«The End of the World» raised the demand by the Russians on the bins

Construction companies involved in construction of underground bunkers and shelters, seeing an increase in interest in their products in the past year. Thus, the general director of the company "DelyuksBunker" Arthur said Tolasov "News" that every year in the capital of the company is building 10 underground bunkers for individuals, but for the past 11 months, sold twice as many projects.

— And calls became more frequent, there is excitement from customers is, — said Tolasov.

Bunker — not cheap. Underground room with the residential sector, a pantry for food storage, toilet costs $ 500 thousand Its sealed design that is resistant to external shocks, with the air purification system and an autonomous power generator. You can live in a bunker from 2-3 days to a year, depending on the equipment. The head of "DelyuksBunker" says his clients — wealthy people usually bought for their asylum country residences. The increased interest in underground bunkers Tolasov partially linked with the predictions of doom, who predicted on December 21. But he said that those who were spurred only fear of doom, often call to ask about company offers, but rarely report their intention to end.

— In St. Petersburg, Syktyvkar, where our branches also increased the number of orders. End of the world or the end, but calmer when there is a place where you can escape from danger — sums Tolasov. He noted that the main demand of customers — versatility underground shelter. In peacetime, it can work as a sports hall, library, parking, there's even possible to install a swimming pool.

Danila Andreyev, director of UCS 'Spetsgeoproekt "also notes a growing interest in an underground bunker. According to him, from the beginning of the year there were a lot of calls from concerned individuals. But most of the projects that have come to the realization — is government contracts and projects of major developers. The latter shall build shelters in the construction of residential homes, commercial and business centers, if civil defense facilities in the area do not have enough for the standards. As for private orders, how Andreev said that this year his company were six, and it is a good indicator. Andreev interest relates primarily to the shelters with the new technology. This modular bins, which are made in parts and assembled on-site at the customer.

This bunker is built faster and cheaper — from 1.5 million. It can accommodate 4-6 people, equipped with air-purification system and a self-oscillator with a reserve fuel. In a modular hopper can live for several days. Andreev explained that Russia has bought his products and to protect against intruders attacking private homes. Hopper door and walls are designed to ensure that the nuclear wave withstand so explosive devices so they are no longer afraid. The owner seekers stuck in it can not, as a last resort in the hopper hold telephone system and Internet connection to host asylum could tell about themselves.

— First a bunker ordered to Israel, we are planning to sell models of similar technology to other countries of the Middle East — said Andreev. In light of recent developments in the region the company's plans seem very logical.

Director of "Normaproekt" The Immortal Alexander also is building bunkers, told "Izvestia" that their company this year received dozens of complaints and inquiries about the construction of bunkers, which was not in previous years. But most of the complaints came from people who do not balance their desires with the material costs, or from those who are not inclined to think clearly and rationally. None of the calls did not complete the transaction.

— I just warned right away that the light from the end of the bunker will not save, — says Alexander Immortal.

It should be noted that in early November, the construction company "OOO" Ark-N "has announced the construction of Ufa underground bunker at the VIP-745 people on the eve of the Apocalypse. Cost-bed in the shelter was 125 rubles, and a separate room — about half a million. Needed to start building an application at least 200 future residents, but scored only 30 — and froze the project.

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