The air smells of World War Storm

The air smells of World War Storm

News, that come from the Middle East, saying that the air smells like a storm of another world war. Over the weekend, received multiple alarms.

November 12 League of Arab States (LAS) voted for a temporary suspension of the Syrian Arab Republic to participate in the meetings of the organization in relation to the unfolded state in the confrontation between the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and the opposition. "For" votes 18 Arab States (LAS only — 22 states), "against" expressed itself CAP, as well as Lebanon and Yemen. Iraq abstained. It is believed that the temporary suspension of membership in the League of the Syrian government to act as long as the CAP is terminated violence.

It should be noted that on November 11, a report entitled "We live as in war: Suppressing anti-government protests in the province of Homs," the human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW). It Syria accused of crimes against humanity. According to human rights activists, CAP only in Homs "thousands of people" were subjected to arbitrary arrest, "enforced disappearance and systematic torture." According to the organization, many Syrians were killed under torture in prison. Human rights activists called on the Arab League to suspend the membership of ATS in the organization (which is already done), and the UN Security Council asked for an embargo on arms supplies to Syria. The organization also asked the United Nations to pass "the Syrian dossier" to the International Criminal Court, so that he began to work to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In addition, the Arab League calls on its members to withdraw their diplomatic missions from Damascus. What is especially bad for the Syrian people, Syria threatened to impose economic sanctions. Given the fact that the sanctions have already entered the United States, European Union, Turkey, and the situation in the Syrian economy is not the best, it would be a major blow to the government.

Youssef Ahmed representative of Damascus after the vote in the League, said that his country condemns the decision of the organization that violates the Charter of the Arab League, and shows a desire to "curry favor" of the West.

Damascus proposed that "emergency summit" of the League to find a way to a peaceful settlement of the conflict and prevent "negative consequences for the Arab world."

Response to the Syrian people.In the CAP have been mass protests caused by the decision of PAH. Tens of thousands of Syrians with national flags, took to the streets and squares of Damascus, Aleppo, Tartus, Latakia and other cities to show their support for President Bashar Assad and disagreement with the decision of the League. According to protesters, the pro-American Action League on the scheme and is now "sold" to Syria.

In the Syrian capital mob, armed with sticks and knives attacked the embassy of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh in August withdrew its ambassador from CAP, demanding Assad to find a compromise with the opposition), people ransacked the building. Protests were held in front of the embassies of Qatar and the Consulate of France and Turkey in Latakia. In Damascus, angry Syrians tried to storm the Turkish Embassy, the police had to use tear gas.

November 13 League Secretary-General Nabil al-Arabi began to prepare for a meeting of the various Syrian opposition groups at the headquarters of the Arab League. The main purpose of this event to unite opponents of the Assad regime into a single force.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the decision of the League of Arab States' strong and courageous. " Secretary General of the Arab League endorsed the decision "to protect civilians" and is ready to provide assistance if request it. And also urged Damascus to heed the position of the League and to immediately stop the violence in the country.

The special position of Egypt and Algeria

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Amr said Cairo still stands against foreign interference in the affairs of ATS, "what character it was of no." Egypt calls for the cessation of violence, to protect civilians and to resolve the crisis through dialogue.

Algeria said that it will not withdraw its ambassador from Syria, despite a decision by the Arab League. , Said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ammar Bilan. According to him, the Arab League was discussed and more rigid version of the resolution on the Syrian track, but after much discussion, the document introduced many amendments. In particular, the Algerian explained that many countries "stood for freezing, and not a temporary suspension of membership of Syria in the Arab League."


Turkey held it the solution of PAH. Ankara ordered the evacuation of personnel from Syria at the Turkish Embassy after it has been attacked demonstrators. But while the ambassador will remain in Syria. The Turkish government passed an official protest, demanded safeguards for its diplomats and bring the ringleaders to justice.

Turkish military operation in Iraqi Kurdistan. November 13 Turkish air force bombed the north of Iraq.

U.S. do not want to fight, but to help the Allies

Washington continues the line, which he started in Libya — the main burden of the struggle with the countries disliked the West to shift to the "allies". In September came the news that U.S. President Barack Obama back in 2009 approved a secret agreement for additional military aid to Israel. It included and transfer Israeli military bunker 55 guided air bombs GBU-28. The bomb is equipped with laser-guided and weighs nearly 2.3 tons can penetrate more than 30 meters of earth or 6 meters of concrete.

