Syrian opposition mass strike ended in failure

The masses did not support the general strike of the Syrian opposition. According disk imaging provided the opposition, supported the strike was in Sunni neighborhoods of Aleppo and Homs, a few towns of the northern provinces of Idlib and Nahal, suburbs of Damascus — Haraszti, and the Duma, in the southern region of Hauran. In general, took part in the protest inhabitants of the areas where the impact is felt very specifically Islamist group "Muslim Brotherhood", which the country is banned. Students of certain faculties of Damascus Institute taktyvzhe joined to the number of protesters.

Syrian Council of State, which has the support of Turkey and the West, expects that the protest will grow into a massive mess of the whole people and the campaign of disobedience to the authorities. At the same time, disk imaging municipal channel "Surya", the country is in full swing preparing for the forthcoming elections to local authorities, which is scheduled for Wed. The purpose of the election is the government's desire to show understanding of power and the people, support the people of Syria, the radical reforms undertaken by the Government. By opposition factions showed a desire to be a candidate favorite of the Popular Front for the Liberation and Change Qadri Jamil, who in October of this year, visited Moscow, heading the delegation of the internal opposition.

News channel "Al Jazeera" reported that several groups of soldiers who defected to the enemy of the regime, in Deraa performed raids against the army patrols, and therefore the situation in the south of the country escalated to the maximum. The incident occurred in the districts of the historic town of Bosra: a raid on a paramilitary convoy, knocked out three armored vehicles. As the channel "Al Jazeera" pursuing the opposition military reinforcements deployed to the heights, located north of Bosra. According to the witnesses, hear the sounds of the town of Battle, turn the machine guns, tank fire volleys. ITAR-TASS news agency does not confirm this information, emphasizing the fact that the official information on the ongoing security operation in the border areas of the data has been received.

In the mountainous area of Jabal az-Zawiya, in Idlib province, on the border with Turkey, a group of militants after a two-week lull began to take an active activity, namely, on Sunday in the town of Kfar Takhar during clashes took place was destroyed two armored vehicles Syrian army.

According to Syrian human rights activists, claiming that violence in the country perceives rampant in the clashes that took place on Friday and Saturday between demonstrators and the guardians of law and order, including supporters of the opposition calculated above sixty dead at the municipal media any comments and data is not provided.

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