Suspected terrorists Lithuanian will wait for the court on the loose

Society As the information portal, the court noted that the real crimes bite did not realize her intentions were thwarted, there is no evidence that it can escape, so it can wait for the court at large.

21-year-old resident of Klaipeda Egle bite was arrested in Vilnius airport in October 2009a. In her luggage found information on explosive mechanisms and schemes of the Moscow metro. The investigation revealed that the Lithuanian was friends with a Chechen who lived in Klaipeda, and then returned to his homeland and died.

Suspected security services have caused persistent attempts Egle get a Russian visa. She has already received a visa under the control of Russian and Lithuanian security services.

Bite told reporters that she was constantly watched Lithuanian State Security Department officials that they were filming her apartment. "They pretended to be Muslims and dragged me into radical Islam" — said the bite.

Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office suspects bite that she was going to go to Russia and commit a suicide bombing at military facilities where persons who fought in Chechnya.

Bites on July 22 in the court said that the allegations were untrue, her testimony was vykryvlenyya. Moreover, young woman suggested that the prison could give her a psychotropic substance.

The case Egle bite caused considerable resonance in Lithuania. In particular, some politicians and human rights activists have noted that the investigating authorities and the General Prosecutor's Office of Lithuania too hard to cooperate this matter with Russian special services and almost fulfill their orders. Under public pressure from the case was dismissed prosecutor of the Department for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime Eustace Lavtsyus.

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