The March abstract (or after the election)

March 4th in Russia held elections of the President of the Russian Federation. The new president will govern the country for 6 years, and these 6 years is unlikely to be easy for him, so even despite the highest percentage of votes. Voter turnout in the last election was 65.4%. With all this current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was able to enlist the support of 63.6% of people voted the country. Second place predictably took Gennady Zyuganov, smogshy score 17.18% of the vote, on the 3rd place was self-nominated Misha Prokhorov, who collected actually 8% of the votes (7.98%) and makes the room such as a political veteran Vladimir Zhirinovsky (6, 22%) and Sergei Mironov (3.86%).

The elections were the first elections in which I not only met its own civilian duty, dropping the ballot in the ballot box, and controlled the whole process of voting at the polling station, having been appointed a member of the precinct election commission in an advisory vote by one of the presidential candidates. Personal observation of the voting, the following behavior of politicians and their reaction to the election results, have contributed to the birth of my 3 main thoughts that I loudly referred to the theses and ready at the moment for you to present them with a little explanation. They are all just my point of view. Point of view of the ordinary citizen of, familiar with the policy only at the amateur level.

Thesis 1 — Putin defeated fair and square

Putin defeated in the last election is fair, gaining more than 50% of the vote in the first round. Yes, perhaps without some "help" has not done, but this aid as a percentage could not deprive him of victory. Not the case, even the association "The Voice" has recognized the victory of Vladimir Putin in the first round of voting, the truth and the divergence interest voiced by the CEC. Yes, that really read, even the U.S. State Department, who before the election was cast as another "Russian horror stories", congratulated Vladimir Putin on his victory in the election of the first.

Personally, as watching, well I can not mention the evidence of this victory. At the station, where I worked, Vladimir Putin was able to enlist the support of 53% of voters. With all of this all of the things that scare tradesman and who is willing to simply accept the "stuffing", "carousel", replacement of the final protocols, this is not so easy to accomplish, especially in the presence of constant monitoring by representatives of the presidential candidates. Well, the ballot boxes were in this time under the supervision of not only the members of election commissions, observers and the media, and by the objective lens mounted webcams.

Produce a "stuffing" of ballots with such control does not seem likely. In addition, all beheld the ballot box, they are not only transparent, and possess a feature, even to put it in one newsletter from time to time have to try, let alone read about a time when someone would try to lower there the whole pack. Such a person here would attract attention to himself for. If you read about the "carousel" that they are burning mostly for megacities, where the mass movement of buses vote once a day can be dissolved in the transport stream. And in this case, in the exercise of control in areas similar to miss violation is very difficult.

Naturally, the primary voting record can miraculously swap on the way from Wick to the TEC, but then the catch of the commissioners on the rigging is not difficult. In order to perform a mass rigging of votes needed to bribe the entire commission, headed by the chairman (and in the case of perfect besides all observers in the area), which is in itself was not feasible because the commission can work and more than 10 people. With all of this in the committee includes people from various political forces, which further complicates the process of likely "encourage" members of the commission. In any case, all unsure of the outcome of the election can only advise recorded in observers and personally watch the voting. The only way to absolutely understand and assess the work of the whole system.

Thesis 2 — Fair Putin's victory is paradoxical

Without looking at the fact that Vladimir Putin won the election fairly, this victory is almost all paradoxical. The phenomenon is particularly so in a convincing victory and the ability to distance himself from Putin's just disgusting what is happening in Russia. Each person's own workplace is responsible for something, and if the janitor is responsible for its own courtyard and order in it, the foreman is responsible for the whole shop. On this basis, the President of the Russian Federation is responsible for all of the country and these are not empty words, and only can be.

Tell me, hand on heart, everything is relaxed now in our kingdom, great if our government? I would say that the patient is quickly alive than dead, but with all this improvement in his disease for Putin's rule does not always come. All of that corruption that exists at present in the country at all levels, from the district, a small bureaucrat and ending ministerial cabinets, somehow not associated with the government and its helplessness. Yes, a modern model of corruption began to line up under Yeltsin, but she matured and matured in the time of 2-president and the next premiership of Putin. Who does not go without a day or sonorous corruption scandal since March 6 was information that at improving its Web site Defense RF was stolen 36 million. In a country in which municipal funds — is, in fact, draws funds, there can be success in the economic sphere.

