SPACE CROSSROADS: What to look for? (Part 2)

In the summer of 1976 fans, fishermen found on the banks of the taiga river Vashka (Komi Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation), a strange piece of white metal fist-sized adult. One of the fishermen accidentally dropped the discovery of the hands, and it struck the rock, sprinkled with sparks. When the sample attempted to cut it with a hacksaw, from her teeth began to take off the whole sheaves of white sparks. In the end, the discovery fell into the hands of scientists and has been subjected to various analyzes and studies in a number of Moscow Research Institute.

Form fragment testified that he was a part of a large part in the form of a ring or a sphere with a diameter of about 1.2 meters. The composition was a cerium alloy of rare earth elements (67.2%), lanthanum (10:9) and neodymium (8.78%), with small amounts of iron, magnesium, molybdenum and uranium. At the conclusion of scientists who conducted the study, they know of no branch of engineering, which was used to such an exotic alloy composition. Riddle is enhanced by the fact that in certain of our technologies alloys of rare earth elements are always present admixture of calcium and sodium — they can not be removed by any most modern methods of treatment. In the same vashkskoy finding a highly sensitive laser spectral analysis did not show any traces of these elements.

Judging by the fact that the alloy starts to spark at the slightest mechanical stress, use it as a structural material is not only unacceptable, but also downright dangerous. Rather, it can be assumed, the researchers believe that it could play the role of additives for fuel type unknown to us. The unusual magnetic properties of the alloy indicate that it could be used for the magnetic cooling to very low temperatures — only a few thousandths of a degree above absolute zero.

Found that an alloy made by powder metallurgy by cold pressing at a pressure of tens of thousands of atmospheres. Experts say that plants are able to extrude the details of such a large size with high pressure on the Earth does not exist. Also, to give alloy inherent unusual magnetic properties, the item should be pressed in a fantastic strong magnetic field. Such technologies are not known. It seems to be all right? It turns out not all. Report vashkskoy discovery is accompanied by a categorical conclusion of Academician N. Zhavoronkova:

"It seems to raise the question of extraterrestrial origin of the sample … found in the area of the river Vashka no good reason. "

That's it! "There is no reason …" What other reason need to academician? It is sad to hear such things from a man claiming to be the scientist, that is impartial servant of the truth. Apparently, quite right was the famous physicist Max Planck once said:

"Truth is not born in the debate — its opponents just die out …"

In contrast to the die-hard opponents of the idea paleocontacts, the tactics of the man joke ("not yet felt his own hands — do not believe"), I believe that the required proof paleocontacts not have to be a certain material object of unusual composition. Moreover, the probability of finding exactly this type of extraterrestrial artifact after thousands of years is very small. The story of the ark of the covenant, or the Holy Grail — a clear confirmation. Divine things in the meantime under terrestrial conditions could deteriorate long, corrode, crumble into dust. They were hidden in the recesses of perepryatyvali and maybe sometimes destroyed, not to get the enemy. Some of these items, which are today the objects of worship, it may be extraterrestrial artifacts. An example may be signs of power (kleinods) reportedly handed in 660 BC by the first Emperor of Japan to Jim Tenno.

According to the legend of the sun goddess Amaterasu gave him the celestial symbols of power — a sacred mirror, sword and cord with ornaments. Chief among these KLEYNOD — a sacred mirror — and today is kept in the temple city of Ise on the island of Honshu, and worship him reach millions of pilgrims every year. But no one alive today has seen the subject — it is wrapped in numerous silk veils and placed in a special casket. Very rarely, the priests removed the package of the casket, and wrapped him in bands of silk more if they decide that the old top cover decayed. See also sacred object is not entitled to no mortal, including the Emperor of Japan (same simple mortals are not even allowed to approach the casket).

It is possible that in the world there are other space artifacts, carefully protected in a variety of special depositories and unavailable for study or have studied someone secretly.

A very promising area for such searches is the moon. Any expeditions to the Earth in the past, was first to land on the moon — it is very convenient to place the intermediate base, the moon is convenient to observe the Earth, keep communication with ground troops and so on. And since there is no air on the moon, there are no factors such as weathering, oxidation, sedimentation — that is all that contributed to the destruction of space artifacts in the world. Amazingly, the moon will be possible to see traces of the astronauts on the lunar dust past hundreds of thousands of years ago and they, these tracks will be as clear as if it happened yesterday …

But the artifact, which "had a hand" Extraterrestrial Civilization does not have to be made of exotic alloy or using extreme pressure. As shown in the relevant chapters, it may be at first glance seem to be quite earthly object of earth materials. But if you move slightly to the side of this "first look" (which is unable or unwilling to make the orthodox-minded scholars), it is found that the earth's subject:

  1. First of all, could not be made by people of that era, when he appeared
  2. Second, performing such functions that go beyond the capabilities of not only the people of that distant era, but often today's science and technology

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