The criminal case against Teresa Sobol: third attempt

Against activists of the Union of Poles (unacknowledged) Teresa Sobol Ivenets of Volozhin region once again reopened the criminal case on the alleged abuse of her office.

As the lawyer Alexander Galiyev, Investigator Volozhinski police department just learned this morning that he was returning the case of Mrs. Sable. The most activist became aware of it only because Now that it was not released in Poland at a checkpoint in Brest. The chairman of the General Council of the Union of Poles Andrew Pochobut.

Alexander Galiyev does not know on what basis the decision overturned a criminal case against Teresa Sobol and why the case again restored. He recalled that the case has already been stopped twice: first — after the statute of limitations, and later — for lack of evidence.

Criminal case Sable was filed against the January 5 This year,. Activist suspected of abuse of office, namely threw her that she, as director of the Polish House in Ivyanets, won the leadership of St. Petersburg on the results of the 2004 financial aid.


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