Today, more than 80% of our exports is dependent on the sale of hydrocarbons. This nuance is also nothing was made to improve the situation. On the development of the industry, increasing the bit of the manufacturing sectors of production they say a lot, but in fact nothing is being done, as evidenced by dry statistics statistics. Yes, that really read, even new oil mills in the country are not built because the country does not have an exact strategy on the issue and not the will and desire to oblige the owners to build a refinery Russian oil companies. Hence, the price of gasoline, which will soon dopolzut to the level of 30 rubles per liter. For some reason, and this figure which pounding on the pockets of every Russian, do not associate us with power.

Separately you can remember built in Russia power vertical. Now, in order to deal moved off the ground, for some reason you need personal intervention of the Minister at least as it was only recently, when Sergei Shoigu visited personally affected by the explosions at a military arsenal in Pugachevo Malopurginskiy area of the Udmurt Republic. Appeal attention to the problem of personally Prime Minister, and then coming to the place of the Minister of Emergency Situations were able to start the process of reconstruction of houses affected area. Restore them began in the summer of 2011, but far from all work on homes could finish only 3-5 March, 2012, and a number of social sites will be restored for at least until the summer and autumn. Vertical, which only works for a point, the manual control is unacceptable for Russia. Vladimir Putin just on the physical level is not enough to address all the pressing problems of regions and republics of the Russian territories. But this is a very controversial model of governance is not associated with our future president.

As Vladimir Putin is not associated with the party "United
Russia", which failed to score more than 50% of the vote in the recent Duma elections and more people lose confidence. Meanwhile Putin as before remains a favorite of the party, that's only during the last election campaign this wisely decided not to mention it. Putin, in fact, denied the party "United Russia", having covered with a cover of the Popular Front.

Almost all of Putin's victory — is the reward of this television, which is one hundred percent working in the interests of power, showing all under the angle of view, which is approved by the Kremlin. "These issues seem to be under the banner of news — it's all about him"Out of the mouth Parfenova with a jeweler's precision was characterized the current situation on TV. The modern Russian society lives in the tele, occasionally paying attention to what is happening on the other side of the window.
Another reason for the victory Fishing season — The love of the Russian people to "stability." Although the current stability is no different from the Brezhnev era, which is now usually called stagnation. And at the moment, and then the country is living through the implementation of energy and profitable market conditions, not caring about the day or tomorrow.

Thesis 3 — Degree of tension in Russian society increases

The modern Russian society more splitting up into two camps: those who are for Putin and those who are against. In the confrontation that there would be nothing wrong, if it takes place without the participation of the authorities. It's one thing when the representatives of the various political forces at rallies and campaigns allow themselves to harsh expressions in the address opponents and quite another when the first prime minister and later president of the Russian Federation expresses obvious contempt for a certain part of society. God bless them with workers' Uralvagonzavod "and those bloggers who allow themselves to dramatic expression in the address of the address in the" simple hard workers "in general. But when, while still Prime Minister, referring to the employees of that "Uralvagonzavod" says follow — "You put in place people who are gone too far and have allowed to insult the working man. It turned out that your mental level two orders of magnitude higher than those who considered himself a man, which … bozhenka asleep. You showed what the Russian people. You have shown that you are a cut above at least some flower child, at least some busybody"- This is too much.

Not a lot of what the assessment of all those who did not vote for him, very little offensive, because it also indicates that president Putin — the president is only one part of the society that gave him their votes, and this is fundamentally wrong. Vladimir Putin goes deliberately separates Russian people into "us" and "them", that in this situation simply unacceptable. For the president of any country "others" can not exist, because, as the legitimately elected, he is already the interests of all people, regardless of their vote in the election. This division of society, supported by the President himself, does not contribute to a decrease in the degree of tension, but only increases it by presenting a danger to the country.

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