Sumerian cross




It is not a mystery, so it is convenient …

The city Nevyansk that in the Middle Urals, in the late forties, was twenty thousand inhabitants somewhere. The second of April, Saturday, at the only hospital the boy was born. Loved and cherished son. Although the Urals in April is still cold month, the sun shone good-good. Boris and he called the boy brought in a small house, one room for everyone — adults, children, cats and dogs, oven right in the room and a small kitchen for her. Prosperity as in all. The war ended just recently, the city and the whole region to work on the front. So all the food — in the garden. What dobudesh, plant, dig — and eat.

The newborn was like everyone else. Just screaming, just to the mother in his arms like, just soiled diapers. And no one knew that he Sumerian numerology — the carrier space secrets. He is born into this world to try and solve their destiny and if they force him to implement. But his relationship with the cosmos must be performed at the level of intuition, secretly. Here's to a life of "Sneakers", he was condemned for "Standing" stars at the time of the sacrament of birth.
Now Boris Plotnikov lives almost in the center of Moscow, but few know where. It is not a mystery, so it is convenient. Do not invite anyone home. I have a number to its neighbors, who live in two stops, but guests do not call me too. Although repeatedly jammed out of curiosity. I have set up some research among the actors of the three theaters where it is served. No — no one … Someone knows Boris married fifteen years. Quiet female voice periodically meets on the house phone. But the name of his wife? What does she do? An even greater mystery.
— Boris, it's rudeness! A closed life. We are familiar with seventy-six, could have something to tell …
Boris: "Trust me, you know more than others. You know a lot of my pain, and there were so many that do not want to. I live a very ascetic. And try to get done what I released. "
— Do you know how much you released?
Boris: "I guess."
— But not always do you get as much work as this season …
Boris: "A released — this is not just a job. Released communicating with each other, with the world … You know, in 1893, Anton Chekhov wrote in a letter to a few sentences. Imagine of: building in Melikhov, the reception of patients, there is still cholera in the county. And he says that absolutely can not write, because some trips to the sick. And then: "For the happiness of many is necessary, but the most important moments — the proximity to nature and idleness. Only in this state, a person can perceive happiness. " You see, his soul is not open Fortunately, because it was overloaded with work. Three years later, he wrote "Uncle Vanya" and, I think, in this sense has built the entire play. Genius. "
— Can this monologue to the conclusion that you're happy?
Boris: "Yes, it is."
— And you just miss? Oh you do not shout at each corner of the newspaper, the best of your work say only professionals …
Boris: "You know, they call me" the actor-no. " I'm almost all the offers right answer "no." Although I thought that nearly fifty paintings already played. All roles are special, they are not on the main path of development of our cinema. Still, on a special shelf stand. "
— You are devoid of vanity?
Boris: "No. I am pleased when people say that this season I have some successful works. But playing for a reason — suprotiv my body. My profession does not die in me, if I play it in a bad series, where you have to wind the "guts on hand." Name I do not. Regarding the money had long ago decided. I have a lot of money with their appearance in the movie did not earn. I need a little. Yeah, I do not go in fashionable shirt and a fashionable jacket. But when we worked together with Maximilian Schell in the painting "Peter the Great" — were dressed alike. We spoke the same language, ate the food that was brought to the set. A suit was not useful to me, I had no idea this movie in Hollywood. You see how easy it is. "
— And you do not have anyone hurt?
Boris: "You do not understand, I'm a happy person. I can spend the day just learning the music of Tchaikovsky and Pushkin's era romances. "
— Do you collect them?
Boris: "And I collect, and they say, well sing it. It happens, however, is rare. "
We sit in the Chamberlain Lane, in the cozy outdoor cafe. The meeting was set at twelve, a second breakfast. Boris sat down specifically so you can see all the ligature of the Moscow Art Theater. He drinks tea from a beautiful china cup, three sparrows to eat his cake hands. He talks to them, even strokes the edge of the beak — not fear, do not fly away.
