birth to two sons, Cain and Abel. Next Cain killed his brother Abel. Why Jewish God did not stop Cain, not reason with him? Rather than punish the fratricide (after all, to kill his brother, is not an apple to eat in heaven) Jewish God said to Cain, was frightened, "for anyone who kills Cain shall be avenged sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him "(Genesis, the 4: 15). How is it, for the murder to be answered. A Jewish God avenge sevenfold. Just not clear to whom, after all people except Adam, Eve and Cain on Earth was not. Or the Jewish God just does not understand what is good and what is evil?

Moving on. The same Old Testament, "And Cain knew his wife (name not disclosed), and she conceived and bore Enoch. And he built a city, and called the city after the name of his son, Enoch. Enoch was born Irad, Irad begat Mehiaeleya; Mehiael begat; Methuselah begat Lamech "(Genesis D.4: 17,18). Notice about the women (except Eva) speech in the Bible was not conducted. Where did your wife? Nowhere is it written that the Jewish God created or sent someone else. Who gave birth? Maybe Cain cohabited with animals murdered Abel, who was a shepherd of sheep? Or, Enoch was born of a sexual relationship with his mother Eve Cain? Scary thought. So substitute father, mother and grandfather. With the birth of Enoch there is any suggestions, what next? Men give birth to men. Why would God create a Jewish woman?

So, through the Old Testament Bible Jewish priests managed to impose the Jews, Slavs and other peoples of the origin of sexual pervert, fratricide. I did not come up. Take the Bible, read it and make sure yourself. Read carefully, analyze. There you will find so much dirt, horror, deceit, fraud and inconsistencies, which is very sad.

Slavs, we are at the origin of the Biblical Jews have nothing to do. Do not let yourself make a foolthis is pure sham. And believe me, this nonsense is embedded in our heads for a reason. And with a purpose — to put us in a barn converted into slaves.

Slavs, we the people — being the ultimate measure of intelligence. Slav phrase consists of two words "Glory" — the glory, and "nin" — a man on the Old Slavonic and other languages of the worldSlav — a man of fame, famous for the people as the descendants of the gods.

Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, we are once again trying to divide and by all means set up against each other, cutting out the memory of our race Slavic origin. After all, in the unity of the Slavs, the connection with their ancestors and gods — our Power.


Slavic Vedism (detail)


Slavs, lose memory means lose the soul, the mind, not to live, to exist, to remain forever a slave to his own insanity and reward the disease to their children.


Official science says that people in the modern form in the world there are more than three million years. Slavs, as an independent branch of the released more than twenty thousand years.Slavs — a kind of Aryan or Aryans.

Can not be denied today that the stars, planets, people, animals, plants and all other visible and invisible — a creation of the Supreme Cosmic Power or the universal mind. That weight of scientific evidence. You need only look at the starry sky, to ensure the presence of a huge number of worlds and galaxies. In astronomy, our galaxy called the "Milky Way". This knowledge of the ancient Indian vedistov may tell them Gods. But why "milky"? It's simple — "milky" means milk. It is the mother's milk newborn little man absorbs knowledge about the world around him. He begins to know — is responsible.Vedism — great religion that allows people to live and grow. And it Vedism original religion of the Slavs.As, however, and many other nations. Vedism in everything. Little man is learning to sit, walk, talk, play, to distinguish what is good and what is bad. He did not know it at birth. Child learns, learns world gradually. This is due to his contact with people who know — knows.

What is Orthodoxy — a form of national Slavic Vedism. Rightly famous — to know, know. Praise the right to be masters in their own land.Orthodox Slavs have existed more than 20,000 years, 19,000 years before the arrival of Christianity in the Slavic lands. But that's only the Jewish priests really do not want you to know this. Because then their vile falsification of real historical events, aimed at fooling the people, Slavs and other peoples immediately opened. There is a real connection to time, the relationship with the Orthodox Christianity. Jewish priests amassed colossal state on your faith in someone they brutally executed.

