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Good day, dear readers! In today's article we will talk about what looked like the Dragon. You can also read the first article of the series: "Who was the Dragon?"

Russian engineer Vladimir Kuzmin admits that the image Gorynych arose under the influence of observations of tornadoes. Indeed, hobotopodobnaya, serpentine form a tornado and the destruction that it causes, somewhat reminiscent of certain features Gorynych, but not the main feature of it — the fire hazard. Tornadoes have been known to not burn, does not spew fire, and it is — an indispensable feature of the fabulous snake.


Among the natural phenomena closest to the image Gorynych large meteorites are falling — cars. Space rock which enters the Earth's atmosphere at high speed (5 to 80 km / sec) for the observer is the fireball, with a thundering noise of a passing high in the sky and leaves a trail of smoke. But such events are very rare (according to the statistics, the large fireballs occur once every few thousand years), they do not scorch the earth, except in rare cases even more (an average of once every hundred thousand years), when a large meteorite, not having to burn in the air, crashing into the planet, causing a massive explosion. Yet compared with the serpent race car, you can only under very specific imagination. Nor has it all damn fabulous Gorynych. What are these features?

The details of the appearance of the Gorynych tales do not tell. The presence of his wings in fairy tales almost never say, although it is surprising — because the experience of our ancestors tried to convince them that any flying creature must necessarily have wings. What is Snake's body — scaly, like all snakes, smooth or some more — also not reported. But constantly emphasized his fiery nature. How exactly spewing serpent fire, we do not know, but it is clear that he has his confidence and burns all around us — the fields, forests, villages and so on.

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