Boris: "I am sure I go every year at the end of the summer home to his parents in Nevyansk. August 30 in the early morning we dig potatoes. Dad, mom, nephew and me. Here in Moscow — the collection company, come all dressed up, gossip talk, waiting for news about the plays, the distribution of roles, and "eccentric" takes a couple of days at their own expense — and earthworks. No one is with me and not fighting. This provincial comedian. I simply before the year of food "for peace." How is it quiet! Sit on the bench — and all the birds can hear and be heard leaves and blades of grass …
And in Nevyansk I specifically come to teach the big roles. There's all sterile, civilization does not interfere at all. No TV, no newspaper. Complete immersion in another distilled life. There I taught Alexander the text for the play "Paul I» … In this play, there is a scene where Alexander tells his wife: "We have to get out of here, go into the wide world." He also understands that the death is inevitable, and the worst thing that killed it! A kill something … strange father, he was lucky, this man, having made such a sin. Had a lot of love, defeated Napoleon on horseback rode into Paris. Why is it — the one who originally wanted only one thing: go to the "silence" — could not do that in his youth? That is what I'm thinking … Uncle Vanya in the twenty-four years decides to serve as a professor. My father, for example, eighteen decided to go to war. But could sit out a year or two …
I'm looking for an answer: why Russian people should take the rock for himself, his personal decision to destroy it, destroy? And with this humble, be humble!
I'm sane, mind me, but I king of the apostate necessarily want to try about it. "
— Boris, why did try to kill himself Wynn in "Uncle Vanya"?
Boris: "Life is a gift which I did this year — I played Ivan Wynn. But he could die, and play a role. I always say to myself: "Boris, you must know how to wait." By youth, I did not want to wait two years until the arm rest on the violin, and not become a musician, and perhaps would have been great. Well, all right. Wynn — this is my man, I know all about it. How to himself. Even we have some sores. Brag, after the show went Mark Zakharov, so for me the authority, and said: "Boris, I now know why the play is called" Uncle Vanya. "
— So why is he trying to kill himself?
Boris: "He did not try, he's not a fool — he wanted to, but escaped. I about it and just started talking. Uncle Vanya, Chekhov wrote, forty-seven years. At twenty-four he deliberately spat at yourself, your career ambitions, to his love life in the end. And he began to serve the Great Idea — Professor Serebryakov that somewhere out there, in Moscow, worked great and necessary things for the country. You see, for the country, for Russia. Then it was the word … Probably there are people like now. I hope they are, because it paves the way civilization they "blinkered" the idea of young people. Another thing is that sometimes it ends up shot. And more often than we know about them is at times like this. "
To the photographer approached our table, they were familiar with. Photographer very glad that Boris is affordable, has to take pictures. His actions, he attracted the attention of two ladies who know Plotnikov and taking their desserts, have joined our table. Carpenters hissed at me that I had to sit in the dressing room. To which I for the umpteenth time, he replied that there smells bad, because all the time starved cockroaches. Taken together, talking about the Donskoy Monastery — it appears that the company saw there with Boris on the grave of the mother of Turgenev. Although she was a despot and samodurkoy, but brought Ivan Sergeyevich, so Boris is committed to bringing flowers on her grave. I immediately noted in the notebook: ask, and to whom he still carries flowers. Then she thought that the list would be so vast that before the shot Uncle Vanya we do not get …
Career cat Basilio

The only person who somehow felt his destiny Boriska was the mother Margarita Ivanovna. When her son was six years old, she put herself and him tarpaulin boots and led to a music school — five kilometers to the city Novoural'sk. (By the time the family moved to this area from Nevyansk, parents worked in a factory. Lived in barracks, five kilometers from the city.) Cold summer fifty-fifth year of Boris's father decided that his son should play the accordion, and the general meeting of the barracks that decision upheld . A teacher at the school, he saw a thin, elegant blue-eyed child, said he did not pick up the accordion, but will this man play the violin. Mama and Boris believed him right away.
