Spotted Sphinx

One of the great mysteries of the animal world, the true analogue of the Sumerian-Babylonian chimeras is a cheetah. It was also used in ancient times by man for hunting (for the fleet-footed antelope and other game). Images of hand cheetahs are often found on ancient Egyptian murals. Hunting cheetahs were used by Indian Rajas, Persian nobles and princes of Kievan Rus'. From historical figures hand cheetahs contained Genghis Khan and Charles the Bold. According to the expert Joy Adamson cheetahs, cheetah easily tamed other big cats. It is not a single documented case of a cheetah attacks on humans.

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Cheetah, or "spotted sphinx," according to Adamson, "as if created for a high-speed run." He — the champion sprinter of all land animals, for he is capable at short range of speeds up to 110 kilometers per hour (at the time as the best race horses can not exceed abroad 60 kilometers per hour). This animal — a sample of wind engineering. His head is small, with a short chin, the backbone of lightweight construction, the legs are long and slender, like a greyhound. Heart, vascular system, lungs, and enlarged adrenal glands. During jerk guepard speed increases respiratory rate from 60 to 150 times per minute. For outdoor or semi-desert savannah Africa Asia from it can not escape neither the most playful antelope.

In the cheetah quite inexplicably combines the features of two different families of animals — dog (Canidae) and cats (Felidae). Although it belongs to the cat, but in appearance it is more like a long-legged dog. Claws he nevtyazhnye like dogs; cheetah and sits like a dog, and hunts like a dog. At the same time, he uses a claw of the thumb as a cat, and climbing. Golden sand like a cheetah fur coat-haired dogs, and black spots on her fluffy like cat fur. Cheetahs suffer from diseases that affect only dogs (eg, canine babesiosis), as well as unique to cats (feline infectious enteritis). In other words, the cheetah is the co-perpetration "impossible" and even mezhsemeystvennym intergeneric hybrid. So.stoprotsentnoy can confidently assert that such a hybrid could only be established by means of artificial methods such as genetic engineering.

Genetic survey of cheetahs gave stunning results. Blood tests taken from 50 individuals from different natural parks of Africa, the Middle East and zoos in the world, showed that all these animals in genetically identical! And the experiments were performed on skin grafts from one cheetah to another. They showed that any cheetah can be transplanted flap of skin from any other of the living about 20,000 cheetahs and this skin is accustomed. This high level of genetic monomorphism in natural populations of animals is not observed, it is typical for a purposefully inbred animals, such as some strains of laboratory mice. Genetics explain this striking fact that the cheetah once went through all the same "bottleneck"! When this event happens, they can not say for sure, but suggest that 10-12 thousand years ago.

So, anyone who owns highly modern genetic techniques and equipment, 10-12 thousand years ago created a hybrid chimera specifically for hunting fast running animals in savannas, steppes and semi-deserts. A small number of these animals initially increased during the elapsed time of up to several tens of thousands. But today the cheetah dies, not only because of the reduction of the range of its habitat, but also abnormalities common in inbred animals (reduced fertility, sterility individuals nezhiznestoykoe offspring).

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