Small boat on the battle «SAFE BI» — Mk VI

24.05.2012 year. Company for the construction of boats «SAFE Boats International», located in the town of Bremerton Washington, won the competition for the construction 5-units of a new type of combat boats «Mk VI» with the possibility of building another 1st instance. Price of the 1st boat — about 6 million dollars. The total amount of the contract — a little more than 35 million dollars. Estimated time of delivery into service of new boats — 2014.

New ships ordered myself Expeditionary Combat Command naval forces of the United States. NECC created in 2006 to carry out joint actions, special operations and sabotage targets for river and coastal waters. As part of NECC will be replaced by new fighting boats were armed with 68-foot boats of the type Mk IV and 34-foot «Sea Ark». Planned for the future purchase of a 48-small combatant craft a new type for the needs of the United States Navy. Boats can be applied in areas of armed conflict, when seeking for sea pirates, human traffickers. The main purpose — control of coastal and river areas.

Small boat on the battle «SAFE BI» - Mk VI

The new small-displacement boats have been developed by «SAFE BI» on the basis of multi-purpose boat «Archangel», which at this day are fairly well known and must be purchased not only for the Navy of the United States, and other countries for weapons. Boat has a waterline length of 24 meters and nearly greatest length of 26 meters. Power Mk VI consists of a 2-type multi-fuel diesel engines with water jets and provides the highest speed boat for a long introduction of 35 knots and the highest speed for a short introduction of 41 knots. The range of the new boat at a cruising speed of 30 knots about 600 miles.

Boat armed with 2 automatic 25 mm gun systems from BAE Systems «Rafael Mk 38 Mod 2" from which it is possible to remote control. From guns to be installed multiple instances of 7.62 and 12.7 mm automatic machine guns mounted on the turrets. Felling Mk VI inherent protection provided, in which the personal composition will be placed in a shockproof spetskreslah. The new boat will have a big store for the upgrade and installation of special equipment, underwater and surface vehicles, placing the wounded in carrying out the evacuation and transportation, civilian and military when performing different tasks.

Build boats will not be on the main facilities of the company (which is for the company for the first time), but on the paid facilities in Port Tamoko due to the fact that the new length of the boat on their own are not together in the shipbuilding slipways of «SAFE BI», and to build capacity of paid there is the opportunity to begin simultaneous construction of all combat boats According to the agreement. For the construction of patrol vessels company open up additional jobs in the main for trained fitters and welders than bring the number of personnel involved in the construction of boats up to 275 people. Creating a start recently (about 1-2 months), after the signing of contracts with suppliers for the supply of key materials for construction, such as, for example, aluminum.

"This agreement will advance patrol military boat on the international market ", — said the head of the shipbuilding companies have already shown interest in the Mk VI other agencies of the United States, several European countries and companies.

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