Soon there will be a demonstration of a new anti-aircraft complex «Armour-CM»

Soon there will be a demonstration of a new anti-aircraft complex
Lasts for construction and delivery of anti-aircraft missile troops cannon system (ZRPK) «Armour-C1.» By the time the true armed forces got a few 10’s of such complexes, in addition, a certain amount of new air defense systems will be delivered in the not to distant future. Immediately this Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP), which created ZRPK «Armour-C1», working on the project of modernization of the complex. Not so long ago were posted some news regarding the new project «Armour-CM». This is the system in the future to complement the existing facilities in the army, and later, perhaps, to change them.
Middle of December last year, representatives of the Defense Ministry told about today’s plans for a new air defense system. In accordance with current plans, the new ZRPK «Armour CM» will begin to enter the army as early as next year. As of December necessary military applications, experienced a new standard anti-aircraft complex is ready and shown to representatives of the Defense Ministry. So, in the middle of December on the basis of the Tula KBP fees passed in which took part more than 90 officers of the Air Force and Air Defense, industry representatives and the Ministry of Defence. As reported by the press, the participants fees for the first time showed a modernized air defense system.

In late January, it became clear about the imminent «premiere» of the new anti-aircraft missile and gun complex. Unfortunately, a clear demonstration of the system date «Armour-CM», as well as its properties have not yet been named. All information in this regard are limited to only the most general formulations: the complex will be presented recently, and on its characteristics it exceeds available «Armour-C1.»

January 20 President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by the Ministry of Defence visited the PMA plant «Scheglowski shaft» where construction ZRPK «Armour-C1.» Delegation showed different developments in the field of armaments and military equipment in the form of ready-made models as well as marketing materials. Greater interest is the animated movie, which was shown in some anti-aircraft system. A number of features shown in the video art suggests that the President and the Ministry of Defence as management system showed promising «Armour-CM».

The video shows two fighting vehicles, built on the chassis of «Typhoon», made by the KAMAZ. On similar chassis mounted different sets of equipment which differ from each other more relevant features. So, one of the machines shall combat module, essentially resembling used in complex «Armour-C1.» On the roof of the combat vehicle is turning tower with antennas and radars transport and launch container missiles. Of publicly available marketing roller passage impossible to draw conclusions about the use of automatic guns — if they are painted on the car, you can not see them.

In general, the first of the cars shown in the video, much resembles today ZRPK «Armour-C1», but has a few noticeable differences. First, it is an antenna radar target detection. She markedly different from existing complexes used for modifications, from which we can make some guesses about the changes in the composition of electronic equipment. At the tower, as previously proposed to establish two blocks of six transport-launch containers with missiles.

Second machine, shown in the video, has a different composition avionics, but carries more missiles. Shows that it carries and can use 24 missiles in transport-launch containers. Between blocks with 2 missiles located antenna radar target tracking and guidance. On-site radar target detection has some block, apparently, filled optical or thermal imaging surveillance systems. More missiles and avionics reduced composition can be seen as confirmation that the zenith of the complex «Armour-CM» instead of transport and loading vehicle or coupled with it will pre-loading. A similar technique has been used in some SAM last decades and proved to be excellent.

If the assumption of a complex consisting of pre-loading vehicle would be, it becomes clear the main method to increase its combat effectiveness. In this case, combat vehicle with a radar target detection will be able to monitor the situation, create target detection and target designation issue as its weapon systems, and pre-loading vehicle. Currently, fighting machine «Armour-C1» can immediately fire up to 4 goals. In a modified version of this indicator can Strength twice. For all this, as it should from the materials available, both cars as part of an anti-aircraft complex will be without the help of others to direct rocketed.

Earlier there were reports of profound modernization of missile complex «Armour-C1», which will allow significantly improve its properties. As a result, such modernization largest range hitting the target can reach 40 km. Except for trivial consequences tactical disposition this may lead to a change in class complex. Currently, «Armour-C1» refers to anti-aircraft systems close act, and increase the range of missiles will translate it into a class of short-range air defense system.

Recently, to be held the first demonstration of a new anti-aircraft complex «Armour-CM». It will allow to check made guesses and find out the main features and properties of the new system. In addition, the demonstration of the complex to answer a number of fundamental issues related to the latest development. It is clear properties refreshed missiles, availability of guns, the composition of electronic equipment, etc. Date of the first clear demonstration of the system «Armour CM» has not yet made public.

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