Svetozar Ognebog Semargl and Svarog

In early times, when the hammer hit Svarog 6el-combustible stone Alatyr of sparks, carved in stone, was born Semargl Fire God, and all the heavenly Ratichi — soldiers Svarog.

Svetozar Ognebog Semargl appeared in a fiery whirlwind, purified from all filthiness. He, like the sun, illuminating the entire universe. Under Semargl was Goldrinn horse with silver hair. Smoke — It was a banner, and fire — a horse. Where he passed on his horse, remained black scorched trail.

From the great fire of Svarog then got wind of God — because God was born Stribog winds. He became a great fan the flames of Svarog Svarozhich-Semargl.

Great Black Snake, born World Duck, decided to imitate Svarog. He crawled to alatyr and hit it with a hammer. The blow scattered around the world black sparks — so were born all the dark forces, demons dasuni.

Then Semargl joined the fight against the Great Black Serpent and his army. But no power in Svarozhich and faded red sun. Black Snake haze flooded the entire Earth. A Svarozhich up into heavenly forge his father Svarog.

Black Snake also flew to Svarga. He language prolizal three celestial vault and got into the heavenly smithy. Then Svarog with red-hot pincers Semargl grasped the language of the Black Snake, tamed and harnessed to the plow. Then the gods divided the earth this plow to the throne and the kingdom Reveal Navi. In Shew began to edit and Semargl Svarog, and Navi — Black Snake.

Svarog and Svarozhich — the Father and the Son. Svarog's son and was himself the highest. Svarozhich were Perun and Semargl.

Svarog "The Book of Veles" names Tvastyrem, that is the Creator. He also Tvashtar Vedic India. You should also know that the image Tvastyrya Svarog in India merged with images of the Vedic Tvashtar and Iswara (Lord Shiva), Indra (Svarga host) and Brahma. Saivites identified the creative power of the Creative Svarog with Shiva, also came and worshiping Indra. Bramanisty identified the creative Word of Svarog with Brahma, consisting of the Vedas. Because Slavic iconography Svarog like Brahma Hindu iconography.

Myth restored mainly on folk legends about bitee with Serpent Kuzma-Demyan, the attack Boris-Gleb Nikita Kozhemyaka (displacing Svarota and Svarozhich) and the other close to tradition. See, eg, ER Novels, "Belarusian collection" (Vyl. 4. Kiev, 1885. S. 17). In fairy tales now, blacksmiths (even Kozhemyaka and the blacksmith in the legend) in a magical blacksmith forge, stretched for 12 miles, it has 12 doors (number of signs of the zodiac, like the Vedic temples). Mentions and 12 helpers Hammers. They forge a sword, a plow, a bowl (as in Scythian legends of heavenly blacksmith outlined by Herodotus). And said that they were "pinned down first plow for the people", which by comparison with the known Ipatiev Chronicle for 1114 on the welds, the first celestial smith, allows us to identify Kuzma-Demyan (Boris-Gleb) and other advanced and alternate with Svarotom Svarozhich Semargl.

"Kuzma-Demyan seem old people, wine was the first of the first LUVs cholovik God, yak suites ochtiyusya Tsey Kuzma Demian first LUVs farrier and the first plow of the fraction of the saints … (Kuzma Demian fought with the snake.). Tsya 6ezposchadno serpent devouring people not minayuchi nobody: neither old nor small. Where's zyavlyalasya people ginuli, yak horns PID grass cattle, yak and millet on Sontz … "

Semargl Ognebogom called "The Book of Veles" ("Smaga" in Old Russian — flame). The plot of the initial battle of the Creator of the World, God of Fire and snake known to the Vedas and the Avesta, but the song itself is preserved only in the Slavic tradition.

Description Ogneboga are conspiracies: "Father you are the King — Fire, all you kings of the king, all the lights you fire. How are you and zhgesh palish in a field of grass, ants, thickets and slums, the tanning of raw roots dungeon, seventy-seven roots, seventy-seven branches … so sleeping with the servant of God sorrow … "

In the "Book of Veles" (Kryn 3-1) is the glorification Semargl as God of Fire and the Moonlight

"Glory Ogneboga Semargl, wood gnawing. Glorybe Ognekudromu, his face turning pink in the morning, afternoon and evening! And we give him for what he is doing food and drink. And we keep him alone in the ashes. And he also goes back and burns over our land, from the time the sun is placed, and before the sun is born again, while it would ohms and Horsa knows the meadows. "

The glorification of the Sun-god of fire, is in the songs of the Bulgarian pomakav:

Fala minute Yogne God!
Fala minute Yasnu Slntse!
Heated on zeme Chi-ta.
Pekrenuvav Sichko zeme (…)
Pokrivash e tsrna Muglia
and that a nischu gleda.
Praise you Ognebog!
Praise you bright sun!
You sogrevyaesh ground …
(And if you leave us)
Cover all the black mist,
Come poverty and hunger.

Original and the translation of the "Vedas Slavs», XIII 1-35

Today, in the summer of 7518 S.M.Z.H, 25 day, month Aylet, Orthodox Old Believers-Ingliingi, Slavs and Aryans, celebrate and honor of Native Gods, Svarog Semargl.

Svarog — the Supreme God of heaven, managing over Life, the Universe and all the world order in the explicit world. God Svarog and his son Semargl defeated Black snake and held abroad in the lands of the World Reveal. Dark Nav was unclothed below Reveal and glory remained higher.

Let Wisdom, Light, Power, Goodness of our Gods are always in our hearts! Glory to our great-grandfathers Svarog! Glory Semargl OgneBogu!

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