Old-old Jew and teacher Mr. Lipnitsky spotted something, some kind of string heard this little boy. He was a professional high-end amounted to an individual program, not "pushed" to "pedal" students. And Boris was a pleasure to go to music school, especially because my mother said it is necessary. Five miles away, canvas boots — because dirt does not dry out even in the summer — and the violin … He played well in the teacher were great hopes on him. But suddenly Mr. Lipnitsky disappeared. Instead, he had a perky young teacher, with attitudes — the result. He probably also had no idea that the boy has a soul, that it is fragile, requires a delicate approach. "The pace and the result — that is the engine of life today," — he said in class. When the best student was fifteen years old, he took it to listen to the Sverdlovsk Conservatory. And they said that the child is overloaded hand, and for two years generally forbidden to touch the instrument. Since then, the violin was gone forever. First of hurt … And then — at the age of fifteen years, can not wait. Time flies fast, all the time he was not afraid to catch up.
Once the principal has asked to learn a poem by Ivan Turgenev. "How fair, how fresh were the roses" impressed everyone. My mother suggested, why not try to learn to be an actor. And they went to Leningrad. Why? Familiar lived with LGITMIK, they could spend the night. And not just a little Borechka went there with my parents, even riding a tricycle around the Bolshoi Drama Theater.
Boris: "I was picturing some kind of passion before the commission, and the mother was sitting in the hallway and listened to everyone and everything. She explained that we can safely go back, so long as the course dialed. I just said that I can not take because of the Ural dialect. I believed him. No hard feelings. We spent a wonderful summer in Leningrad. We went to the Mariinsky at night walking around the BDT. I remember the night when Tatyana Doronin last played Nastasia — just as she was leaving the theater. We stood in the crowd, looked at her triumph. I so wanted to see Innocent Smoktunovsky. I had heard on the radio, he played Prince Myshkin. I was crying and was not ashamed of his tears.
In general, I am a human naive, still believe in a higher power. Of course, I had to go back home, graduated from the Sverdlovsk Theatre School, was admitted to a local Youth Theater and played cat Basilio. My father, who was very unhappy with all these lessons, performance and looked scornfully said, "Well, meow life on." The Sverdlovsk Film Studio I, too, progress was not. "Do not be a hero!" — The diagnosis was not subject to appeal. And when the actor Gene Biel brought the telegram, where appeared that I was summoned to Moscow for the sample movie "Rise" by Shepitko, I thought it was just another hoax. He is very fond of this thing. Came a second telegram. Then I read the story of Vasil Bykov, I thought that the guerrillas were always need people of my condition, and decided to go. Took a jacket in the wardrobe, as I thought, very trendy, without lapels, under the neck, gathered and flew portfolio. "
— It's raining — happily informed me, because I'm tired of listening to Boris in English read a monologue Iago, and a lady — an English teacher — the "rules" of nuances. It seemed to me that not much of a hermit Boris, the ability to communicate with women he does not hold. We were transferred to the inner hall, we were immediately approached the bartender. Turning to Boris, apologized for the loud music. He said that he is willing to make less noise than thirty minutes. Boris regal nod agreed.
— Boris, but you know …
Boris, "That's all," Heart of a Dog "by Vladimir Bortko. Sorry, Mikhail Bulgakov. Often come up to me and say, Dr. Bormental. Generally in our country Bulgakov very honored and know … "
— Boris, you have to tell me about his "nine". According to the Sumerian astrology you from twenty to thirty years — "nine". It is a symbol of great success, Camye important achievements in life are associated with this figure. It is the pinnacle of his mental and physical abilities. Do you understand?
Boris: "I understand. It Larissa. Number nine was her favorite number. This is it. "
— Did you have an affair with her?
Boris: "I do not want to comment on your last question. He netaktichen. "
— Can you explain its origins.
