The basic principles of tantric sex




Tantra — the system, the purpose of which is to achieve the employment of spiritual ecstasy that increases knowledge, increases awareness, promotes understanding of the natural world. Tantra sharpens senses, develop insights and feelings. Tantra means to an end — sexual pleasure, and at the preparatory stage — the special physical and mental exercise. Tantra helps to rejuvenate the body and mind partners.
In addition, with a sensual point of view the process of sexual intercourse in tantra has significant advantages over style sex characteristic of the West. Orgasm in most men of the West comes after an average of 2-5 minutes after administration of the penis. With such a contact to experience the full pleasure rather difficult. Tantra promotes the duration of sexual intercourse (from the introduction to orgasm) from an hour to hour and a half, more enjoyment and extraordinary power orgasm.
Tantra and Yoga have many similarities and are complete mental and physical systems, aimed at the physical and spiritual perfection of man (so instead of "Tantra" can apply the term "tantra yoga"). In each of them there are a few ways to achieve the goal (and they have the same goal — to achieve spiritual ecstasy, that is ultimately awareness of the unity of all things) in yoga — through the activities, knowledge, love of God, mental exercises, in tantra — through sounds, visual images, sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse in tantra are the most effective means of achieving the goal).
Why Tantra pays great attention to sexual intercourse, men and women? First, the sex can open the door to the subconscious mind (though a very short time). Second, in a state of highest sexual ecstasy of the partners dissolve the barriers of their own individuality, there is the ability of awareness of the unity of all that exists in the universe, consciousness expands (the word "tantra" is derived from the Sanskrit root "tan", meaning the extension), and the flow knowledge overwhelms the mind (to achieve the stability of ecstasy requires some preparatory phase, which includes special exercises).

Tantric sex requires the following conditions.

If you master tantra, or have already mastered, apply it in life, you have to stop at a constant partner. Partners may change, but it must be pretty rare, because you have to become familiar with their tastes, affection, habits (including sexual).
For lessons and exercises, and sexual intercourse (in tantra sex are essentially exercises, because the ultimate goal yaolovogo act is not having fun, and, as mentioned above, the attainment of spiritual ecstasy) should be a good environment for any noise or Someone's intervention can significantly reduce the effectiveness of training. It is better to engage in exercise and sexual intercourse during the day, but in general, it is acceptable for employment and night.
As mentioned above, the method of Tantra is sexual intimacy, with such intensity that the partners dissolved themselves in each other. If the partners are not physically scrupulously clean their senses — smell and taste — the rise, and the necessary dissolution of each other is not going to happen. Therefore, prior to intercourse a lot of attention should be paid to clean the skin, oral cavity (preferably clean the surface of the tongue of the plaque with your fingers or a teaspoon), the reproductive organs.
Making love, you have to be fully liberated. Allow yourself to cry, to call, cry or moan in agony sexual ecstasy (which is why it is so important to have the right conditions — room should have good sound insulation). If you can not make love liberated, then Tantra is not for you.
Partners perceive and understand the sexual act as a completely natural, organically swayed in their life phenomenon. They are aware of the duality of the universe, expressed in the injection — yang, in the "pros" and "cons", both men and women. For them intercourse — is a concrete reflection of the sexuality of the universe. So they deny the false sense of sin or shame.
Sex in Tantra, which include strokes, sexual play and intercourse itself, require sufficient time for at least 2 hours. Of course, the time can be distributed to all stages of the contact, for example, 50, 20 and 30 minutes. But the stages of sexual intercourse difficult to subdue a certain time frame, and therefore plan the duration of stages of contact should not be (although the landmark — 30 minutes for direct relations — must be present in your mind.)
Movement during sexual intercourse should be easy, effortless. Because Tantra is known more as Tantra Yoga, and Yoga, to be effective, eliminates most of the tension. When you strain your body, you accumulate by-products of your fatigue and decreased physical endurance. (The voltage also contributes to a more rapid onset of orgasm.) In addition, the movements must be performed gracefully, rhythmically. Sex in Tantra is like a dance of life and should be executed as elegantly as if you were dancing. Rejoice in the flow of traffic, smooth response of your body to your partner's actions. A smooth transition from one movement to another, so that was unobtrusive, where one ends and the other begins, and would be present continuous sense of love and understanding. When you learn to move without effort, you will be persecuted, that you lose all sense of time, as time as we understand it — is the sequence of events that follow one after the other. A loss of sensation of passing time leads to the dissolution of the partners to each other and, ultimately, to ecstasy.

