The list of the most paranormal Russian cities




List of Russian cities, where people often encounter ghosts, published | In the Commandant's Tower dwells pale disheveled woman with a gun in his hand — the famous Fanny Kaplan, who then shot himself Kremlin commandant of the Brits. By Ivan the Great bell tower struts eerie shadow of Ivan the Terrible. On the same wall of the Kremlin appears Lzhedmitry. The last time he was seen in August 1991. Missed king gestured frantically and gave citizens some signs. Their meaning was clear only in the morning, when the radio sounded Emergency Committee appeal. But the ghost of Stalin's Commissar Yezhov walks through the Patriarchal chambers that once housed his apartment.

In St. Petersburg, near Cabin of Peter I on the Trinity Square fagot lives. The Mikhailovsky Castle strums on flageolet shadow killed the Emperor Paul I. The most eerie ghost of St. Petersburg, without a doubt, Sophia Perovskaya. In a rainy day in March on a steep bridge the Catherine Canal there is a young woman with blue from suffocation face purple rope burns on his neck and a white handkerchief in her hand, which she gave signals bomber.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the most mystical place — Lake Svetloyar, the bottom of which is a ghost city of Kitezh. In 1238, he went to the bottom in front of his besieging Tartars. Spell of the Magi suffered Kitezh in some parallel dimension where it exists to this day. Protects the same secret miracle fish, a Russian variety Nessie. And on the banks of the Svetloyar something strange happens. Above the lake often fly UFOs, the last time the "plate" in the form seen in july 1998.

Muromskii local historian Alexander Yepanchin says that once existed under Murom village hare, which had two of the monastery — male and female. And the monks got into the habit of sinning with mermaids nearest slough. At the beginning of XVIII century village hare together with the monasteries went under the earth, and in its place the holy lake was formed. At night or in the early morning over the lake spreads bells and chants, the full moon is at its bottom is clearly visible golden cross.

Yaroslavl Kukoboy village is the birthplace of Baba Yaga. According to the head of the local House of Culture Tatiana Kruglov on the Isaac swamps still preserved hut on high stumps, similar to chicken feet, which is inhabited by a witch. In the lives of the local bath houses. People often hear his footsteps, unjustly in an empty office opened faucets and knock basins. Kukoboyskomu ringer after visiting the baths began to hear voices. Ghosts in Kukoboy found even in the library. The old wooden building was built before the revolution. One winter here wandered into a strange girl in an old hat, which was to talk about his mistress. Then the girl disappeared, leaving no traces on the fresh snow, say "Novye Izvestia". 13.08.2004

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