The Libyan authorities have apologized for the attack on the embassy of the Russian Federation

The Libyan authorities have apologized for the attack on the Russian embassyThe authorities Libya apologized for the attack on the Russian embassy, also assured that the incident would be investigated accidents tribute manner.

February 5, demonstrators attacked the Russian embassy in Tripoli, frustrated with the structure of the Russian flag. None of the diplomats in the end the incident was not injured. "In Tripoli, near the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation was unauthorized action Protest by anti-Russian slogans. The disturbances caused the position of the Russian Federation, it occupied the vote in the UN Security Council on Syria, — explained in the Foreign Ministry. — Participants of the rally, several 10-s man injured surveillance cameras, climbed to the roof of the embassy, they lowered the flag of the Russian Federation. "

"None of the Russian embassy staff was hurt — said in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs RF. — Also not applied real and substantial harm. After our presentations to the official authorities in Libya Tripoli and the Embassy of Libya in Moscow taken the necessary measures to ensure the security of the Embassy of the Russian Federation. "

"The action was finished by 17:00 Moscow time — quoted by Russian diplomats to ITAR-TASS. — From the official Libyan authorities about the incident was followed by an apology and received assurances that the event will pay tribute to properly investigated, and the safety of diplomatic missions RF Tripoli is provided. "

Opponents of President Assad has repeatedly attacked the Syrian embassy in different states. Over the last week there have been riots diplomatically offices in Kuwait, Cairo, Canberra, Tripoli, London and Berlin.

In Syria, clashes between opposition forces and government troops last from March 2011 According to the UN, since the beginning of the conflict killed nearly 5,500 people.

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