The latest development of the Belarusian military-industrial complex — not for mass sale

The latest development of the Belarusian military-industrial complex - not for mass sale
In recent years, the Belarusian defense industry increasingly assertive on the international market promoting their new developments in the field of anti-tank weapons.

These reasonably be attributed antitank missile (ATGM) third generation «Hornet.» As the upcoming development of the Belarusian-Ukrainian anti-complex «Skif», «Hornet» through the introduction of unique technical solutions surpasses it in a number of fundamental characteristics.

Thus, together with the introduction of RC-2 missile caliber 130 mm stronger B-2M 152 mm caliber (both developed Kiev GosKB «Ray» and performed by the same Kiev «Artem») allows LAW «Hornet» as the developers say, at a distance of up to 5000 m is guaranteed to amaze all modern armored targets, regardless of the point of impact (projection). Penetration tandem HEAT warhead for dynamic protection at an angle of ± 60 meeting: missile caliber 130 mm — more than 800 mm, 152 mm caliber rocket — more than 1100 mm.

LAW «Hornet» can be used not only to defeat armored vehicles, and (due to the presence of munitions with high-explosive and thermobaric warhead) to destroy buried protected objects (such as bunker, bunker, bunker) and low-speed low-altitude targets (helicopters, unmanned aircraft). And the use of the extended R-2B (in the version of «Hornet-Q») increases the highest range of up to 7500 m, which greatly increases the chances of a successful fight against surface targets in coastal defense.

Highest accuracy defeat all varieties goals ensured implementation noise-laser guidance system, which is implemented in the instrument pointing Mo-C, developed and produced by Minsk JSC «Peleng».

This device has a TV and IR channels with wide and narrow fields of view. First mode is used for target search, and the second — for her capture. In addition to pointing device PN-C can be installed thermal imaging camera that allows you to detect and identify targets at long range in bad weather.

Today Mon-C is the only pointing device LAW having integrated laser rangefinder that provides fast and accurate guidance. In addition, Mo-C can be used as an autonomous reconnaissance and target acquisition (provided measurement ranges up to 9 km with an accuracy of 5 m).

The device can also be used to control the anti-tank missiles, induced by a laser beam and shoots not only of the launch canister, and from artillery or tank gun. This allows you to use your device for guidance other missiles developed by KB «Ray», including the 100 -, 105 -, 115 -, 120 — and 125-mm ammunition.

After the missile launch task reduces operator to control the trajectory of the flight and, when necessary, adjust the aiming point with the joystick on the remote control.

So Makarov, although LAW «Hornet» is practically implemented the principle of «fire and forget», is also possible to retarget missiles on more important or terrible goal.

The principal feature of this is the possibility of inducing LAW rocket on goal from the closed position and out of shelters, which significantly reduces the risk of operator response fire strike the enemy and reduces the psychological and physical impact on him.

The remote control unit can make up to 100 m from the launcher using a wired link, and up to 300 meters with wireless control. Today wireless remote control function is implemented exclusively in LAW «Hornet.»

In this case from the 1st console can manage multiple launchers and / or combat modules (up to 4). Provided an opportunity to act and complex (multiple systems) comprising a single management system with process automation reconnaissance, targeting and target distribution.

Today you can read about 4 versions LAW «Hornet.»

Basic version consists of a set of universal tripod fighting module, transport and launch container with one missile guidance device Mo-C and remote control. The deployment of the complex combat crew of 2 persons does not exceed 2-minutes.

«Hornet-L» is a lightweight version of the shoulder-fired at a distance of less than 2.5 km.

«Hornet-D» — modification with 2 firing channels, the ability to install on the vehicle.

«Hornet-Q» is a modification with 4 channels and firing automatic lift (or without it). Fits as a combat unit on the vehicle.

We add that, despite the undeniable merits LAW «Hornet» over similar software, disk imaging in open sources of massive sales of weapons have yet been deployed.

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