Snowman named Gutsulyak

A resident of the Ukrainian city Coloma set the world record for staying naked man covered with snow.

Representatives of Ukrainian Book of Records, members of the City Council and journalists Kolomiya recorded that Gutsulyak lay naked in a snowbank 1 hour and 20 seconds, which is 20 minutes more than the previous record, which established the Japanese. Setting the record was recorded on video, reports

When I was lying in the snow, I like the Tibetan monks, using the technique of meditation and imagine summer — shared with reporters his technique Ivan Gutsulyak. — Of course, without the constant training lie for so long under the snow is not possible. Furthermore, hardening good for the body and adds vitality and health.

The representative of Ukrainian Book of Records Anna Krysyuk, Kolomyia record claims to Guinness World Records.

It is worth noting that in the past 2012 Gutsulyak lay in the snow drifts and 34 minutes  4 seconds and he was given a certificate only Ukrainian Book of Records.

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