Note Jews hands Romans killed Christ. Why? After all, the Roman procurator vedist (pagan) mnogobozhets Pontius Pilate offered to the Jewish people, led by the high priests in honor of Easter choose freedom preacher Christ or Barabbas the robber and murderer. "For he knew that for envy they had delivered him" (Matthew 27:18 Ye). And the Jews are chosen — crucify preacher, son of God. This was no accident. Why kill a preacher? Which Jews were afraid? Christ passed on to people of knowledge — the Vedas, which Jewish rabbis subsequently thrown out of all the gospels. "Christ" in Greek means "dedication" — says who knows. Greece at the time was the most powerful world center of science and culture. The Greeks — a branch of the Slavic migration (Aryan) race. Christ is called all the people on the mysteries of the then Science. In Hebrew, the word "Christ" does not exist. In addition, Christ called himself the son of God. And the descendants of the gods, the sons and daughters of God at that time called the Slavs who practice polytheism and Vedic orthodoxy. Hence, Jesus Christ brought people the knowledge of Vedic religion of the Slavs (Aryans) are extremely dangerous for the Jewish priests. Knowledge of the freedom of Slavs quickly would make poor priests, depriving them of money and power.

Three centuries after the murder of the Jewish high priest Jesus Christ denied belonging to the Jewish people, calling it — a Galilean. And only when the Roman Emperor Constantine decided to use Christianity to control the masses, and Christianity spread among the world, the Jews came to their senses and decided to make Jesus Christ, changed everything beyond recognition. They become profitable Christ counted among the Jews. Immediately there were "servants of God" — the slaves of the Jews, betrayed and killed Christ. Notice are not slaves of Christ, and the slaves of the Jewish God, who did not hear cries of his son and did not do anything to save him. A legitimate question — who can remain indifferent when brutally killing his own son, while having the power of "the whole world"? Note, we always impose the idea — live and suffer, instead — live and rejoice. We deliberately zombie on failure.

Of all the gospels of Jesus' life is cut between 13 to 30 years, the main period in the formation of the identity of any person. We are Slavs, we want to know — to know, who did Jesus initiates — Christ? Who, where and what to teach? Jewish priests are afraid of what we learn about Jesus' journey, we learn the truth about his Vedic education in the Slavic lands of the Slavic teachers. That is why the disciple of Christ — Andrew main purpose of his life set to go on the slopes of the Dnieper. In these places, got knowledge of Jesus, where he found himself the son of God.

Jewish puppeteers multiple rewriting the Gospels destroyed all the original meaning of the words and deeds of Jesus, altered it all for themselves. But they still can not explain why Christ rose up against their "chosen of God" of the Jewish faith, why he claimed that there temple of new faith? The answer is simple, the Jewish "chosen by God" is to punish dissent. In world history, a lot of examples like Judas did. Notice who betrayed Jesus — Judas (the hand does not rise to write the name with a capital letter). Jewish religion called Judaism. Judaism and the betrayal of Judas — one and the same. It is dedicated to the destruction of the Jews, the first thing introduced into Christianity by organizing a proxy "witch-hunt", the Crusades, wars, ruthless extermination of any dissent or knowledge — Lead. Pick up a history book and read.

Christians never forget who gave, and who made the decision on the execution of Jesus Christ. Ask yourself why Judas did it? Christians love Christ is to know the truth about him.

See how the Jews in consequence all artfully furnished: What is the Gospel — retelling of the life of Jesus by people who did not know Christ personally, and have heard, supposedly, the story from someone else. Sea space for fantasy and fraud. Why do we always say that Jesus himself did not write anything? Jesus and his disciples were illiterate?

We are being profound error. Christ himself made notes, he was dedicated competent person. But, he wrote in a language incomprehensible to the Jews. Christ wrote in Sanskrit. This is a variation of the ancient Indian language of the Indo-European language family. That was the basis of the language of Slavic Literature and speeches at the time. Sensing the betrayal and death, Jesus gave his notes to maintain that the only people who believed his teacher — Svyatogor, keeper of knowledge of ancient Slavic Inglisticheskoy Vedic religion, the depth of the historical memory of hundreds of thousands years. These entries Christ, not sparing money, hunted all the rulers of the world, but they still managed to keep up our time. Already many of these records to decrypt our Slavic scholars. All the secret once become apparent. Very soon, you will learn the truth about these records and their content.

