The boy was in heaven and communicate with the dead sister

November 30, 2011 12:50

11-year-old Colton Burpee American city of Imperial (Nebraska) said that as a child at the time of the operation was in the garden, sitting on the lap of Jesus, saw his great-grandfather, and communicate with the dead sister, which it previously did not tell.

 When Colton was four years old, during a family trip to Colorado boy was sick, and on returning home found that his appendix burst, and the child was put on the operation. While Colton had surgery, his parents — Todd and Sonya — prayed for him, afraid of losing her son.
When the boy woke up after the surgery, then, to the amazement of the parents, said that during this time spoke with her sister, who died a year before his birth (when his mother suffered a miscarriage), and about the family history before Colton knew nothing, British newspaper "Daily Mail".

"She (the sister) was hugging me and said that she was glad to see at least some of her family in heaven. She has no name — it there and it was not given. And she can not wait to get her mother and father do go to heaven to meet her, "- said Colton.
The boy also told the stunned parents that, while he had surgery, he saw how they were praying, and he saw his great-grandfather, who died more than 30 years ago. The child was able to recognize his great-grandfather in the photo, where he portrayed a young, but did not recognize the picture, made shortly before his death grandparents.
"I remember Jesus, those streets of gold and a lot of different colors. I was sitting on the lap of Jesus and felt safe. God — He is the largest of the inhabitants of Paradise, and can hold the whole world in his hands, "- said Colton
When the boy was asked to describe heaven, he said that "there is a rainbow of colors, it is a place of beautiful colors and shades."
"Gates were made of gold, and they were precious stones. There is never dark. On the contrary — there is always bright. Where everyone has wings and can fly all … It's all wear white robes with ribbons of different colors, each with overhead lights ".
According to the boy, he even saw the garden of John the Baptist, but then he did not know who he is, about him he later told in Sunday school.
According to the publication, the parents of Colton's even written a book about what happened to their son.

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