The Americans announced the beginning of a new space age

The Americans announced the beginning of a new space age: Russia are waiting for multimillion-dollar losses

After the successful launch to the ISS's first private spaceship head of the U.S. space agency NASA, Charles Bolden announced a "new era" in space exploration. In Russia, whose share of the market of space launches can now be significantly reduced, carried out and start all equate to the emergence of new space powers.

Recall unmanned cargo Dragon, created by non-state U.S. company SpaceX, launched on Tuesday with the launch site at Cape Canaveral in Florida. This was the second attempt — the booster Falcon-9 was to send a spacecraft into orbit on May 19, but the start was broke at the last minute due to problems with the automatic.

It is expected that the Dragon, carrying the 500 kg of water, food and equipment to reach the International Space Station on May 25. As reported by NASA, the truck has already successfully opened the compartment in which the sensors are needed for the upcoming rendezvous and docking. In five days, May 31, the ship must undock and return to Earth.

"The significance of this day can not be overstated — quoted by BBC Russian Service Charles Bolden. — The first attempt to dock with the ISS spacecraft, launched by a private company. And although there is still a lot of work for the successful completion of this mission, we are very pleased with a good start. "

The head of SpaceX Elon Musk said that the launch of a new era in space exploration, when an increasingly important role will be played by private companies. Mack drew a parallel with the Internet, which "came into existence as a government project, but then connected to that commercial companies, which greatly accelerated the development of this phenomenon."

Indeed, the mission of the Dragon symbolizes the new U.S. administration's approach to space policy, says the Radio and Television. NASA plans to send their exercise routine space travel to private contractors in order to free up resources for more complex long-term projects. At the same time private companies in future will be carried out and manned missions.

From the moment when the program was shut down flights of U.S. space shuttles, the U.S. remained the ships on which you can send people into space. Now we have to buy for them "tickets" to the Russian "Soyuz" at a price of $ 60 million per seat.

SpaceX says that by 2015 people will be able to launch into orbit at a cost of $ 20 million per seat.

In the Russian launch equated to the emergence of new space powers

In the medium term, the company could become a serious competitor Russia. Once the ship Dragon proves its reliability, many contacts will be gone by SpaceX, concludes "Kommersant FM.

"The Americans want to give up dependence on Russia. These costs are minimal. We know that the space shuttle launch costing about 600-700 million each, and now for a few years of regular delivery of U.S. astronauts pay an amount commensurate with the cost of a shuttle launch. There are important, most political moments, moments of prestige, "- said a member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics Andrew, son of John.

SpaceX project can significantly reduce the number of Russian contracts, agrees the head of Space Adventures in Russia Sergei Kostenko. In the next five years, the Russian "Soyuz" will continue to provide flights to the ISS, but then to replace these ships will come something new. "This ship, as the Dragon, he is certainly more competitive than the" Union ". He is a seven-seater, more payload goes up and down. It is reusable. Its benefits are obvious, "- said Kostenko.

And the head of the Space Policy Institute Ivan Moiseev said the radio station: "Now there was that one company took over the entire program and has provided services to NASA, is the end result of working with the International Space Station. This can be compared with the appearance of a new space power. "

Printed with a new "impact" on the already suffering from the prestige of Russian space

In general it can be concluded that in the next few years, Russia has further distanced from its former status as a leading space power. Already, the country's space program is experiencing is not the best of times, and some experts say and do about the decline of the industry. In recent years there has been a whole series of mishaps and accidents that caused even the commentators talk about the "evil rock" ..

Against this background, the Russian government has ambitious plans to produce an understanding not all experts. For example, a lot of criticism is the construction of the cosmodrome "East" worth 300 billion rubles.

Critics believe that in order to regain its former glory of the Russian space program, it is necessary to formulate and implement other tasks. But the government prefers to spend a fortune on what to quality improvements will not even create additional difficulties.


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