The activists were dismissed from work

Recently, in the Brest region more when socially active people laid off from work, referring to the end of the contract. Human rights activists believe that behind this political motives.

Gregory Creek, activist of the movement "For Freedom" from Baranovichi, lost his job. Leaders Baranovichsky train depot did not extend the contract with an activist. Over the past two years, it is fired a third time. How convinced another activist Baranavichy Victor Syritsa, reason for firing every time it active citizenship.

The activists appealed to the Committee for the Defense of the repressed, says Victor Syritsa"We have appealed to the committee. They promised to help. Early times, by the way, last year, Grieco provided assistance from the fund. Though she is small, but it helps."

Workers lost their jobs, "Pruzhansky Dairy" Vyacheslav Vasilyev and Oleg Dayneko. The plant management has warned them not to extend the contract.

Vladimir Maley, REP lawyer, said that in that case to get guidance to renew the contract with those who do not like it, you can not. But there is a chance in court to get a three-month earnings for those laid off.

"The tenant this month warned that they will not be renewed contract. And we are two weeks to apply for suspension of the contract prematurely due to violations of labor laws. Court ruled in the end — to compensate for activists around three million rubles. Such moments of legislation we also used in the protection of the rights and Sergey Vakulenko. twice when it fired, we are asked to suspend the contract early and receive compensation. "

Alexander Fur for participation in the parliamentary campaign has lost just two work. He was doing a teacher training center and the regional engineer Ltd. "Beltransgaz". After the elections to the House of Representatives, except Alexander Fur, fired from his job and an activist of the initiative group Alexander Stralchuka.

Attempts to recover at work with no success, says Alexander Fur"I was eight vessels, the case was heard at various levels, and even the Supreme Court. But the courts have ruled in favor of my dismissal. Actually, I think that the pressure on the people who are engaged in active political and social activities, achieved his goal. Many withdrew from politics for fear of losing their job. "


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