I tell him how went to a festival in Riga, where he had to show the film "The Climb." It so happened that we Larissa — not a very well-known people — were in the same compartment. Then came Sophiko Chiaureli, which I do, and Larissa were well acquainted. Behind there was a good cognac, and the girls started talking about her, about the girl's … Remember the scene where Boris, almost naked, having poured water, freezing the tree — it's wild pain. Hair just frozen into the crust. Sophiko said that even a good actor could not stand it, it could sustain only a loving actor. Larissa laughed and told me that Boris looked into her eyes, and she whispered …
Boris: "Let's stop. If you want, I'll tell about Larissa's what I can tell. "
He moved sideways, with his back to the light, so that his face was completely in the shade. He immediately had aged for many years. Beautiful hand-laid musician with long, graceful, nervous fingers on the table and waited …

Ginger Beast

1975. The film "Ascent" or, rather, at Larisa Shepitko worked best casting director. First, because it was the order of State Committee for Cinematography, and secondly, Shepitko is considered one of the best at that time directors.
Were reviewed hundreds of professionals from different cities, the course went already amateur actors. But Sotnikov — the main character — could not find. "Burned" all launch dates, Shepitko first threatened to dismiss all, then kill everyone — but to no avail. Then she began to smuggle their assistants on cities, collect gossip: What if someone saw someone … And here in the city of Rostov-on-Don remembered that with them in Feodosia toured Sverdlovsk Theatre for Young People, and there was one such "not in themselves. " But who is he playing? In Sverdlovsk flew the most experienced assistant. Card index of Sverdlovsk film studio gave no results in Sverdlovsk Youth Theatre — vacation. Assistant drove in his neck, saying: "Come the autumn." And yet one photo she brought to Moscow. She just stole it — an outline of an unknown performance where the entire cast was removed. Larissa Efimovna held it in his hands for about five minutes, looking at the mass polurazmytyh overlap each other entities in Budyonny caps. And then quietly said, "Bring here that, in the background. You see, neck and eyes? This is it. "
Boris: "The first time I came to Moscow for trial October 13, 1975, Monday. In the "Domodedovo" I met a girl that all the way to Mosfilm lamented that everything came together — because there is no way to live, she has exhausted all. Larissa … Yefimovna at that time was not in Moscow, she went to Murmansk look nature. I was met by Elem Klimov, her husband. Started talking … And to play in the Youth Theatre, it is necessary to keep long immaturity, confusion. I told him in detail about the cat Basilio said, in my opinion, even promyaukal couple of times. Certification for Sotnikov, war hero, is just wonderful. We sat in a huge office in the corner. Behind me something all the time wore moved. It turned out this artist Yuri Raksha put sketches. He usually line up first panorama of (as he worked on the famous film "Dersu Uzala"). And then for some reason all the sketches were done in close-up alleged Sotnikov. Suddenly, Elem Klimov, who was watching all this training, says, "Turn around." I turn around and see a portrait of a man, amazingly similar to me. I just see myself. "Well, everything is clear — said Elem. — Continue will not. Shepitko I'll tell you everything. " And goodbye. Once I came back to Sverdlovsk, again telegram: "Immediately back who let you go?"
And I have this going on in my head! I just realized who I have to play … I thought Sotnikov under fifty. And I — in my twenties. He's such global conclusions about the life of the works that I still do not understand a mind or heart. Experience is not enough. Then it turned out that Sotnikov — too young. This is the whole and chip.
I fly a second time in Moscow. Meets the same assistant, chirps, that we were going to "Mosfilm", only for Shepitko'll pick on Vasilevsky street.
Halfway into the front seat vparhivaet strange girl. So, nothing is beautiful. We look at each other, silent. I'm waiting for Shepitko. I did no one said that Shepitko — a woman. Her only by the name called, even Elem Klimov. And I'm still retarded TYuZom … And this all the more on the director is not pulling. Young, glamorous, green-eyed, red-haired — just an actress. I even remember that she was dressed in Russian style. And on top zipunok red, trimmed with short fur with a hood. Buckles on it were parenthesis. Three things. It went really her.
