The meteorite fell directly on the old woman




At the head of British granny fallen happiness. Happiness was the size of a walnut and going hails from outer space — somewhere between Jupiter and Mars. Some, however, called the old woman a victim, but this is not true — not every day meteorites fall from the sky, and only in people fall even rarer. Only once in Egypt moonstone in the dog hit. So she immediately died, and a British granny is alive and well. Einstvennoe injury she received — is a small but fairly deep cut on his hand.

Meeting 76-year-old Pauline Aguzzi of Lowestoft (Suffolk) with a unique gift of heaven took place in the garden of her home, where economic woman and her husband hung out to dry washed laundry. When her hand was stuck on top of a fallen stone, and she could not understand what happened. In an interview with Sun woman admitted that she suddenly felt a sharp pain in his hand, and stood in disbelief. However, her husband Jack was much closer. Bending down to the grass, he found a small piece of a brownish color with a metallic sheen. "I can not believe that the fact that Jack found was a stone, and then I felt so happy, because Hit it to me, I would have immediately given up the ghost," — said the old woman.

The couple sent a discovery scientists, and if it is confirmed that the subject matter is of cosmic origin, Paulina Aguzzi will be the first resident of the UK, which has fallen meteorite. Indirect evidence of this already: last week, our planet passes through the meteor shower, and stone can be one of the Perseid meteors, — fragments of celestial bodies, located between Jupiter and Mars. This hypothesis was confirmed by the representative of the British Association of astronomers. According to him, "it is quite possible that the mysterious stone meteorite will," but the possibility that it was he, is extremely small. In his words, there is a truth: the chances that a meteorite falls on the person, is just one of billions, in fact most of these space objects are completely burned, penetrating into the atmosphere at high speed.

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