Ends the era of Pisces — the era of total lies. The era of Aquarius — the era of the Battle of the outcome of the last times.That is why the Jewish media so afraid of in 2000, trumpeted the end of the world. Feared the arrival of the era of disclosure lies era in which darkness reigned and slave fooling Slavs and other peoples.

Slavs, you are not slavesYour ancestors never knelt before their gods.Slavic Vedism — is traditionally our national religion. In Slavic Vedism need not stupid to believe it is necessary to know, to know, to understandThis is how our ancestors lived.Vedism offers people communicating with the Gods, knowledge development, the use of the human experience. In Vedism have a certain room for faith, because the person can not check and know everything. But as soon as the fall vedistu new knowledge to explain this or that strange phenomenon, it can apply this knowledge and be fully confident in the fact that for this he will not be religiously persecuted.Vedism — a religion that is constantly evolving.The word "religion" is a bond. Communication with whom or what?Vedism holds that man is inextricably linked to space Power and its manifestations on Earth — Gods, as well as the spirits of their ancestors. Vedism trying to explain to people not mythical, and the real world order, man's place in the world, its origin and destination. Vedism states that life exists not only on Earth, but on the other planets of other star systems. Vedism summarizes knowledge in symbolic form. This form helps people understand complex processes using everyday analogies.

Slavs, understanding all the superiority of their gods, at the same time feel kinship with them. If Slav felt guilty, then it is not only bathed requests and prayers, but also concrete action. That things could improve their Slavkarma(Destiny, inherited his family).During prayer Slavs always maintained dignity. Slavic Vedism educated smart people, proud, brave, strong in body and spirit, cheerful, people, honor and dignity, not allowing over a mock, able to stand up for themselves.

Slavic vedisty appreciated and loved life, but he never feared death. In Vedism death — this is the end of one form of life and the beginning of a new form of birth. No such thing as "the other world", there is in all the languages of the world. Notice in the world, and not in darkness. Physical death — is a transition to another form of life. The human soul passes into another world on the other higher standard of living.

Slavs are very beautiful people.Gods did not make sense to create monsters. The image of the Slavic men — a heroic image, worthy of imitation. Take the legends and tales of antiquity, sculptures, paintings. The beauty of Slavic women, in general, not talking, their beauty conquered the world and accepted as a standard.

Slavs, do not let yourself make stupid, cowardly, vile, worthless, amoral creature without a soul, without honor, without a conscience. Believe me, "someone" had been working tirelessly on this, introducing in your head false information. The gods do not forgive us for this. We are not slaves. Praise the gods, but always remember — we are sons and daughters. Live so that our gods for us not to be ashamed. To Gods proud of their children. And remember that any great race, happily mixing their blood with someone else's, is doomed to destruction. Blood questions — questions of the soul, the most important issues in keeping your divine native Slavic origin.




All Slavic gods are a manifestation of the Supreme Cosmic Power.

God —Universal Absolute, which brings together all the gods together. Name of God —OUM. His name speaks of the presence in all. Oh, God mind — Oh, PA.Allah is the force that causes trembling Gods.God is not an absolute good. It combines everything: light and darkness, good and evil, love and hate, life and death, of all the gods. Good and evil, for it is only the controls. It is the mind that created the universe, balance it in space. Supreme monitor the ratio of good and evil and repeatedly responds to this ratio.

Worship one God, without specifying the path to it is impossible. Since in this case we will worship at once to all the gods and including Satan. You can go to God in light or dark gods, thus accumulating the karma, and appropriate means reincarnation (rebirth). A man is always a choice: dark or light. Where it will be, depends only on himself.

All the other gods — is the manifestation of the Supreme Power. Of fundamental importance is the fact that God is not only God. Only god calls himself the devil or Satan, to hide from the presence of other people light the Gods and make them their slaves.

ROD— The initial manifestation of the Supreme Absolute. Rod picked out himself God Svarog masculine and feminine goddess Lada. From his face Rhode spawned sun god Ra and the other gods of light and darkness. The main function of Rod — a product. It is involved in all of the creatures, including the birth of man.