We have come to the "Mosfilm", I remember the room number — "418A". How we got here now — facing each other, the leg to the foot. And suddenly she began to tell me about yourself, son Antosha, as it gave birth, how hard it was … so close that I could hear her breath odor. Then it turned out that my silence camera recorded the whole hour and a half. Those were the samples. I do not remember, but Larissa later told me that at the end I asked how to get to the Red Square … Yeah, I'm on the Red Square in truth he was coming …
She had the gift of hypnosis — it is beyond doubt. Filming — it's a racket, roar, scream all. She says, "Stop!" — And everything freezes. She sits me down and began to whisper, I did not catch the words, but I understand everything she wants. She sees where the eye comes to the desired condition — motor started! And what is the "motor"? It's slapstick face. The first time I closed my eyes, waved his hands, shouted: "I can not, I will not!" She had to figure out how to do to slapstick appeared at the end of the frame. She realized that it is necessary to me it's different, and did not argue, do not try to rape me. Well, that episode when I was in the tree were frozen — and even if it were not for her eyes, her eyes witch, I would not resist. Her eyes helped me to survive and endure the pain.
She showed the sample to infinity in different instances, no one believed that I could play the hero of the war. I was called again, I played one more episode … After the fifth trip I did not lost his nerve, and I said that I do not come, shoot someone they want. By the way, I still do not know who would like to see the commanders in the role. But Shepitko was Shepitko, she defended her. "
— Boris, it was rumored that after Sotnikov you very sick. This does not deny herself Larissa. For some reason she was so nervous, I remember often called you home. The buzz was that the psyche you was wrong, almost to the hospital you got …
Boris: "I got a bad burn the retina. I went to the dark glasses, could not see, and who knows what it could have ended. "
— Larissa said you did not want to be treated in Moscow.
Boris: "I wanted to be home with my mother. I had to rest. To feel that I am living again in this world, to understand what happened to me, and that — with Sotnikov. "
— I'm calling you too many times, and you did not talk to me. You were trying to tear yourself away from Larisinoy magic?
Boris: "I could not talk to anyone. Always and in everything a person needs time. Time heals all wounds. Once upon a time in the history of the violin I do not want drugs — dropped out, hurried, and then we had to wait. "
— Here we're talking about "The Return", one of the best movies of our cinema, and for some reason it does not show on television. People who read this conversation, do not even realize what was going on.
Boris: "This is a brilliant picture of the brilliant people who were heroes in the film, and brilliant people who have removed the picture. I think I know why do not want to remember this movie — because there is a problem to which we return all the time in our conversation. Sotnikov about thirty. It is a small age, and he took responsibility for the people. He knew that dies, but did make a decision … and implement it. No one bothered him. Do you understand? No one bothered! Now you can not make a decision and implement it. Will climb with tips, create com, which will grow to the space problem. By the age of fifty, when, like me, people will already sick and tired, everything will be decided in his favor. But it will be too late. And who climbs? Normal Soviet system of collective responsibility, which has exhausted itself and not become obsolete. She weaned people to work. "
— Boris, stop. And many do you think about like?
Boris: "A lot. I very well remember my grandfather. He had five brothers, they lived in the province of Perm. A peasant, grain raised, sent to the fair in Nizhny Novgorod. Not in poverty, but they were not considered rich. Old Believers were, and conservatives can not work, faith does not allow laziness to stay. Then came the Soviet government, and the "lazy" began to rule the edge. All the best — their home — they, the women — they are. Grandfather knew that soon will come the turn of his family, harnessed horse, the whole horde put in a box and brought in Nevyansk. There was Old Believer community, where I was born. Larisa and I have talked a lot about the fate of my family, of her manners. I'm a very shy person. Now, if you're me to this cafe has not led, I would have not crossed the threshold. I do not know what's taking what customs … and so many things. But Larissa believed that this timidity — plus my, that is … "
— And you did not take offense when Larissa kind of threw you, and did not take the shot in "Farewell to the mothers'?
Boris: "No, do not take offense. So, as I was, she used me, and I have a new "not upgraded." And then, having removed nearly three hundred meters of the new film, she told me this phrase: "Boris, I'm sorry," Ascension "was my last picture." She also said that it would be very difficult to live and I have to have some other profession.
