Solar system created by aliens

The question of the existence of other civilizations worries scientists since time immemorial, and for the past few decades, astronomers have attempted to get in touch with aliens, or at least catch their signals. Researchers look out for their tracks in the radio and optical telescopes, sent expeditions into space and sent to distant galaxies own messages. However, it is for sure to establish that the universe we are not alone, failed.

The main problem is that humans do not yet know what exactly to look for, experts say. "On our radio telescope received many signals, to explain that it does not turn. It is possible that their source — the manifestation of a civilization, "- said an employee of the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Argue with that statement difficult. After all, despite the fact that the universe is 15 billion years, the solar system there is only 4.5-5 billion years ago. In the intervening before the birth of the universe billions of years, our system could have arisen somewhere quite intelligent civilizations that are now much older than us. And consequently, possess more advanced technology, to understand that we are not yet in force.

Moreover, the work of a mysterious alien may be some unexplained phenomena observed in space. For example, the so-called Rokos. These 80 well-known scholars of objects comparable in size with the stars, but have one feature that puts scientists in a dead end and can reflect on their artificial origin. The fact that ROCOSs no absorption lines of original prints of different types of atoms of chemicals common to all the other luminaries. This fact prompted researchers at the seemingly fantastic idea that these objects — nothing like beacons set by the ancient conquerors of highly space for their own needs or to attract the attention of other civilizations.

A lot of reasons for a serious relationship to the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and gives the solar system, which, according to some hypotheses, she was influenced aliens. The anomalous structure of our system, which still can not be explained, makes researchers believe that it could have been created artificially. "A couple of decades ago," knock "on extraterrestrials intervention in the structure of the solar system could not only a scholar, not caring about their reputation. But you can not argue with the facts, "- says Officer (CAO) Sergei Yaz.

The same view is shared by the head of the laboratory department of physics of planets Space Research Institute Leonid Ksanfomaliti. "All of the known planetary systems are built on the principle that the largest planet is closest to its sun — he explains the words of his colleagues. — We have the same close to the Sun "cool" little Mercury. " A natural formation of huge Jupiter orbiting a distant and seems to be a scientist at all unlikely. And these inconsistencies general space standards, we found almost everywhere.

Get at least the size of the Sun and the Moon, which "picked up" in such an amazing way that during total eclipses of the moon disc is ideally close light, leaving only the crown. Interesting and easy to calculate the distance from Earth to the Sun. We have several questions and shape of the orbits in which the planets revolve solar system. If all the planets discovered in space bypasses the luminaries on an ellipse, then we are moving in almost a perfect circle.

While these and other more complex phenomena remain unexplained. Approach their understanding of humanity can only with the invention of more powerful telescopes and spacecraft that will be able to step outside the system. At this stage, the hypothesis of man-made interference is the most suitable. However, to say the deliberate construction of aliens Sun, the Earth and the other planets so far no one can. Perhaps all of these anomalies — a by-product of some obscure actions of our neighbors in the universe.

Nicholas caravans source: Inomir.Ru

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