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South Korea's
Company Forecast International, Inc, is engaged in research and analysis of the arms market, examining the market for self-propelled artillery, came to the conclusion that in the coming 10 years, the most popular and desired ACS is a South Korean K9 Thunder installation company «Samsung Techwin».

Middle of the 90s of the last century the company «Samsung Techwin» commissioned by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Korea has developed and built a self-propelled artillery system, which was designated K9 Thunder. K9 Thunder SPG was developed in addition to the armament of the South Korean army SAU K55 with their next full substitution of the new settings.
The program of development of the latest ACS K9 Thunder got the start in 1989. First tests the first layout newest self-propelled system took place in 1996. Two years later, the winter of 1998, the Korean government signed a contract with the company «Samsung Techwin» to supply the latest howitzer, and in 1999 the first batch K9 Thunder entered the armed forces.

Newcomer ACS significantly increased ability army artillery, because it has a huge range and different good security, and mobility. Each battalion SAU K9 Thunder has three batteries of 6 units each. K9 Thunder howitzer used in groups with automatic vehicle replenish ammunition K10.
Tower and housing K9 Thunder completely welded from sheet metal rolled armor that protects the crew from small arms fire guns, also fragments of mines and shells. Standard equipment includes installation system for protection against weapons of mass destruction, heater, communications, fire alarm system and a set of night vision devices. Self-propelled gun crew consists of 5 members: commander, driver, gunner and 2-charging.

In the front of the 47-tonner located office management to the workplace of the driver and the engine-transmission compartment aft machine takes the fighting compartment with a tower.

The machine is equipped diesel engine MTU 881 series, which develops power of 735 kW. Diesel is interlocked with automatic XI 100 4AZ company «Allison», providing forward movement on 4 gears and reverse 2-hoo. Propulsion system allows the car to move on roads with hard surface with the greatest speed of 67 km / h, with all this progress in store is 480 km. K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer has hydropneumatic suspension differs overpriced maneuverability and smoothness.

The tower radial rotatably mounted long-barreled 155 mm howitzer, Curb slotted muzzle brake and ejector. On the gun barrel placed sensor initial velocity of the projectile, which transmits the information bortovik. On the roof of the tower mounted 12.7-mm machine gun to fire at ground and air targets.

Automatic feeding ammunition provides the highest short-term rate — 3 shots in 15 seconds. In normal conditions the calculation produces 6 shots per minute. Rockets charged into the breech, and shall be sent to the automaton, while propelling charges in ordinary caps or modern modular stacked manually. Ammunition consists of 46 self-propelled rounds of separate loading.

When firing projectiles ERFB-HE (active-reactive explosive projectile with lead belt) maximum range of 50 km, using active-missile — 40 km. Crew can open fire just 30 seconds after stopping the machine. His shells fly to the same goal by different paths, it can kill the enemy with 100% probability. Chance of firing nuclear warheads.
Weight 47 tons
Length 12 m
Width 3.4 m
Height 2.73 m
Crew 5
Rate: 3 shots in 15 seconds max — 6-8 rounds / min
Range: 30000-56000 m
Armament: 155mm howitzer, gun HMG 12,7 mm (.50 caliber)
Engine MTU MT 881 Ka-500 8-cylinder with water cooling of diesel 1,000 hp
Hydropneumatic suspension
Travel 480 km in store
Speed ​​67 km / h

By views of Forecast International, Inc, at the present time the world market of ACS can be divided into three categories — traditional self-propelled howitzers, developed during the years of war, Cool, mobile gun system, based in the main on a wheeled chassis and promising sverhtehnologichny development, using the latest new technology.

But military experts and analysts say that despite the appearance of weapons in this area promising new developments, the «classic» ACS are and will be the most useful and popular.

Conclusions professionals confirmed concluded agreements. First state with which Koreans have signed an export contract, became Turkey. In 2004, the Turks were the first batch of K9 Thunder and license to create this installation within the country, the price of the transaction amounted to billions of dollars. Turkish version of the K9 Thunder received the designation T-155 Firtina.

South Korea's
T-155 Firtina

In 2006-2009, the export Koreans were delivered 96 guns in the amount of 320 million dollars. For 2011-2013, South Korea has a similar, measured set of orders.

Not counting the Korean K9 Thunder (together with Turkish license system TUSpH Storm), the share of which in the coming 10 years will fall to 21.76 percent of the market, is popular with ACS will be the South American production M109 BAE Systems Land & Armaments, which again confirms the findings of the same professionals.

South Korea's
M109A2 IDF

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