Yes, I was, as requested by Larissa — graduated from the Urals University, became an art critic. It really helped me a lot. Each of my role — art history research. I'm going into it deeply, my heroes are people who studied from all points of view. And even then, some friends … No, I'm not crazy city, although sometimes it was producing experience, especially for young actors. Rather, the "monster" — they are now so the characters do not work.
I remember Larissa sample made more than a hundred photographs, she was incredibly meticulous in searching gaze, turning the reaction. Everything has to be found, "caught", she said. Why does she need one close-ups of my face? Well, why? After all, she already knew in advance. "
Boric leaned in close and almost in a whisper, with unblinking eyes, began to speak.
Boris: "I learned about the death of Larissa in Riga. We arrived there on tour, got off the train, and one of the greeters said that night she broke. What happened next, I do not remember. Later, I showed pictures: I was in Moscow, stood at her grave … I remember a little poem which read Emile Lotyanu. In the photo we partner carried her coffin to the cemetery — I do not remember anything. I have nothing to worry. Memory captured just how I finger already in the grave, the coffin holding the bracket. Then he jumped Elem, went straight at her, asked for forgiveness, he pulled out, and then unclench my hands, just broke, there was no pain. There was no pain at all. It was a state where I vmorozili into a tree, and I saw only her eyes — and all was well. And now, her eyes not. And this feeling does not go away. I knew she was gone, she gave time to get used to the idea, because Larissa never said empty-mentioned words. Painting "Farewell to the mothers' really finish Elem Klimov."

Shot of Uncle Vanya

Larisa Shepitko was extreme mystic, believed in the afterlife in the transmigration of souls, in that it has several times live. Very seriously and predictions. In 1978, she traveled to Bulgaria and visited the famous Wang. And she predicted her impending death. Hearing this, Larissa in the day with her friend went to the temple and made her swear that if she died, a friend would take care of her son Anton …
But she had a presentiment of his imminent departure before meeting with Wang. I called her a few times after the All-Union Film Festival in Riga, asked to be interviewed. She refused: "Everything. Everything. Already said everything. Further nothing happens. " Sometimes she called herself, asked — I talk to Boris, "if he did not move his head," swam right? Was cruel to yourself, "I squeezed him like a lemon and threw. Burned them and threw. But you can not, in another not. He also live in this "hole", with boors. They mutilate him there now are … You know, even if something happens to him — do not call. Let floats itself. If strong, he can. I believe in him. He has another "nine" will be. You'll see … "
I met Larissa a few days before her death. We were sitting with a group of TV away from their family friend, renowned photographer Mykola Gnisyuka, Larissa ran for a moment, obey Mikola did not have time to pull it off — in fact warned that the month will be — and will be too late. A month and then at the end. Something went and quickly out of the room. Some of the operators with kindness and admiration of her beauty said: "Babe." But no one turned on the camera, no one felt the uniqueness of the moment. No one has photographed the last shots with Shepitko. As she lives, and the lives with her …
The first phrase, which Boris Plotnikov met in his native TYuZe after several months of illness, was, "Well, show us what you get that Moscow aunt taught." And given the role of Ivan the Fool in the fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse". Boris is very lucky to have parents who had a great sense of humor and only because he failed to keep his son from reckless behavior as long as the phone rang, and Boris was not invited to Moscow Theatre catiry.
Boris Pluchek was going to put "Demons", and he lacked the "demons." From his point of view, it just had a carpentry. Bor was given a room in a hostel in Plotnikov Lane. At one site with him there was a great polar explorer Papanin, who by that time was so old and lonely, he forgot how to open the door to his apartment. Instruction was always in his hand, keys, too, locks, too, glasses, too, but in what order, why and where to turn, he did not understand and asked Boris for help. Although there is a suspicion that the way he searched and found communication.
Since the work is not really going well, "Demons" was banned, but suddenly began staging plays Andrei Mironov, Carpenters and played in all four of his plays. Soon, fate once again deprived of his support, pulled out of the hands of the moral "Bones" — Andrew died. Boris was in a creative vacuum.
