The device Cassini discovered two new moon of Saturn




The number of natural satellites of Saturn had increased to 33 (photo from

The U.S. probe Cassini discovered two new extremely small moons orbiting Saturn.

The satellites have found Dr. Sebastien Charnoz (Sebastien Charnoz), a member of the team of imaging, sent Cassini.

Moon with a diameter of 3 or 4 kilometers located in 194 thousand and 211 thousand kilometers from the center of Saturn.

Temporarily they were given the name S/2004 S1 and S/2004 S2. It is the smallest of a body in a giant planet, not counting the stones in the rings.

The smallest moon of Saturn, known previously, had a diameter of 20 kilometers.

New satellites are located between the orbits of two other moons — Mimas and Enceladus.

It was surprising scientists. After all, before flying craft specialists predicted the discovery of new satellites that are invisible from Earth, but expect that such bodies exist in the gaps between the rings near the ring F.

Interestingly, S/2004 S1 may thus be an object which was detected 23 years ago one of the frames sent to the ship Voyager.

Then the project was given the name S/1981 S14. Accurately set — the same satellite is or not — as yet.


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