Submachine gun FN P90

Submachine gun FN P90
Article about SMGs Bison revealed great enthusiasm in the midst of the guests website submachine gun FN P90. I think that is completely reasonable to do a little review of this gun. Many correlate this submachine gun with the other standards that have store large capacity, but it is far not the main feature of this tool, in my opinion, is much more enthusiastic munition that is used in this sub-machine guns. Specifically defines the main features of ammo guns himself P90 submachine gun it’s all just a means of implementing these features, although this facility to their abilities and cartridge used quite noteworthy solutions. In general, one way or another, we start with an instrument specifically acquaintance with his patron.

5,7 x28 cartridge designed specifically for the P90 submachine gun, in other words the designers approached the issue of the creation of new instruments globally, determined to make a reference, not tied to vserasprostranennym Munitions well as it should and their features. For the base did not take any one of the earliest more rounds, so a total of one hundred percent dependent on the skills and abilities of designers. Insert this young not appeared yet in the second half of the 80-ies of the last century, with all this, it was clear to each prospect and a couple of years it appeared the Chinese equivalent, with the smallest hitch gunpowder and long sleeves, but also small caliber 5 8h21. The prospect of a new cartridge was that he could easily cope with personal body armor breaks the funds, which were managed more old ammunition, if we do not take naturally into account the monstrous cartridges. First, designers aimed to make munition that would have changed in the 9×19 pistols and SMGs, but how do we create this never happened, well, unlikely. Many sources say indescribable bullet stopping capabilities of the cartridge, saying that such «how much» value as stopping ability at 9×19 bullet cartridge three times lower than that of a bullet cartridge 5.7 x28. Cost believe this provided that the bullet has the lowest weight, the smallest caliber and more than the highest speed currently let everyone decide separately, but in any case it is worth recalling cartridge 7,62 x25 and that is not particularly suited to this pattern all the people in comparison with the same 9×19. Even if we imagine that the bullet in the human body will randomly and unpredictably, it still is there any guarantee that this will move the bullet so specifically, rather than the other, so I personally superior stopping power munition not believe this, but for experience itself would not risk. Just can often meet the claim that 5,7 x28 cartridge created based on cartridge 5.56 x45, with this information from time to time jumps and quite notable publications compare both cartridges may also each. Also P90 submachine gun this munition is also used in the gun Five Seven, who appeared a bit later.

 Submachine gun FN P90

Despite its small spread, this cartridge has a fairly wide range. The standard version of the cartridge with a bullet weighing only 2.1 grams with an iron core has an initial velocity 716 meters per second (here and on PP P90). The kinetic energy of a bullet about 460 joules. Denoted with a dark paint on the tip or has no notation. There is also a cartridge with a tracer bullet, which is quite repeats parent munition properties, denoted reddish or reddish and dark paint on the tip of the bullet. Cartridge with a bullet in which the core is made of aluminum indicated by blue paint, bullet of this cartridge is still the lowest weight — 1.8 grams, but the speed with all this, she even reduced to 700 meters per second, apparently at a high speed bullet behaves unstable . The kinetic energy of the bullet for all that is about 440 joules. Such velocity bullets could not ensure normal operation of guns with silencers devices, more specifically gun worked fine, but the bullets whistling in the literal sense of the word. Specifically, in order to make it plausible to use the CBE were developed bullets at subsonic speed, but because the bullet has a small weight reduction powder sample is not limited and it was necessary to increase the weight of the propelled projectiles to hit when he did not leave bruises, and inflicted severe injuries. So bullet weight subsonic cartridge became equal to 3.5 grams, the same speed of the bullet is 305 meters per second, in other words, the kinetic energy of a bullet somewhere around 170 joules. Designated by such cartridges snowy paint on the bullet. So called training cartridge, one hundred percent similar in their characteristics and design with a bullet cartridges with duralumin core, this cartridge is designed for the shooting drill. Represented greenish paint on the tip of the bullet. There is also one hundred percent lead bullet in the shell, so called reduced ricochet property. But here’s what her characteristics is unclear, but it is clear that on its basis was created for expansive bullet cartridge 5.7 x28.

Well, it would be dishonest to say about the results of firing data cartridge. At a distance of 150 meters cartridge guaranteed hit an iron helmet, though not indicated what specific. With 50 meters, there is an absolute guarantee bullet penetration 48 layers of fabric based on Kevlar. Really good results, but as I read above, stopping action bullets these cartridges I do not believe, and what means of personal body armor punch, yes, that is fine.

