Stretch marks

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Happiness of motherhood is often overshadowed by the change in the appearance of the woman. Young mom really wants to be beautiful, youthful, the most-most. And then stretch (on the scientific — striae). He appears on the thighs, stomach, chest, and there are white, reddish or violet color.


Stretch marks— Is the result of stretching of the skin due to hormonal changes. In the thinning of the skin can cause internal tears that are replaced by connective tissue. In fact, it is scar tissue. Sometimes stretch marks are not a witness after pregnancies. They occur in adolescents, and the athletes, the sudden change in body weight, endocrine diseases. Most stretch marks are caused by genetics.

Appearance stretch marks — a serious problem, as it says on the changes affecting all layers of the skin. Also striae can deliver grief is a beauty plan — as in the connective tissue there is no melanin, and sunburn striae remain white.

Diagnosis and treatment

Themselves stretching not dangerous. However, you must understand the causes of their occurrence. If stretch marks formed not due to pregnancy, and their appearance is accompanied by a rise in blood pressure, changes in body weight, the appearance of hair on the chest, face, back — always need to see an endocrinologist. For example, stretch marks can be one of the symptoms of hormonal disorders in the so-called syndrome Cushing, when the adrenal cortex produces excessive amounts of hormones. In this disease, striae much larger and occur even in the face and neck.

In all cases, stretch marks should consult a beautician. Treatment is prescribed depending on the age, condition of the skin areas and the magnitude of the damage.

Completely remove stretching, Unfortunately, we can not, however, make them almost invisible is quite real. Very popular in the fight against stretch marks resurfacing. When grinding udaleniyutsya superficial layers of the skin, giving the impression that it is level — the contrast between tissues in the area stretching and adjacent areas of the skin becomes less. For those who have striae subtly suit special creams, in some cases, a good result will absorbable material. Some women beautician can offer mesotherapy.

Gentle treatment methods for long — it takes six months to a year. Therefore, the "disease" is easier to prevent than to cure.


Prevent appearance stretch marks can be by way of creams, containing essential oils, plant extracts, collagen and elastin. From the home kit can recommend olive oil — an effective prophylactic against natural formation of stretch marks.

Pregnant women in the prevention of stretch marks are ideal contrast shower, massage with a special brush. It is also desirable to use creams that prevent stretch marks.

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