The Arab League and Turkey urged to adopt critical measures to protect Syrian people

Arab League and Turkey urged to take "urgent measures" to protect Syrian citizens Head of the Arab League (LAS) and Turkey urged the international community to take "urgent measures" to protect Syrian civilians from reprisals by the regime of Bashar al-Assad. This statement was made after a Moroccan capital Rabat was the Turkish-Arab Forum on the Syrian dilemma. Interestingly, in his final statement said the inadmissibility of any external interference in the internal affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic.

France. Paris called on China and Russia to lift its veto on the UN resolution on Syria. A spokesman for the French government Valerie Pécresse said that France is in favor of strengthening the Euro Union sanctions.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said in the evening on November 16 that, due to the escalation of violence in the SAR, French salting withdrawn from the country. In addition, the diplomat said that the Arab League and France are working on a new draft UN resolution on Syria.

Turkey announced that it introduces energy sanctions against Damascus. The Turkish Ministry of Energy Taner Yildiz said that his country breaks all cooperation with Syria in the field of energy. It touches, such as the joint development of hydrocarbon fields 6, and "if the situation does not change," that Ankara will stop the supply of electricity, which began in 2006. According to the views of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is obliged to action in another attack on Damascus.

USA. The Deputy Governor of the State Security Council of the United States Ben Rhodes said the United States "did not agree" with the position of the Russian Federation with regard to "the Syrian issue" within the framework of the UN Security Council. According to him, the international community is more stronger position against the Syrian President Assad and U.S. hopes to develop a similar position to introduce measures against Syria. The measures taken by the Arab League confirms this fact, because there is the need to "create a strong front against Syria."


CAP come from one news after another, apparently a new step on the "rocking" of the country brings success.

— November 16 Damascus apologized for the attack on the Jordanian embassy, which came on the night of November 15. Supporters of Assad were furious statement Jordanian King Abdullah II, which said that Syrian the president should resign. Immediately, according to the Jordanian media, the Syrian army was undermining the border with Jordan. It should be noted that even before there is information about mining the Syrian military border with Lebanon.

— Supporters of Bashar al-Assad attacked the UAE embassy in Damascus, told Reuters this. UAE diplomats cursed "agents of Israel" and the building was pelted with stones and debris.

In the day it was attacked by the Embassy of Morocco. It is in this realm was a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Member States of the League, after which the countries of the League called on Syria to take "immediate action".

— On Wednesday night, according to Reuters disk imaging, the militants of the so-called "Free Army" stormed the building complex of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Service in the metropolitan area.

— November 16 management of the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) announced the formation of the Provisional Military Council, which declared the country's highest military authority. In a statement, the SSA states that such a step is called "the need to meet the challenges of the current step of the Syrian revolution."

Provisional Military Council (OIE) has to perform several tasks: 1) to overthrow the current government, and 2) to protect the public and personal values, and 3) to prevent anarchy after the fall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and prevent cases of lynchings of the authorities. TSB board should end its existence immediately after the election of a new democratic government of Syria.

CCA founded last Syrian armed forces, Colonel Riad al-Assad, who had deserted immediately after the riots in the SAR and fled to Turkey. According to the command of the SSA, it currently has 50 thousand former soldiers and officers.

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