The Liberals opposed the military-patriotic education

The Liberals opposed the military-patriotic educationWell-known public figures were opposed to a Russian school program notes appeared the subject of mandatory "Military and Patriotic education. "

"Formally, such education is to prepare for service in the armed forces of their country. But in fact, it provides for the formation of right understanding of the world based on the cult of the country, civilization and the army," — said in a statement civilian activists of Russian society, vserasprostranennom in Moscow.

Document, namely, signed by the head of the Metropolitan Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alexeeva, a widow Andrew Sakharov, Elena Bonner, the fund manager Andrew Sakharov, Sergei Kovalev, a favorite of the movement "For Human Rights" Lev Ponomarev, head of the organization "Right baby "Boris Altshuler, writer Boris Strugatsky, co-chairman of the" just cause "Gozman, executive secretary of the opposition movement" Solidarity "Mischa Schneider.

According to them, the "military-patriotic education"Kids and teens foreseen the concept of a federal system to prepare people for the military service of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020. Concept approved in February 2010.

"Military-patriotic education inevitably contains biased preparation and mythologizing of their own history, uncritical glorification of the wars that were fought his state, the cult of a strong central government, "- said in a statement.
The creators of the document are reminded that "military-patriotic Education has always been understood and is understood as a coherent ideological doctrine. "" The concept of the "military-patriotic education"Far beyond the boundaries of education of love for the country, the natural attachment to their own culture, to their native land, to their own country" — written by public figures.

"All together it inculcates nationalism inspires children and children an idea about the indisputable priority of interests of state power and state of emotion over other values, including universal, humanistic and truly religious" — according to the creators of the document.

In their opinion, the education system should be based "on the basis of modern humanistic and democratic principles, human rights and respect the undisputed advantages of personality, on an impartial and comprehensive informing students about the events of the past and of the present situation in our country and the world."

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