The preparatory phase

In Tantra, the sexual act is to be extended, which requires continuous physical effort and the use of muscles that modern men and women are rarely trained and developed. Exercises are done for 10 minutes a day (in the morning) for 1-2 months, then they need to perform one time of 10-20 minutes per week. Exercise is best done outdoors, and if you are doing them in a room, do it in front of a mirror. After exercise should relax by lying down for 7-10 minutes.
Lie on the floor face down, forearms and hands on the sides of the chest. Straining back muscles, lift the chest and throws her head back, looking up at the ceiling. The exercise 3 times.
Become a wall, heels, buttocks and back touch the wall. The whole body is relaxed, especially buttock muscles. Squeeze your buttocks, pull your stomach, so that the pelvis up and protruded. Thus only the buttocks lose contact with the wall. After 5-10 seconds, relax. Repeat 3 times.
Become a wall. Walls concern only the forehead and chest. Feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent, toes slightly moved away from the wall. Try to lift the hips as high as possible up the wall without getting up on his toes. Repeat 3 times.
Sit on the floor, legs extended, hands on knees. Alternately strain buttock muscles that they are "dragged" on the floor have forward first one side, then — on the other. When moving your knees slightly bent, straighten them but before each voltage. (This exercise is effective not only to strengthen the muscles used in sexual intercourse, but also to reduce the size of the thighs and buttocks.) Repeat 3 times.
Standing with feet apart at 30 cm, focusing on the heel. Turn the toes inward, and then in the opposite direction. Make 7 movements (back and forth). Then move your weight on your toes and the heel turn inward, and then in the opposite direction. Make seven movements.
Exercises to increase the susceptibility of the senses contribute to the dissolution of the partners to each other and expand their consciousness. When you exercise, we will move the center of consciousness for each of the senses. To make it easier to do the exercises to increase the sensitivity of the senses, work out the movement of consciousness as a separate exercise. Suppose that you want to move the center of consciousness, which is in the head, in the ankle of your foot (say, the right foot). Close your eyes and imagine that the right foot is growing out of the top of your head, ankle — in the center of the head, then climb up the calf, knee, thigh, groin area and the rest of the body with the head, reduced in size and length rests against a blue sky. Hold down this way for a while, and representing that the rise of the foot and toes out there, where the eyes and nose, and the heel protrudes from the back of the head, first you may feel dizzy and your picture is clouded and fade, returning consciousness in the head. But you'll notice that the right ankle warmed, and it felt tingling. This exercise is not difficult, just need certain skills. So after a few tries you'll be able to hold the image for a few minutes, and the more will feel the warmth and tingling, the more success you have achieved in the shift of consciousness.
Proceed directly to the exercises to increase the susceptibility of the senses.

Let's start with the sense of touch.

Take five samples of different tissues (pieces of velvet, wool, cotton, silk, synthetic). Look, feel around them, trying to remember the texture, and then close your eyes, and mix them with the fingers ", try to determine to what you touch a piece of cloth. Now ask your partner to he held in turn by each piece of fabric on any your exposed areas of the body. Try to identify how a piece of cloth before you touched. If you have any difficulty in recognizing the pieces of fabric, move the center of your consciousness on the part of the body that you are trying to identify the object.

We proceed to the hearing.

Listening to chamber music played on instruments 3-5, try to allocate a game of one instrument, that is, you have to watch over the implementation of the party on the instrument, as if watching the voice of your good companion, who leads the story of many other people conversing. Then, in the same way the game highlight other tools. Take a walk late at night on a quiet road and note all the sounds you hear. Two days later, try to note additional sounds. Late at night, close the door of the room, turn off the lights and try to listen to all the sounds of silence: the sounds of breathing, your heart beats, the sounds in the throat when swallowing and others.