Again the bell rang, he was called to the Theater of the Soviet Army. It seems that was launched that very second "Sumerian nine" in the horoscope of Boris … We Larisa Shepitko counted his life line in the same train on the way to Riga — the night was a bit too long. And I asked her to look at an old book, which is almost never parted.
Boris: "Leonid Heifetz just received a Theater of the Soviet Army. He had to take the old repertoire on the road to Khabarovsk. A two singers Prince Myshkin in the play "The Idiot" refused to go. I was invited to replace them, but had to leave the next day. Introduced me to the staging of "lip", so when I first came on the scene a strange, unfamiliar to the actors, I really felt like the hero of this novel. In the end, I played Myshkin 189 times in a period of twelve years.
Someone — in my opinion, Yuri Lyubimov — said that all the male repertoire if his build is placed between Prince Myshkin and Iago. I played them at the same time! Fiend of darkness, deliberately throw yourself into the abyss and pure angel of light. Is not that my acting happiness? I am a happy person, you know? I was looking for nights and days when Iago — warrior, winning in three companies — ran out of power and he let the darkness of the soul. I played "Masquerade", "The Lower Depths", "Much Ado About Nothing", still play "The Miser." A "Paul I»?! I worked for several years in this performance with the great Oleg Borisov. His Paul went on stage is confined to peasants being the one who took care of all the ills of the country. What sets, which suits? Does it really matter when so play? "
— I know that Borisov was seriously ill, almost dying, but played and see you as his successor for the role.
Boris: "Yes, it is. But when the question — who is? — Heifetz said no. We can replace Borisov, inviting Valery Zolotukhin. And Alexander, except Plotnikov, there is no one to play … However, age is still lets me play Paul. Only offer anyone? "
— The more you listen, the more I realize that you are absolutely not live a real life. You exist in a fantasy world of your heroes.
Boris: "You are needlessly angry. I do not know whose life is better — yours or mine. I have a lot of years, and I later change something in yourself. It happened. And I say this with joy, feeling sorry for you.
This year, the major English magazine conducted a poll over the world — what a book can be called a master in life. Of course, the Bible did not take. And most of the named "Don Quixote." There are people who say that he did not live a normal life, vital among its mills. But he had a romantic view of the world. What's his monologue about the golden age! He says — as if life was good, everyone was equal, the judges were not needed, the women were famous femininity, all loved each other … it nourishes me. Me, old uncle Boris Plotnikov. When in the subway — and I use the subway — someone gets me on the leg, most often that someone snaps. I'm trying to do things differently — not to "beat his face," and ask you comfortable? And he did not answer rude. He goes limp. Small, second, but an interesting story.
Actually, I have a driver's license, but the car after the show I can not ride — a big responsibility. For example, after "Uncle Vanya" My hands and legs were shaking. I vtseplyus steering wheel, but you also need to manage. And who's going to run me? "
— Since you do not want to talk about my personal life, call the roles that relate to you.
Boris: "Most commensurate with my personality. "Intrigue and Love" — Ferdinand, combines a love of Romeo and Hamlet's thoughts. Peter Talanov of the "invasion" of Leonid Leonov. He was thrown out of life, but was born again and returned to her. Captains of the "Ascension". Grey, an ordinary man from the gray, everyday life suddenly becomes a person. Alexander I — over the person committed the violence, and the violence it must comply. But how to survive? "Heart of a Dog," Dr. Bormentali — it concluded that it should take place in an evolutionary way. No revolutionary violence either in life or science. And, of course, Prince Myshkin. That's all my personal, human beliefs. I try to follow them. "
— Boris, and the last question. Why he shot Uncle Vanya?
Boris: "Yes, it was embarrassing. For booby, whom he had worked for so many years, for themselves — that this oaf he did for Russia — it was these people hold for boobies. It's a shame. That's all. "

The atmosphere on 01.09.2004 Galina Skorobogatov

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