Syrian rebels in horror from our tanks

Syrian rebels in horror from our tanks
Syria takes bloody war civilians. In the battle, all parties intensively use tools and equipment of Russian manufacture, including our tanks. They have earned good reviews in Syria. And also by the enemies B. Assad — fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). And this despite the mass of mud poured on Russian armored former leaders native Ministry of Defence.

In informal discussions warlords SSA recognized that the Russian T-72 tanks equipped with reactive armor, gives them a lot of problems. Sometimes they just do not know how to fight with them. 72 T withstand numerous hits from antitank hand grenade (RPG) and remains in working condition. Moreover, according to available disk imaging recently SSA fighters were even obliged to undergo special tests have occupied government army tank Russian production. They just fired his RPG. After 13 hits tank was a hundred percent militant — they acquired injuries were not critical. And in the past year, one of the commanders of rebel group also complained about our tanks. According to him, during a fight on the Russian tank was made 15 shots from an RPG, but it has not been destroyed.

At first glance this information look fantastic. But according to Colonel General Staff retired military professional V. Murakhovski, it corresponds to reality. For example, former defense minister A. Serdyukov was once shown T-72 tank which has received countless damage in Chechnya. The car has received several hits from RPGs in different parts of the body. Yet she kept fighting capacity. This tank is so far in Kubinka.

According to V. Murakhovski, T-72 — a reliable, stable and most importantly, the usual «three rubles as» tank. This is one of the best cars of its generation. Besides, our new tanks T 90 level of protection even better. Their dynamic integrated protection capable of successfully confront not only the cumulative ammunition, and sabots. Moreover, these data are not received from the air. As directed by the former Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov tests were conducted of the T-90A. Took the car straight from the factory and shelled from various anti-tank weapons. Tech confirmed all the properties and even eclipsed them. Currently, T 90A is also in Kubinka.

So criticism of Russian tanks former MoD control was caused by political reasons. Destroying the reputation of Russian manufacturers, mountain-army leaders have tried to bend the entire industry only on prices and to cover up their deficiencies by providing technical requirements. Fortunately, it’s all in the past. Autumn exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil will be presented the new Russian tank of the next generation — «Armata». However, most likely, only private show and so far only as a technology demonstrator.
Comment OJSC «NII Steels»:
Syrian T-72 tanks equipped half complex dynamic protection 1st generation, developed by JSC «Research Institute of Steel» in 1982 and delivered to Syria in the mid 90-ies. Russian efficiency DZ repeatedly demonstrated the former management MO. As an example, we give the video clip test T-72 tank with DZ «Contact» and the report of the Head GABTU Galkin Defence Minister P.Grachevu results of these tests. The tests were conducted in March 1995 at the height of the Chechen events.
Video clip, you can look here:
Now tanks T-72 and T-90 installed universal modular complexes DZ «NII become» the next generations that have substantially higher efficiency and survivability, while not only RPG, and from all modern and promising means of destruction.

For reference:

JSC «Research Institute of Steel» — the largest in Russia developer and manufacturer of all-encompassing protection systems: body armor, bronekomplektov, helmets, electric shock batons, shields, blast inhibitors, rentgenozaschity, fire protection equipment, protection systems encompassing the heavy and light armored vehicles and stationary objects. From 2010 comes in Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. Intensive interaction with the leads of «Kurganmashzavod» in matters of creation and modernization of protection for the BMP and BMD. As part of «Institute of Steel» There is a scientific research center Tractor (NATIts)

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