South Korea wants to hold a preparatory conference on climate

South Korea wants to hold in 2013 a ministerial conference on climate change, which would contribute to the success of negotiations in the United Nations, said the country's Environment Minister Yu Yong Suk.

At present, the capital of Qatar, is the UN conference on climate change. The main themes of a two-week talks, which began on 26 November, will be the conditions of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol and its mechanisms for raising funds in the Green Climate Fund.

Of talks and a meeting of Ministers representative of South Korea, which had previously bid to host the conference in 2012 and subsequently lost to Qatar, said the lack of progress that has been made in the negotiations, and it is connected with the "distrust of developed and developing countries to each other."

"In these circumstances, blind, to provide the necessary break, I want to say that South Korea is willing to hold a high-level ministerial conference on climate change, to ensure a balanced strengthening commitments to reduce emissions and finance, in the spirit of the meeting in Seoul later this year," — said Yu Yong Suk, an official statement on the Doha talks.

South Korea in 2012, a month before the negotiations in Qatar, held a "preliminary" conference with the heads of many delegations at the talks.

"Now it is important to come to a compromise and consensus," — said the minister, noting that South Korea intends to continue to make every effort to organize a constructive dialogue.

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