Triglav —Triune God, uniting the three persons being: Reality, Nav and law. His Power represents a space in which people live. Triglav allows a person to choose his path in life — right or wrong. During the course of life itself relevant person accumulating karma — set its light and dark acts and deeds. Karma is closely accompanies the human soul with life on Earth and on other worlds. Karma is gained by a person affects the lives of all its children, all its subsequent Rod. Karma earned by human ancestors, always influences his present life on earth. Karma is always possible to correct good or bad deeds in one direction or another. But this is not as fast as it is often a gap between good and bad deeds of our ancestors can be quite high. Karma of all our relatives are added and stored in the gene encoding and soul. Do not believe it when they tell you that all sins will be forgiven to you overnight for your money, and you can go on sinning. This is a complete sham. In this case, you lose money and degrades its karma, karma, karma of their children and all his family.The law of karma — it is the law of retaliation and retribution.Slavs, not waste power, begging the Jewish God, not having to do with our roots, it will not help us, he's no relation to our karma is not. Just as he helped Jesus Christ.Slavs, contact your bright gods, or you get caught in a network of Satan or ChernobogSlavs, change your karma light actions and deeds.    

Reality— A clear hypostasis being. Its implementation — there is, the real, visible world.

Nav —Person of the implicit existence. The world is not shown, invisible, beyond, the world of spirits and souls. Nav in turn divided into two light — Fame (fame), and dark — Gad (crap). In the glory of the great live high spirits. In Gadi are bastards, dark and fallen spirits.

Right Person of the ruling being. Set of general laws, rules, rights and duties of freedom, for which the gods live recommend to people that they have accumulated a bright karma. 

Orthodoxy — "Right," "Glory," is the native Slavic Vedic termOrthodox by decree of the gods was to live right, glorifying their bright gods, relying on the experience of the great spirits of their ancestors, asserting their right to be the master of the land of their ancestors, protecting it from enemies and evil spirits (reptiles) their family, their land and their compatriots.

SVARGA —starry sky, the universe, the heavenly realm of the gods.

Svarog— The spiritual master of our galaxy, the creator of our physical world, symbolizing the male principle, the founder of the Slavic gods.

LADA— Mother of God, a symbol of the feminine, the goddess of beauty and love.

PERUN— God of thunder and war, the son of Svarog and Lada, the patron of the warrior caste. Perun — terrible god against the enemies of the motherland. Warrior spirit — is the potential force of the gods.

RA— Fiery sun Creator generating primary light and fire.

Yarylo— God is the protector of the sun, our solar system.

Dazhbog— God is the protector of the constellation Ursa Major, which is the ancestral home of the space of the Slavs (Aryans). Dazhbog — God the keeper of the ancient Great Wisdom.

Sventovit— God, bearing rule in the light of the world of the soul of the Slavs.

Veles— God of wisdom, the son of Rod Zimun sacred cow that produced the Milky (milk) Path. Velez — the patron god of the sages, poets, ranchers, animal. Patron of the Western Slavs Scots (Scots).

Makos— Heavenly Mother, the Goddess happy lot. Makos — Mother Bucket constellation Ursa Major — the ancestral home of many Slavic labor, for our great ancestors first discovered and colonized the planet Earth.

LADY Zimun— Patron goddess father's house, the heavenly guardian of cows.

ZARNITSA— Goddess of the dawn.

ONE— God is the guardian of the ancient wisdom of the runes, the defender kind of Slavic (Aryan), God warrior, fighting against the dark forces. One by one eye sees the world Reveal, another world Navi.

Odin commandment number 10. Impermissible to forgive someone who intentionally commits evil, for evil without discipline, multiplied, and the blame for the increase of their evil lies on the person who committed the evil left unpunished.

Belbogs— Common God of all the cosmic forces of light (the Gods).

Czernebog(Shiva) — God of death, destruction, destruction.

SATAN— The god of lies, betrayal, evil temptations. The personification of evil, hatred, meanness, cowardice, greed, and all the possible troubles. Face of his terrible. But Satan knows how to put on sheep's clothing and the build of a White god. Satan is a master at playing the opposite: white is called black, good — bad, good — evil. Satan always says that he is the only God, to hide from the people of knowledge of the existence of other gods (forces) that people do not have the opportunity to choose the light of the Gods become effective, to communicate with their ancestors. Satan skillfully gives a lift naive simpletons "the needle" self-confidence, making people with their bio-robots — "servants of God." His method of managing people — make a fool, make stupid to believe, and then divide and conquer. Satan is afraid of the truth, symbols of the sun, true knowledge, covering his dark dastardly deeds.

