The court did not believe the witnesses, police officers

Judge of the October District Court of Minsk Sergei Germanovich stopped administrative cases against the volunteers of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Vyacheslav Flies and Paul Segawa, who police charged with disorderly conduct.

Unusually for the practice of the last trials of democracy activists in the result ended in the current processes in the October court of Minsk. Volunteers "Tell the Truth" Vyacheslav Fly andPaul Segawa acquitted, not finding them in violation of administrative action, which was discussed in the minutes of the police.

The events that have led to the court, took place the morning of August 5 at the railway station in Minsk. The policeman on duty Alexander Rusetskaya asked two guys to show documents. "They struck me as suspicious" — explained to the court the choice of Alexander Rusetskaya. Documents the guys was not there. Then Rusetskaya with the Chief of police officers on duty shift Lopatin gave an overview of their possessions and taken to a police station. On the way, by Alexandra Rusetskaya, detained "foul language" than violating public order.

Judge Sergei Germanovich, who heard the case, began to clarify the circumstances of the incident. Witness Alexander Rusetskaya answered questions of the judge:

Rusetskaya"And when they were asked to go to the duty of, on their part was followed by dissatisfaction. They expressed a rough foul language. Not so very vigorously and loudly, but foul language sounded. "

Germanovich"If not, they spoke loudly, what order they violated?"

Rusetskaya"Public order".

Germanovich"Disturbing the peace — it's loud cursing, and you say that they do not talk loud."

Rusetskaya"Yes, but they are expressed in my direction."

Germanovich"Who is it, but you hear that?"

Rusetskaya"Senior Warrant Officer Lopatin."

Germanovich"Lopatin does not appear as a witness in the case. Why is it in fact is not questioned as a witness, when he held up with you? And why, except for police officers, this foul language no one had heard, although it is the train station? "

The judge also questioned the details of the accused Vyacheslav Fly and Paul Segawa, who witnessed the arrest Mucha. Both said they did not violate the order, swearing not to swear, and walked in silence to the police. The fact that they were detained because of alleged abuse, but not for the inspection of documents, the guys found out, they said, but at the police station. As a result, the judge dismissed the administrative case against Vyacheslav Flies due to lack of evidence. The same thing happened with the case of Paul Segawa, which is totally the case repeated Mucha.

After the process, I asked the policeman Alexandra Rusetskaya were related to the detention of Flies and Segawa leaflet campaign "Tell the Truth," which she found among the belongings of the guys at the examination. "No more than what was made in the court," — declined to comment Rusetskaya police and added: "Ask the prosecutor's office."

And that's what the lawyer said Tamara Sidorenko, which protected both volunteers "Tell the Truth":

"The lack of evidence and contradictory evidence. Yes and no part of, the evidence. Very sloppy policemen came to this case. But I think this untidiness is because people were detained on suspicion of one, and then decided not to go and something to make arrests. So this got out sideways. It is difficult to falsify evidence, which was seen in these processes. "

Activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth" recently delayed for various reasons, including those related to criminal responsibility. So, was arrested Aug. 7 Michael Bashura, he is suspected of falsifying information to obtain credit, which could happen 2 years ago. Bashurov held in jail in Akrestsin, August 9, he extended the additional 10 days. Michael Bashura guilt does not recognize.


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