We turn now to the very specific weapons, in other words P90 submachine gun.
Submachine gun FN P90
Sam submachine gun is one of those few samples guns that can boast store large capacity while maintaining normal size. Design tools such that the whole is nothing supernatural weapon has not, but that’s a submachine gun shop deserves attention. The fact that virtually all widely spread firearm shops have such a structure in which the cartridges are placed bullet forward, the trunk guns. Such an arrangement facilitates supplying ammunition in the chamber, why shutter simply pushes the cartridge from the back side of the liner. In the case of the P90 submachine gun everything is similar, but before entering the cartridge into the cartridge ammunition is rotated ninety degrees. On the one hand store design completely standard. Made of transparent plastic box body shop is specifically because of this you can keep under control the number of rounds remaining for use. Inside the plastic casing is placed feeder and spring. Himself store is designed for two-row placement of ammunition. How would all the usual and simple, but this store is attached to the weapon along the receiver that allows the use of large capacity stores without increasing the overall size of the gun. So Makarov, along with accession store guns appears the problem, which is that the cartridges in the store are arranged with respect to the trunk at an angle of ninety degrees, respectively, for that would chuck was served in the chamber it is necessary for the previously deployed in the correct position. Specifically, this problem and makes an individual item store, which picks up the cartridge out of the store when moving the bolt back, turns around and gives you the opportunity to grab the gate and hand in these chuck it into the chamber just when moving forward. Naturally, a similar design less reliable than vserasprostranennye even immaculate production, and in addition to all the design, both the sub-machine gun, and the widespread use of the store and found a plastic like me personally not assured in working, but as I remain with stainless steel outlook that reliable and durable. Fascinating point is that the store does not ask for charging additional devices and just manually.

The appearance of guns also quite common and at first glance you can just decide that a similar standard completely uncomfortable. Instrument does not have all the usual pistol arm, forearm or arm more, they are used instead of plastic parts through the holes in which fingers are huge arrow. On the back of these unusual forms handles palm rests arrow. In other words, hold guns is no different from withholding for the same pistol handle and auxiliary handle, but for all that much harder to knock the gun out of the hands of the arrow, and of itself seems to hold more comfortable, although it faster matter of habit and personal preference. On both sides of a switch fuse gun-translator fire mode, with all this placed it under the trigger, which greatly accelerates the process of switching tools from the 1st mode to the other, and its removal from the fuse. Sights submachine gun presented an integrated red-dot sight. In his place, can be installed any other sights, however, you can accomplish this in the case of an extra rack with 3 guides like «Picatinny». Can also be installed and open sights, but because of the small band of sight distance is limited by the introduction of guns, and overall efficiency is lowered.

Build guns, despite placing the store, Bullpup. This allowed us to more stable when shooting standard than those made in the traditional assembly, also made probable Position barrel lengths. Automation tools based on the open gate, in other words, all the usual and already worked out in almost all the other swatches. Shot made with a closed gate. The length is 500 mm guns, with all this barrel length equals 263 millimeters. Weight unloaded — a little more than 2.5 pounds, rate of 900 rounds per minute, there must be compensation for not stopping the greatest acts implementing effective range of 200 meters.

Cost is an instrument in service of different states, in the main, where funds for weapons and ammunition are not sorry, and where people are using this instrument instantly assess the enemy and determine what is best place to shoot with the greatest efficiency. In other words a few specific instrument itself due to bomb besides created for experts of the highest class, so widespread it has not received. «Pulls» this weapon is that it is quite popular in cinematography and computer games, and justifies the creation and development of the civilians in the main options that have a very long barrel and deprived of the ability of automatic fire.
Submachine gun FN P90
Assess arms pretty hard on the one hand, the standard, of course, fascinating even in a promising degree, that’s only when you ask for yourself the effectiveness and reliability of the instruments, the answer is not exactly out. Not credible design store, which obviously loses durability usual box stores without the bells and whistles. Not the great stopping power of bullets ammunition, though with quite the highest percentage of penetration of personal protective equipment, as well as have their pros and cons, this and much more casts doubt on that gun so not as bad as it is considered. Certainly, in the army, where the provision of an instrument and its repair adjusted at «5 plus» such a standard has the right to exist and will differ only in their best side, cons will also be reimbursed lack of sloppiness, that’s just how many of these armies? I think that this is precisely the reason why we can say that the gun ahead of his time and no ammunition, nor the submachine gun is not in this case. Well, about the specialty tools so not only in the protection services of the first persons are masters who know which side to arms approach. And in general, what we admire at P90, we have regular and reliable Heather, with chuck 9×21, albeit not so fashionable, but obviously more effective.
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