Suspiciously frequent reports on the destruction of weapons in Russia

And this is done near the settlements. Here is one of these messages.

No casualties but damage enough — in times of peace settlement Semiozersk Leningrad region lives as in war. From the constant explosions there collapsing at home and in school nearly killed children. In a combat zone visited Valery Fenev.

And one more thing … it's all just in the last day.

For breakfast lunch and dinner — the explosions. Villagers near Shilovsky landfill where recycles ammunition to the regime used to, but with cracks in the walls do not want to put up. They say that living here is dangerous. In Novoshilovo cracking at the seams, not only at home, but the only school, according to the time factor with reference to the STRC Novosibirsk.

Faina Temirova, director of the New Shilovskaya High School: "The only nearest school is 20 km away. The federal highway to transport 90 children, I think this is not good. "

The working day starts with a tour director for the building of new cracks. Every day it's own risk occupation permits. The gaps between the roof and the wall is ready to show everyone in the village and by the example of your own home. Complaints write in all instances. Ask for one thing — to compensate for the damage.

Vladimir Ustinov, resident. Novo-Shilov: "Support can not provide — the means they have. He forwarded our claim head of administration of the Novosibirsk region. "

In the area of claim — there are two alternatives: people have to file a lawsuit against the military, and this requires expert opinion that the problem is caused by explosions from the landfill. Only is the work of specialists will not be cheaper than the repairs at its own expense — about 20 thousand rubles. For schools in the area 60. Can be accessed in the regional administration.

Nikolai Filatov, deputy head of the administration of the Novosibirsk region on Housing and Construction: "The procedure is as follows — We examine, recognize that the damage resulted from an emergency and has applied to the regional administration. The regional administration during the month decide on the allocation of a sum tion to restore. "

However, so far not a single resident near Shilovsky landfill compensation has ever seen. The explosions continued, and therefore administrative staff completed the survey can not be. Do not make a precise estimate. But the school district authorities have promised summer repaired.

PS: Google found about 109,000 messages on demand destruction of ammunition last year alone. For comparison: in 2006 found only 9 thousand responses, in 2008 — 11,600, 2009 — 27,200, in 2010 — 44 000, and for 2011 — as many as 103,000 responses. How many of them found only at the beginning of 2012, you can see for yourself. We used to have little ammunition? And why such a need to destroy them all now? Maybe because NATO organizes base in Ulyanovsk and wants to their arrival it was "clean"?

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