To work out the susceptibility of working with color.

Determine the quality of any color shade, chiaroscuro (density) and the chromatic scale. Hue refers to the base color. For example, the red color has a dark red, red, brown, rozyvy shades. ' Chiaroscuro reflects light or dark tone color. The chromatic scale refers to the intensity of the hue. Look at the colored reproduction of an old master. Make a list of colors, different shades, density, and the chromatic scale. Then look at the reproduction of a magnifying glass and compare how much more color nuances you have not defined in the first case. Next time, use a different reproduction and perform the same experiment. Do the exercise for a week. Gradually definition color shades will be more successful. Practice saying your drive to a room. Determine what color of the walls and objects can be listed. Repeat this several times, comparing the results with previous observations.
Locate the six subjects with different but not sharp smells and hone the sense of smell. You can take a bath soap, a slice of toasted bread, orange peel, lemon peel, a pinch of tobacco, a pinch of starch. Lay them on the table and smell each item separately to get a clear idea of the flavor of each. When you'll be assured that well you can distinguish every smell, tie your eyes and ask your partner to bring a tray with all the items to your nose. Identify items by smell. When you guess the four subjects of the six, try to make the items were grouped into two, that is to be formed by three groups of subjects. Smell them blindfolded and try to identify the constituent elements of each group. Then try to identify the constituent elements of the two groups (each group consisted of 3 subjects).
Before each class to test the susceptibility of taste you have to clean the mouth and tongue, mouth rinse with cool water. Put in a glass of water, a little sugar, stir to dissolve sugar. Taste. If you feel the taste of sugar, add a little more, stir and try again. Notice how much sugar should be that you can feel the taste of the water. Repeat this experiment with salt and then with lemon juice. Do exercises every day for as long as you will not be able to distinguish between the half of the original amount of sugar, salt and lemon.

The purpose of the following exercises is to develop a sensitivity to the duality (sexuality) of the universe.

