Society of Judgment Day in Australia is selling the place in a secure bunker for $ 5,000

Earthquakes, a hitherto unknown power to cause changes of the magnetic poles of the Earth and make a reality penetrating solar radiation associated with the loss of a planetary magnetic field. This is just one of the reasons cited by the "Society of survival after Judgment Day," to purchase tickets to the saving of the bunker was built.

Organizer society, refrigeration mechanic Simon Young, said that the ticket price $ 5000 covers only the cost of materials used for the construction of the bunker in the mountains Tenterfild, New South Wales.

To be more convincing, the members of the society of survival lead Egyptian legends, biblical texts, and even frozen mammoth as evidence of the apocalypse December 21, 2012.

Many scholars refuted such claims — in 2012 end of the world will not, according to their reports, and interviews. Who is right and who is wrong only time will tell. Simon Young and his followers built their bunker at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. This location is ideal to survive potential disaster.

"We are trying to attract more people to the construction of the bunker," said Simon Young. "Construction of the bunker to be completed by December 2012, have not yet started the tectonic plates shift and the sun has not come into the phase of overactive radiation."

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