The concept of the World Tree

Tree — the Slavic character, symbolizing the unity and cooperation of all the three times:
past, present and future.

The trunk represents the present, ourselves.
What is under the ground — the roots of the tree represent the past time of our ancestors.
Crohn embodies future — our children.

The roots of the tree represent our roots — first the father and mother, and then our grandparents, then great-grandfather great-grandmother,
then many generations of our ancestors.
Then among our ancestors begins wildlife. …
Then there are the elements — air, water, fire, earth, metal!
Then go (Duhi! Gods … / / / hard to put into words)
And here begins the cornerstone of the Universe eternal majestic root cause, the life-giving force of our race, is inside each of us, in our genes, in our subconscious mind, in our soul. And everyone who is one with the birth, through ancestral links powered primordial spiritual source of all things, which is the eternal power and the will of the creator …

In the Slavic tradition, each of the three worlds also corresponds to one component of human nature:
Reality — the body, (the tree trunk — present)
Nav — soul (the roots of the tree — the past);
Regulation — Spirit (coma — the future)
It should be understood, again, not literally, but one aspect of a single trinity …

Along with the basic spiritual sense, a myth often describes a natural process …

In our Iron (Black) age in the era of maximum distance from the Golden Age — from the era of the triumph of the Spirit, when all the sacred (spiritual) values are horrible profanation, inversions, degradation, all declared and authentic traditional "primitive", and is considered as the total degeneration progress …

Therefore, is it any wonder that sacred antiquity is modern "philosophers"
(In love with the "wisdom of this world") as a state of the deepest barbarism and savagery, while the modern "civilized savagery" is given for the development of the crown. "

The ancients had extensive knowledge of geography, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, ecology, …
and it is this knowledge, ane "wildness" has led to such a peculiar holistic worldview and as a consequence the Vedic worldview …

Ancient Slavs, living near dense forests, where it grows, oak, ash, birch, pine, spruce, and other broad-leaved and coniferous trees, could not fail to notice that the tree is not an easy plant.
Tree together with other organisms that depend on it is a complex biological systems in which the life of each of the body of the second and subsequent levels depends on the condition of the tree.

All this was seen and described by the language of myth, and the universality of natural model gave an opportunity to describe their understanding of the most spiritual of the Universe in a simple way. Thus, there is a natural model of world order, arising from the laws of Nature.

Exist in such a system the concept of organisms that help the tree survive, and parasites, which is also exactly the same as the natural model.

For example, the role of the parasite living off the tree and gives nothing in return, in Norse mythology, is a dragon (in Slavic miracle Yudo — yuden) from the underworld, biting one of the roots of the tree, and the role of helper organisms perform Norns, watering the other root water from a sacred spring thus restoring the balance between good and evil, which is comparable to the ecological balance in the natural model.

In the Nordic Aryan cultures oak and ash is seen as the most sacred and possessing the most powerful magic. They symbolize power, strength, wisdom, masculinity and spiritual power, linking in with the mythology of the supreme deity known that Slavs pagan temple is often held in oak …
In addition, familiar with bioenergy trees may be noted that the oak (as opposed to the willow associated with the feminine in nature) are a group of trees that produce positive bioenergy.

The ancients knew of these properties of the tree, and as the basis of world tree were divisible his energy, not consuming it. Recall that the house (and the houses of old were seen as a microcosm of the Universe) has never been built, such as aspen.

Wells are the same (leading deep into the earth — the world Navi, the world is dead), by contrast, made exclusively from it, in what was undoubtedly a purely practical aspect:
aspen, radiating negative bioenergy, killing bacteria in water and microorganisms …

Text presented here, only superficially touched the symbolism of the Tree.
And is it possible to give even a superficial one article or book is the labor of the ancestors for thousands of years? Truly you can write a huge volume study, equipped with countless theories and scientific facts, but did nepostich sacred essence, rooted in myth, for the Sacred is perceived not so much intelligence as "SUPERCONSCIENCE archetype," and any attempt to explain his words is only a reflection of the private vision of the subject and can only help a person in his grasp.

Glory Rod!

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