Just as there is nothing in the dead, there is nothing neuter. All that is characterized by roundness, softness, cleft, Ingression sucking (warm roundness of the bulbs, the gentle touch of the breeze in your cheek, crack in the ground, rain water flowing down the drain) — all female. All that stands, angular, scrapes, spurts (hard surface of a metal workpiece, to drive piles into the ground, water cannon, throws water on the asphalt) — male. It is necessary in every woman to see femininity in every man — masculine and feminine distinguish the male and in all that surrounds you. For example, a tree trunk, you can imagine how rounded hip women, swaying balloons — like elastic chest girls, synthetic mat — the hair on the man's chest. Add to these ideas, you can create as if in passing (on the way home or to work on an evening walk, and sometimes at home when you come home from work and change clothes), exercises that will be given below, and gradually you will break through the mental obstacles and see the actual reality of the universe, expressed the duality of (sexual) everything in the universe. Color, smell, sound, taste and touch things will become more vivid, and you will smile just for the simple reason that you live. People who have taken the path. Tantra have to live as if in a Flowing never ending spring fever, the love of all that is in the world. And for this they can come through the production of sensitivity to sexual universe.
All this does not mean that Tantrikas ever sexually aroused. For it makes no difference whether he sexually available at the moment any man. The main thing for Tantrikas — see sexy beauty in everything that surrounds it (based on the duality of the universe). In practical terms is the ability to see beauty in all things sexual is a necessary step towards the acquisition of the ability of spiritual ecstasy.
The first exercise is done in a relaxed state, the best in bed before falling asleep. Imagine that you are naked, lying on a boat floating on the river. Warm sunny day, blue sky with scattered clouds in groups. The boat is floating slowly under the overhanging tree branches above the river. Listen to the sounds of water lapping on the sides of the boat, the hum of bees in the flower-filled meadows, past which the river flows. Feel the smell in your lungs and feel their pleasant bouquet on the tongue. Feel the warm body exposure to sunlight and cool — shadows, light breeze, and the rigid structures boats. Now imagine that your partner is swimming with you, lying naked in your arms. Optionally, move your hands to feel more clearly the body of your partner: make sure in his presence with the help of your senses: we feel its aroma, breath sounds, feel the touch of your body skin, hair partner. It is possible that because of the brightness of the ideas you will feel a slight desire. Do not let this, but do not do anything. Let your excitement will be part of a sensitive perception provided by the scene.
Allow the boat to swim — swim, swim until they fell asleep.
Exercise is carried out every day for 5-7 days (usually during this time an imaginary picture of the events is stabilized). At the 5-7-day picture of the events may occur with little effort, as if by itself. In the imaginary stage there may be a minor event, but it is not so important. What is important is no one else should interfere in your picture, because it is your river, it is removed from all strangers, and only you and your partner are floating on the river.
After 5-7 days of use per week spent picture of the events as a means of relaxation and calm. To relax, not necessarily taking a position lying down, you can recover the spent painting in the sitting position. To soothe the nervous system (if you are concerned about something) can also be used lying down and sitting postures. And in this, and in another case, we must remember that failure is a picture of events. You should, as far as possible, smell, taste, touch. (Men are this exercise is useful in purely sexual terms: it will teach them to control an erection while holding an imaginary picture of the erotic element in the physical control.)
The purpose of the second exercise — are fully familiar with your body, to learn with interest to look at it and enjoy it (and also learn not to be ashamed of his body, discard the shame and embarrassment). Get naked and sit in front of a mirror. Straighten that the back was straight, tighten the stomach, spread your legs apart. Try to breathe deeply, but without the stress, of course. Now look at yourself honestly and without shame. Predstarte yourself that you do not just see myself as a person, personality, You see the personification of the same sex, male or female, Adam and Eve. Move your mind out of the head, imagine that you are secretly spied on each other, admiring the body reflected in the mirror. Be honest, are free in the assessment, critical and delighted if it is reasonable.
The continuation of this exercise, the second part of it carried out in 2-3 days, is as follows. Imagine her naked body at the institution where you work. You are at your workstation. Imagine the reaction of all the details of all those present. Again, the picture should be as clearly as possible, which use all the senses: you see the frightened glances, hear cheers and the roar of falling chairs, touchable clothes pass by people who feel the smell of perfume or coffee and tea. When the panic reaches its climax, quietly log in to your boat (imagine that the river flows through the institution) and go back to its swimming away from human eyes, drift out of time, is the ultimate goal, in peace and tranquility.