November 11 edition of The Wall Street Journal broke the news that the U.S. administration is ready to provide its key allies in the Persian Gulf a few thousand bunker bombs and other munitions. With this step the White House would strengthen the position of its allies. WSJ notes that only Riyadh U.S. is ready to provide up to 4.9 thousand precision bombs and other weapons. Simultaneously announced plans for a regional missile defense system to protect against Iranian missiles, short-and medium-range missiles. And despite the fact that the Sunni monarchy for two decades actively arming, buying mass of sophisticated weapons in the U.S., in Europe, including the Defense, Air Force, Navy, Army. The U.S. wants to strengthen its military presence in the monarchies of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf States after the final withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Former Governor of MassachusettsMitt Romney, who leads the race to become a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2012, said at a pre-election debates, which in the caseif he becomes president of the USA, then dispose of the pre-emptive strike on Iran.The main reason for the impact of the Islamic Republic of Mitt Romney called the need to avoid the appearance of Tehran's nuclear weapons.


The foreign ministers of the European Union will be discussed in the near future in Brussels new sanctions against the Syrian government. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Guido Westerwelle in the ongoing Frankfurt-am-Main extraordinary congress of the Free Democratic Party of Germany. According to him, it will, in particular, restrictions on travel for some members of the Syrian authorities, as well as financial sanctions.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany also stressed that the international community needs to develop a common position on Syria. The international community must send Syria "unified message that the repression and violence against peaceful demonstrators in any way is not acceptable," — said Westerwelle.

What will be the new world war?

It is clear that a world war is almost inevitable, or rather, has already begun — now there is a "reconnaissance in force". Finally formed a coalition.We already see the two existing union. Anglo-Saxons and the Arab monarchies(Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc.), who are planning to wage war until victory. Zbigniew Brzezinski has already announced goal of this alliance — "Atlantic Alliance", was finally adopted by the New World Order. And the Arab monarchies of the play the role of "ram", "cannon fodder", it is clear that they will donate to have a chance to survive only the ruling clans, which will be part of lower levels of the world elite.

November 13 the newspaper "Al-Rai" reported that for about four years the Kuwaiti government is preparing for war between Israel and Iran. The authorities have prepared a strategic stock of food and medicine, which should be enough for 6-8 months. In addition, the country formed the standing committee of the representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, which is constantly monitoring the situation around the "Iranian problem." Some work is in the field of defense. If Israel will strike Iran's nuclear facilities, "there is a real danger of the Persian Gulf and Kuwait in particular," said Member of Parliament and former Minister of Health Maasuma al-Mubarak. In her view, the war would be "disastrous", so should be ready to Kuwait.

The same union thought to involve Turkey, Russia, and Japan. And Russia will be very "upgraded" the autonomy, identity can forget forever. Russian with the Muslims (Turks and Sunni monarchies) should be the main strike force in the war with China and India. Apparently not considered the option of direct conflict, but a chain of border conflicts, interference in the internal rebellions (eg, Tibet, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, etc.). But after the collapse of China and India — participation in the "peace operations."

Second Union — Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah Libya.Their aim is more modest — to survive in a world war, in addition, it is clear that they will take the first powerful (already taken) strike. If not for Gaddafi with his stubbornness, in Syria, apparently, has a raging war. Although Tehran nurtures ideas "Arabian Caliphate" ("Shiite Caliphate"), but, given the balance of power, the chances of it a little. Too strong enemies in Iran.

But, basically, there are chances that China and Russia (Putin regime) will not hand over Syria and Iran — to better meet the enemy on distant borders. It is clear that Russian troops will definitely not be there to fight (about the Chinese military advisers strength of a couple of divisions is a small chance), the direct confrontation with the West is not possible, as this will be apocalypse. But Russia and China could provide diplomatic support, supplying arms — a kind of "war in Spain-2" (1936-1939), in a softer style.

Russia has issued a statement saying that she had decided not to stop the supply of arms to the CAP, since no international restrictions on this issue does not exist. This statement was made deputy director Vyacheslav FSMTC Dzirkaln. And on Iran, Russia continues to MTC in defensive weapons, so recently in the Islamic Republic have put mobile electronic warfare systems — systems such as electronic warfare 1L222 "depot". The main objective of this system — passive search emitting purposes, including side-scan pulse radar, radar, weapons control and provide low-level flights in airplanes. In addition, negotiations for the supply of other types of defensive weapons that do not fall under the United Nations resolution.

Russia is much more profitable to help Iran and Syria than to participate in the war in the South Caucasus, the Middle East and Central Asia and Ukraine. China is in the same situation. It is obvious that China is not going to sign a complete surrender to the New World Order, which built the Westerners. He needs powerful allies that will keep at least a relative stability in Eurasia.

Russia's position.Moscow is now more inclined towards the East (at least, Putin shows such steps) to dialogue with Syria and Iran, increased integration and cooperation in Eurasia, an alliance with China, as opposed to the plans of the West.
Although no complete certainty yet. Medvedev and other figures clearly show that the future of Russia is seen in Europe. And the West is regularly makes "overtures" sends "signals" such as Brzezinski's speech in Yaroslavl or Normandy. Russia needs the U.S. as "penal battalion," which will solve the problem for the West to eliminate the Islamic project (unruly part of it) and China. After World War I "bleed" and dies, leaving a legacy of a vast land, natural resources, building a part of the gene (millions of Russian, who will move into the war in the European Union, the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.).

