The aliens are interested in oil company PEMEX




MEXICO CITY, Aug. 29 — RIA "Novosti", Michael Blanch. An unidentified flying object (UFO) and six large luminous spheres were recorded in the state oil company Pemex near the city of Tapachula, Chiapas. This was reported by the Sunday newspaper "El Universal" head of the department of emergency situations Pemex Juan Carlos Zúñiga.
According to Zuniga, an object shaped like a circular saucer-sized transport aircraft to maneuver at an altitude of no more than a thousand feet above the distribution terminal Pemex pipelines in Tapachula. Thus Zúñiga said that the speed and the angles at which to maneuver an unknown device, and lightning were so unexpected that hardly meet-the-art technology features.

Head of the Department of Pemex also said that employees of its service able to take some photos of UFOs. After developing the film in the photographs found in addition to images of the air "ship" has six large glowing spheres that are repeated all the maneuvers of a UFO.

Film and photography have undergone thorough research specialists of the oil company. As a result, they concluded that the "ship" is made of material unknown to science.

According to Zúñiga, this is not the only case of UFO sightings in Pemex facilities in Tapachula and the adjacent archaeological zone of Izapa. Very often, according to Zuniga, the UFO seen over the monument of pre-Columbian civilizations — the stone Stella "The Tree of Life, Creation of the Universe."

As the "El Universal", recently also saw a UFO in Tacana extinct volcano on the border with Guatemala.


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