The last exercise that helps to approach the understanding of the duality of the universe, is an exercise, develop the ability to penetrate the mind's eye through people's clothes. Imagine again your quiet drift boat. As soon as you walk out naked from the boat (drift boat passes through your institution) and the present begin to express my surprise and consternation, turn your inner X-ray machine (imagine that you have such a device), and enlighten their bodies through clothing. This exercise requires a certain amount of time (2-3 weeks) so that you can achieve as a real vision of naked people. After 5-6 minutes, leave to treat people back into the boat and continue their drift.
Some exercises are designed for testing a state in which the partners are spiritually merge with each other. Mutual penetration — this is the last moment before reaching the state of spiritual ecstasy.
Vocabulary is desirable to perform individually, in the same location every day (for each exercise for 5-6 days). It should be cautioned against dealing with the desire to achieve great success in these exercises compared with their partner. The fact is that through these exercises, one partner becomes almost obsessed with the others that it is important to achieve a state of ecstasy during intercourse, which would dissolve as their own "self." But the obsession has to be mutual: the man should be tied to a female partner as she was to him. If there is no balance in the attachment, one of the partners (having a lower degree of affection) can feel the hostility and even disgusted by the attachment of another and, as a result, want to end the relationship. Therefore, partners need to constantly exchange information about their successes in these exercises. If you reach one will achieve more than the other, succeeding partner must, pause and wait for the relevant activities of other successes.
The first exercise promotes mental relaxation and dissociation of your "I" of consciousness (which is the first step in the control of thoughts). Sit in a comfortable position and relax your body, close your eyes. Imagine that you sort of hung in the air over the vast plain. While this plain in the predawn darkness, but you know that the sun will soon appear and you will see the woods, fields and lakes, sinuous channel of the river, distant trees and the mountain range. on the horizon. Now try to feel the details of the picture, which lies under the cover of darkness: shine water surface rivers and lakes; breeze wiggling grass to smoke on the hilltops. Sensing this, you begin to realize that your mind can move freely across the landscape like a piece of fluff. Soon you will fill with a sense of calm, peace and quiet joy. On this quiet wave of peace and joy, smiling, leave as would be even higher, and let the painting disappears from the head. Then slowly arise stream of consciousness: first, there will be thoughts of memorable pleasant situation for you and the emotions associated with them, and then any thoughts that generate optimistic plans associated with these situations, and further lifting the mood, then thoughts will flow on your success in life as a result of these plans and further lifting sentiment and pride in themselves.
In a stream of consciousness any idea rarely comes to a logical conclusion, since it gives rise to another thought of it before any conclusion is made. You should not influence or change your stream of consciousness. Stay away from the kaleidoscope of thoughts and quietly watch them. It is this your position is correct, in such a position of thought gradually, as it were, by themselves, will dry up and disappear.
The second exercise strengthens your ability to concentrate attention on a single object so that it fills your mind. In a comfortable position consider any item (pencil, coin, your finger) for 3-4 minutes. Look all the time must be within the object. If one considers the length and breadth of the subject, you find all new smallest details. A few days later focus your attention on the flame of a candle, set the mirror. Your focus should not only capture the flame of a candle, but also the air space around it: shimmer of heat radiation, "microscopic" rustling of the fire, a faint smell of burning. Let the flames completely fills your senses — you have to see the vibration of light, feel the sound and the smell of burning. Merge with the flame, turn it so that it was all around you. You yourself — the flame and the flame — it is you, your life.
The third exercise — of mantra-yoga. Many centuries ago the ancient Hindus have paid considerable attention to repeated chanting of sacred names and phrases. It turns out that if repeated many times (or sing) the name of a person, it may be a strong energy exchange between you and you will be able to give each other a big impact. You can strongly bind the man to his own, or attached to it.
Sit in a free, relaxed pose in front of the flame and the exclusion of all other thoughts (all attention should focus on the flame), begin to sing the name of his partner, giving full effect to every syllable by syllable concentrating on different parts of his body (sound "and" should be high in tone to excite the top of the skull, and you should feel a ringing or tingling on the top and center of the head, the sound of "e" fills vibration throat at the sound of "a" feel resonating chest at the sound of "o" direct attention to the hip, and if you do it right, you can feel the tingling in the pelvic region). Name stretched to a full breath, but each syllable — equal amount of time. Ending the pronunciation of the name, inhale again and repeat several times. In the first 6-7 days while singing syllables of the name express clearly resonating with full force. Next 7 days, do this: Sing the name, as usual, out loud 10 times, and then before the end of the session mentally sing, singing along with the name must match the beat of the heart (soon mental singing of the name will not require any effort, will be performed unconsciously part of your life ). In the future (two weeks after the beginning of an exercise) you will be mentally chant the name whenever you have a free moment or when you want to relax. As you gain skills mentally chanting the name you will find that, in fact, do not sing, but just know that your song is sung subconsciously (at this point you realize that you have touched such reservoirs of calm and serenity, which had no clue).