The only chance to survive and to be transformed, becoming the leader of a new world — it's the lead in the creation of a "Eurasian Union": the first line — the union of most of the former Soviet republics in neoimperiyu, the second line — the military-political alliance, tight financial and economic cooperation with all countries in which want to live in peace and stability.

Within the country should ruthlessly crush the opposition's attempt to arrange a "Libyan scenario" or "February 2". If necessary, go to the end, the fate of civilization is at stake, and the experience of China (Tiananmen Square in 1989.) We must remember that the fate of the Russian Empire would be different if her last Emperor show determination and will. Thousands of dead and sent to prison in Petrograd could save millions who die in the Civil War and after the bullets, hunger, epidemics and other "joys" of the age of distemper.

At the same time quickly lead the country towards recovery of spiritual, intellectual, economic, and military power. Engage in dialogue with the people, to explain to him what was going on in the world and in the country.

Western Europe.We can see much uncertainty — Britain, France show their readiness to support the plans of the United States. Italy ranges, even in the war in Libya was ready to withdraw the aircraft and stop the war. Germany is also not eager to participate in the new slaughterhouse. Apparently, two lessons have benefited.

For Russia, it would be just perfect to drag his side Germany, Austria and the Slavic countries of Europe (with a large fortune to Italy and France) to camp folding (still only a "fetus") "Eurasian Union."

India.Delhi should be aware of a simple fact — Indian civilization will be divided, it will not remain in its present form. It has already been dismembered — identified Pakistan and then Bangladesh. So do not go on about the Anglo-Saxons, not go to war with Pakistan and China. Otherwise the West will hold a brilliant operation, bleed together two big power, a bulwark of stability in Eurasia — China and India.

India needs to keep the peace on its borders and, together with Russia and China to support peace and stability in Eurasia. Together to address the problem areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The nature of the new world war

It is clear that in the initial stage (it already is) we will not see a huge mass of troops, armies, and grinding each other. West is currently not capable of such a war. His army is basically hired, they can not fight the old way. They can kill from a distance (beats Air Force, Navy), without serious loss, not more than 3-5% of the personnel, or they simply refuse to fight.

We see another country overwhelm simultaneous strikes inside and outside. Serbia was defeated in 1999 by the application of high-tech forces (Navy, Air Force, communication and control, etc.) and the confrontation with the separatists, ethnic Albanian guerrillas. In 2000 the case is complemented by a liberal-democratic opposition — "Bulldozer Revolution".

Iraq in 2003 destroyed the military strikes and internal betrayal of the top brass. Moreover, the U.S. supported the Kurds, and quickly led the opposition.

Libyan war shows an excellent example of "network war", Gaddafi broke — "swarm." Against him was the West, the Arab world (especially Qatar and the UAE), internal liberals, Islamists, separatists. Attracted and private military companies (they participated in the occupation of Iraq).

Now also breaking Syria: Damascus stands against the West (and Westerners concede first role, like, we only help), the League of Arab States, the UN leadership, Turkey, various non-governmental organizations. Within Syria against the state act Islamists, liberals, and socialists.

A huge role in such operations play the media, they simply suppress the will of Leadership, commoners, black announce white, white — black. Fall in total intellectual level of the world's population (some experts say nothing of the "new barbarians", "barbarization" young people who are no longer able to think holistically, logical), including the Russian, "brainwashing", this method is very successful. Crowds "by themselves" (with skillful action) break their state. Besides working on psychopaths, encouraging violence, a great example — the murder of Gaddafi, the man who did so much for Libya and its people. Muslims nedolyudkov these can not be named, is the creature that violated fundamental human and Islamic concepts.

Media actually already able to carry out a "revolution" on the basis of pre-formed "public opinion" and the process of self-synchronization (the phenomenon of phase matching identical processes running on a set of similar objects at the same time). In the West, a process called "flash mob." When a society is sufficiently randomized and ideology-free (and therefore in the RF and conducting trials of de-Stalinization and de-Sovietization) efforts of the media, the educational system, the level of awareness is suppressed mass anesthesia — tobacco, alcohol, heavier drugged, then after the "people's revolution" to win over the country does not need a powerful army that can carry heavy losses for the win. The main thing — is to divide society into a lot of small little groups that hate each other. That is why the main opponents to the West — are Muslims and the Russian people (some Chinese), they are able to unite for a great purpose.

It should also be clearly understood that the "people's militia" (in which Gaddafi had hoped), as partial measures will not save the country, to pay off the enemy long-term strategy may be just such a long-term strategy, deliberately pursued in life. The Russian people should know how to live in the present and the future. Need an ideology and a great idea to be able to resist the plans tucked West project. It needs to be read out at the highest level. Time ideology-free society has to go back in time.

Author Alexander Samsonov

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