Submachine gun Scorpion Vz.61

Submachine gun Scorpion Vz.61
Despite the very huge spread machines in the second half of the twentieth century, submachine guns that were previously virtually the only hand tool with the possibility of automatic fire, have not disappeared. However, the usual form uniformly submachine gun has changed, which is especially noticeable if the associated standards second world war with the modern. On the one hand, everything remained as before, it’s the same gun that can «spit» bullets pistol cartridges in automatic fire, but his gun assembly, its dimensions, weight absolutely changed.

It is difficult to name a specific period in years when the dimensions SMGs decreased, but overall this transfer occurred within ten to twenty years after the end of the second world war. You can almost read that postwar standards have reduced their size and weight due to the build configuration. It happened because the machines seriously pushed the PP, and the cannon, which was previously the main hand with the possibility of automatic fire, it became an instrument for the crews of armored vehicles, police and battle in cramped criteria, which required not only small size, but the smallest power ammo .

In Czechoslovakia, the development of such tools have decided to do with the delay. Despite the fact that the country is famous for its gunsmiths and has always been at the height of his own arms, which was appreciated in the world, there was a small-size version of a submachine gun only to the sixties. This delay is because the designers first mistake and decided to make an instrument that would be quite small and light, and with all this might lead automatic fire on the base gun. But the idea was a failure at first because quite complex design sought to reduce the rate of automatic fire, and as a consequence, very frisky parts wear guns. In addition, ease of use such a gun is much a lot of questions, and successful standards pistols shoot bursts can be counted on the fingers. Seeing that automatic fire the gun CZ52 — is not cheap and unreliable, it was decided to turn the work in this direction and to focus on creating more reasonable solutions intended purpose, which was the submachine gun Scorpion VZ61.
Submachine gun Scorpion Vz.61
Because time was spent in vain, the development of a new PP was a kind of opportunity for designers to rehabilitate, and they acquitted themselves one hundred percent new prototype weapon, once again confirming that the gunsmiths in the country some of the best in the world. Even taking into account that it was not far away first in the world compact version of a submachine gun, «Scorpio» can be considered one of the first modern samples. Even if at the moment to look at this weapon, it is unlikely that someone previously unfamiliar with «Scorpio» be able to say that the SMG more than half a century. Yes, the instrument produces a plastic that is used in it, the handle with not quite the usual angle of ninety degrees, and other specific details, but in general the gun on its own does not look your age, and may be accepted if not just for the modern standard, the instrument for the end of the twentieth century is not difficult. Controls submachine gun thought out to the last detail, with thought out and based on the belief the convenience of fire, and on the basis of convictions carry guns. So, despite the fact that all controls PP pretty big and comfortable even for a change when your hands are protected by gloves or oven gloves, nothing in the design of guns are not digging into the body even when concealed carrying. Individual attention handles on both sides of the gate with a submachine gun, they are made in the form of small protrusions that are not fully interfere with wearing and although it may seem that their implementation is not completely comfortable, they get used to it pretty quickly and does not appear any inconvenience. Mode switch and setting fire guns on the fuse by means of a small switch on the pistol grip gun, placing this switch is very comfortable to switch huge finger holding hands, though, and requests the presence of a fairly longish fingers. Sights submachine gun open, composed of the rear sight and front sight, generally simple, although there are different options, even with diopter sight that in my opinion for a submachine gun stupidity. In addition, sub-machine gun «Scorpio» can have a variety of butts, including fixed even wood, separate standards have the ability to install additional handle for holding the gun when firing.
Submachine gun Scorpion Vz.61
The abundance of different options with a submachine gun «Scorpio» is not limited to different variations butts or sighting devices, from designers needed constant upgrading weapons Munitions. As it turns out, the design of a submachine gun so well that profound modernization when changing the cartridge is not required to create. At various times Scorpion submachine gun used a variety of ammunition from 7,65 x17 to 9×19. In one case, the modernization of weapons needed because of the adoption of the cartridge 9×18, in other cases, the transition required to leave the guns on the world market.

This omnivorous cartridges provided by the fact that the designers have successfully solved the problem of very lowering rate of fire with a submachine gun. Because automatic guns built under the scheme blowback and size tools do not allow for sufficient weight and very long shutter speed, it was decided to enter into the scheme of a typical «trap» bolt in the rear position. At first glance, hook bolt as ordinary hook — simple element, but far not as easy as it seems. On the surface for all to see only open the hook, but it is associated with a very complex mechanism, which is based on the inertia and spring. When he reached his own rear position, the shutter is not only comes into engagement with the hook, and triggers, the result of which become lifting the retaining hook completely through the small clearance time, but sufficient in order to rate of fire with a submachine gun was lowered to the desired level. Very often in the description of this sub-machine gun can meet a few words about that moving vertically inside the pistol grip parts lower precision instruments, and at the theoretical level is correct. But to be honest, the low weight of moving parts, start, and moving very highest speed, can not make a tangible difference when shooting guns, especially guns, where 150-200 meters to the target is the limit.

If we talk about the model submachine gun Scorpion Vz.61, specifically, it is possible to follow to reduce the size and weight of the weapon sought by designers. Length submachine gun with an extended wire butt equal 517 mm with butt folded its length is only 270 millimeters, of which 115 mm barrel length. It should be noted separately such time as that firing can be carried with one hand or with a 2-butt without using other words came out really small-sized instrument. Naturally, by modern standards, this model submachine gun can not be considered the most effective, because it used a relatively weak ammo. But, as was explained above, this submachine gun developed in the coming, changed cartridge, changed some moments in the design, changed appearance, and as a result of this evolution from the first reference remains quite insignificant.

Quite often this standard submachine gun compared with terrorist groups. Indeed, it is an instrument in its time quite often flickered in the hands of the best representatives of most of the human race, it is even in some degree contributed to the popularity of guns. But we should not forget that the instrument is only a means of destroying the target, and the target induces a gun and shoot people, so compare the instrument with the purpose for which it applies merits obviously incorrect.

Curiously, at the moment, people of the Russian Federation have the opportunity at least in part to be closer to those weapons, however, in his poor form, and faster — mutilated under traumatic cartridge. Almost a few years back the version became available with a submachine gun chambered for 9mm RA. Naturally, a similar instrument — it’s not even a means of self-defense, even though it holds more perfectly than many other standards travmatiki. Instrument lacks the ability of automatic fire, its design has lost shutter delay in the latter back position, because it was simply unnecessary. Yet, sub-machine gun in his own traumatic version retained the appearance of military guns, as its mass, approximate to the original dimensions and guns, and that pushes people to buy this standard. So to speak, with the possibility of firing MMG what-no ammunition. For the purposes of self-defense as a tool of advise would be weird, because as traumatic guns this submachine gun has no advantages over the more light and small-sized standards traumatic pistols and revolvers.
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