MOTHER EARTH CHEESE (TERRA)— Goddess of the Earth. Terra name means: the third (ter) Rock from the Sun (RA).

Simargl— God of fire.

LAD— God of reconciliation, harmony, friendship and sincerity.

LEL— God of love and passion.

Delight— God is fun.

Stribog— God of winds, the destroyer of evil thoughts.

KOLYADA— The embodiment of the New Year of the solar cycle.

ALIVE— Goddess of the life force, the confrontation of death.

Gamayunov— Ominous bird, the messenger of God Veles.

Madder (MARA)— Goddess of death, wife Chernobog.

VIY— Chernobog son, his army commander, Lord of torment.

Nij— God of the seas and oceans.

POZVIZD— God of storms and bad weather.

TREE— Vedic symbol of life.

And this is not all the manifestations of cosmic forces, called gods by our ancestors. The objectives of this work include a detailed description of each. If you need be, you have to search for information themselves.Slavs, believe, check or not believe everything you hear is your right. But in order to find the strength you need to look for the truth and knowledge: their origins, their gods, their ancestors.Unfortunately, the story is almost always written toadies for scoundrels in power. One goal — to hide the truth from us, to make us their slaves.

Learn to read between the lines. On your life path will constantly meet the messengers of the god of deception and deceit in sheep's clothing. Believe me, they are professionals in their vile deed and do not just give up.




Slavs, unite! That's when we will have the Force, defeat slavery and be able to live a decent life. You know — the more we will get in the way, to criticize, to try to intimidate and confuse verbiage than forcefully resist our actions, hate us, the closer we are to the truth, freedom and truth. Remember, each one of us to a bright future of our species, and hence the country. Our strength is in unity!

All crises, all the wars, all the troubles in our life planned. You may ask, why? But in order to have power over us. You ask, what? A small handful of "priests" who have great riches, away from us in times of crisis and war. They consider themselves to be great manipulators of consciousness, makers of history, politicians, the oligarchs, the rulers of the world and they do not care about us and our problems. We need them as material in their devilish game. Take a look around and make sure for yourself.


It should be understood — today against all the Slavic nations waging war of annihilation. Who fight against us? World Masonic mafia. War is conducted with the use of all possible means and forms.

Slavs, there is only one way to win — it is necessary to kill a slave, to find like-minded people to come together and get rid of the slave owners. No inevitable laws of historical development of society, not dependent on the will of the people does not exist. History is made by us.

That's life: either you die a hero or you live for as long as you will not become a complete scoundrel.




1. Free yourself from your fear, or you take away everything.

2. Believe in yourself.

3. Revive contact with their gods and ancestors.

4. Cultivators.

5. Look for like-minded people.

6. Unite Slavic groups — SH, tens, hundreds, thousands, who will join the common people's front — SLAVIC UNION FORCES.

7. Organize a group of political education and training in self-defense.

8. Create mutual aid committees and mutual support.

9. Stands out from its ranks leaders and put them in front of the economic and political problems. If they fail, change them.

10. Develop and implement its ubiquitous information weapons and technology.

11. Keep Slavic manufacturer, and it should keep you.

12. Vote in all elections only decent, honest, strong, fair Slavs.

13. Establish committees of people's control. Presidents and governments, these are your servants. And if you are bad, change them immediately.

14. Do not allow anyone to oppose some other Slavs. All Slavs — brothers. All Slavic state — fraternal states. Our strength lies in unity.

15. Do not allow in their ranks wormed "iudam" and traitors.

16. Form their Slavic cadres in the field and on a global basis.

17. Proceed with confidence, conviction, discouraging, but fair.

18. Accused of antislavyanizme those who try to interfere.

19. Take care of your parents.

20. Nurture patriots of their children.

21. Learn to create and appreciate Heroes. They are among us.


Not afraid of the enemy, frightening indifference and inaction!

The future is in our hands!

Our strength is in unity!

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