The four-year Briton caught up in intelligence of Stephen Hawking

April 13, 2012 13:58

British doshkolnitsu accepted into the organization "Mensa", which brings together intellectuals around the world. Four-year-Heidi Hankins of Winchester was an IQ test and showed stunning result — 159. The average for an adult is 100, and for the gifted people — 130. All "scale genius" is marked by 200 divisions.
According to the British newspaper "Telegraph", the parents of young talent invited her daughter to take the test after an employee of a kindergarten "complained" that their baby is so gifted that the staff come up with what would take a child prodigy.

 Heidi, who knows arithmetic, writing complete sentences and drawing geometric figures, already two years reading books, designed for 7-year olds. According to the Executive Director of the British Office "Mensa" John Stevenage, parents Heidi correctly determined that the girl's huge potential. "We wish them luck and are pleased that they have decided to join the" Mensa ", — he said.
It is interesting that in terms of IQ Heidi just one point behind the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking today, known for his work in cosmology and quantum gravity.
In the old organization "Mensa" are those who show a better result than the other 98% of the world's population, officially held the standard test IQ. Currently, the association has more than 100 000 people worldwide and has operations in 50 countries, including Russia, ITAR-TASS reported.

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