In the last exercise we will learn the so-called penetration (incarnation). Apart from the fact that the penetration allows us to move to the stage of spiritual ecstasy during sex, it is an essential component of the spiritual life of man. Penetration does not express abstract empathy joy or pain of the other. No, it's your own sorrow, joy and pain. We can assume that you are filled with the entry, when you look at the world through the eyes of others. Penetration is there, when you ask yourself, "How would I feel in place of this man?"
Sit in a comfortable position in front of the mirror naked, put a lit candle in front of you so that the candle was below eye level. Next to the candle, place a picture of your partner and put it next to some things that his appearance and smell reminded about him. Only one candle is lit, all other lights are off. Breathe easy, free, and treat your body to objectively evaluate. Criticize it, admire it, if there is a reason for this, but be proud of it as a body representing your floor. When your senses will be aroused by self-aggrandizement, turn look at the flame. Look at it and fill them your brain: fix its shape, quality, color, intensity (flame — one of the symbols contained in our sexual power that you initiated, looking lovingly at her naked body). Now vberite an image of the flame and close your eyes. Imagine that you are plunged into the heart of the flame. The life-giving fire surround you, you bathe in it. You are the flame and the flame — it's you. Your physical body burned, and your only real "I" is on fire. A few minutes after immersion in the flames begin to say (and it is better to sing) aloud the name of the partner. Repeat the name several times. Gradually, you'll feel like a flame filled the essence of your partner, but now the flame and your partner are one and the same, but your brain is filled with thoughts of how to partner. And now come near your mind is getting closer and closer to the flame. You have to get back into the flame, which is already in use and you have to merge not only with him but with his face burning, but do not burn it — with your partner. Align the center of your consciousness with the center flame, merge with the flame and with your partner (all the while repeating the name of the partner).
In the last stage of the preparatory phase of partners hold joint exercises, acquiring skills containment and control of sexual emotions, thereby achieving a duration of sexual contact (including the sexual games and just sexual intercourse). This stage of the preparatory phase has a duration of 3 days, during which the partners should be free from their normal activities, including work from. The best thing — it's somewhere to go together these days. These three days require strict abstinence. It should stop performing all of the above exercises.
On the first day a lot of walking. Imagine that you met for the first time and felt attracted to each other, and you're looking to find the love you were looking for. Treat each other. Courtship reflects the mutual attraction, including a courtesy, chivalry, charm, courtesy, and respect. Show these qualities to each other.
The second day start with exercises to develop skills enabling containment of sexual emotions. Get naked and sit opposite each other. Start very softly and gently stroking each other. Touch should be light, devoid of erotic content. Just touching or stroking for half an hour. If you feel that you are ready to explode with their desires, stop stroking, sit back, breathe deeply and relax. Good help in this case, yogic posture sarvangasa-on (candle). This posture helps to ebb of blood from the genitals, and reduces the pain of a long rush of blood in them. In the evening, for 20-30 minutes also engaged stroking, but now it will be of a different nature. When you stroke your partner, try to feel the touch, as if your partner touched you. For example, when you touch her partner's shoulder, you have to feel it touch on his shoulder, and when touch the cheek, feel a touch on my cheek. In this case, your partner, too, will touch you, but you should not pay attention to it. You have to feel your touch, not a partner. Also the partner can feel your touch. Fifteen minutes later you master the technique of the strokes. And when you stretch out your hand to touch the partner's neck, you will begin to feel tingling in the neck, and when you extend a hand to his shoulder, the skin on your shoulder and feel tingling. You will have a feeling of lightness, as if unreality, because in reality you are trying to shift your center of consciousness to a partner. Your sexual emotions are intense, but they will resemble an inner glow, and deterrence of sexual emotions in this case the dovolnotaki easily.
Afternoon on the third day, continue stroking the mutual penetration (which we have just described). Here are allowed to caress the entire body, including the genitals. Touch should be light and again to be felt on your own body. When a woman is stroking the penis, it must feel like to touch his genitals. Just a man. Stroking for 30 minutes, then relax and breathe deeply for 3 minutes. Then the man lies on his back, a woman sits on him with his legs apart, facing him and very slowly, very carefully introduces himself to his penis. After that, there should be no movement. Woman stretches and lies down on it. Both partners lie quietly until it loosens erection in men. Orgasm should not be, just calm, deep mutual penetration.
In the evening, the same stroke as the day. In half an hour you can enter for the first time in three days, in sexual intercourse. You will experience an orgasm extraordinary power. And most importantly, you'll be ready for the upcoming spiritual trance after orgasm.


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