The best commercials advertising the army: the funniest were Ukrainians and Estonians

Best commercials advertising the army: the funniest were Ukrainians and Estonians

Defense agencies of different countries of the world seek out his own approach in order to make commercials for marketing for a pretty young in the army. Some are limited to a demonstration of military might, while others have resorted to showing the challenges of military life that can be overcome only by a real man. And, for example, Ukraine and Estonia have decided that the best approach would be humorous.

Edition of Foreign Policy brings together the best videos on the server YouTube, in what is advertised service in the army.

Russian army advertises roller the song of Alexander Buynova. Very popular Russian singer in the form of "blue berets" performs a rousing song with the refrain: "Glory to the landing party, honor and praise!", While in the background are the teachings of the airborne troops. Roller has been removed 5 years ago. As noted on the website of the singer, at the same time, Colonel-General Alexander Kolmakov, who served as commander of the Navy, gave the singer a medal of the 75th anniversary of this arm.

Note that the Russian Defense Ministry said that in order to make military service a cute, advertise army must be fully developed, prepared and pumped up "muster." Inductees also lured by promises to introduce the Days "quiet time."

The most joyful and uncomplicated, designed perhaps to ordinary Ukrainian men can be considered roller MoD with the promise: "All the girls will be yours." In it to the tune of the song "Dark boomer" driver "Medsedesa" on the outskirts of the village obymaet a bunch of long-legged beauties. Maidens, he promises to roll them on a foreign car. But here in a cloud of dust suddenly shows armored personnel carriers, from which emerges a cute fighter in the vest. Winking and smiling, he says that is very willing "to drink some water." All the girls here thrown from the driver "Boomer" to it, carry water in a clay jar and run after retreating armored personnel carrier. Roller advertises the service under the contract.

According to the publication, but the real winner may be roller Sweden's Ministry of Defense, in which young ladies seduce serve in the army as a candidate and nasty routine chores.

The video presented as Taiwan army commandos, Navy, and tank forces. The video starts with the fact that his father teaches son to ride a bike, he later under the same solemn music shows already on the range the Air Force, where recruits learn to dogfight.

Full of humor and advertising Estonian army. In the video sitting at café tables in the open air bikers are witnessing how driver SUV parked on one side fills up their bikes. Angry bikers decide to investigate, but, litsezrev on the jacket of the young man army patch, sheepishly apologized.

Japanese marines and dashing like mad fun on the deck of a warship, but here is video shows how they are prepared as simply and directly solve military tasks. For clarity, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun contrasted his own playful roller menacing style of advertising U.S. Navy.

On the video, advertising the army of Singapore, shows how modern military the ship is transformed into a tremendous battle bot. Jumping out of the water at a marina monster, apparently ready to face what ever threats.

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