The forest as a factor in mental and physical health

A team of scientists led by Dr. Eva Karyalaynen medicine from the Finnish Research Institute of Forests made a list of diseases, which helps fight the walk among the trees.

It was found that the green giants, the body produces more cells capable of preventing the development of cancer. Also forest strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, slows sertsabitstse, removes peranapruzhanne muscles, improves with endocrine and respiratory diseases, migraines and dizziness, urinary tract infections, various unexplained symptoms. Finnish scientists advise urgently submitted to the country thicket of people with mental health problems, including those with depression, who can not handle anger and aggressiveness. In forest conditions, the concentration of stress hormones in the blood immediately falls, and emotional condition markedly improved.

Finally, forest walks good influence on children with attention deficit disorder.

Scientists urge politicians to take care of green areas in cities

Recent studies of Finnish researchers Dr. Eva Karyalaynen voice at the World Forestry Congress (2010 IUFRO World Forestry Congress), which will be held in Seoul from 22 to 28 August. Karyalaynen Eva and her colleagues are convinced that protect urban green spaces and create green spaces in the building of new urban areas is now more important than ever. This helps to maintain fitness of the population and reduce health care costs.

Finnish scientists, "Green arrays — it's not just a luxury. Politicians must realize that the state forests and parks are in close connection with the level of morbidity."

"The study clearly demonstrates that green space — it's not just a luxury. Politicians must realize that the state forests and parks directly related to the level of morbidity that green planting can significantly reduce the number of patients," — says the Finnish dasledchytsa.

Wonder-working influence of forests, forest parks on public health scientists explain the fact that the air in the forest contains over 300 useful chemical compounds. Forests, especially coniferous and mixed, absorb harmful compounds that pollute the atmosphere. As pine, it allocates volatile bactericides — volatile. They destroy pathogens of many infectious diseases. Also volatile help improve metabolism, increase motor and secretory functions of the gastrointestinal tract. Volatile poplar buds, Antonov apples, eucalyptus can kill certain viruses. Bactericides kill bacteria oak leaves typhoid and dysentery. Wild plants produced a lot of drugs.

Finnish experts share the view and their Dutch colleagues at University Medical Center in Amsterdam. They have evidence that people living near the Green Zone, improves health. Doctors reviewed the records of 350,000 people registered in 195 Dutch family physicians.

Note that the study included patients with 24 types of diseases. Registered with a family doctor, they were at least a year. It is believed that a person must have lived in one place for a while before you can will do conclusions about how to act on its environment.

The effect of the oasis

As follows from the work of Dutch experts, the positive impact of green space on health most sensitive when the patient does not live more than a mile away from them. But with a number of medical problems, including infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the positive impact of trees is observed even for three kilometers. The researchers attribute this to the so-called "oasis effect": the trees positively affect the air around the places where growing. According to scientists, the greatest impact of green space on people who suffer from anxiety and depression on.

According to the survey results, patients living in an urban area with 10% of green space within a radius of 1 km from the house, to mental disorders caused by anxiety, suffered a year 26 people out of a thousand. And among those who lived in an area with 90% of the trees — only 18. For patients who had depression, similar figures were respectively 32 and 24 per thousand.

The most striking results, the scientists regarding the health of children under 12 and people 45 to 65 years. Those who lived within the green zone, were less prone to depression. The difference amounted to 30%.

According to an employee of the center of Amsterdam Iyalyanda Maas, green spaces help to relieve stress and promote social contacts. Engage in physical activity in the forest too well. "Anything that reduces our interaction with the modern" cocktail "of air pollutants shall inure to the benefit", — says the Dutch dasledchytsa. According to her, after chronic stress people recover better and faster in the wild than in the city.



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