The military program Sladkova Alexander (131 — 140 series) watch online

"The military program," Alexander Sladkova (131 - 140 series) watch online
The database applets — author's story with a dash of situations in which the characters were applets, historical and factual references that give the viewer a more "volume" to make heroes. Any programm contains stories about people in uniform with all their advantages, shortcomings, victories and defeats.
Attention is given to military education, issues of recruitment and manning the army. In the program are used as unique shooting from the personal archives of military personnel, and operational Chronicle survey.
Are special inserts that provide some information on how these issues are dealt with in other armies of the world, the tactical and technical data weapons, curious facts.

131. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (Efir_26.01.2013)
In this issue: "Valery Petryaev — the creator and performer of a soldier's song"
that issue dedicated to Valery Petryaeva — known creator and performer soldier song, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.
After high school he entered the Petryaev Tyumen Higher Command School, but he volunteered his sophomore year and filed in May 1980, a report to send to Afghanistan, where provoeval year and a half. There's also Valery recorded on a cassette tape recorder own first cycle of "Afghan" songs that spread very rapidly in the middle of a limited military contingent of Russian troops in Afghanistan. Retired from the army, Petryaev engaged in active concert activity has recorded several albums and made a copyright "Soldier's studio" specializing in the publication of the war songs.
The crew "Military applets" visited the village Shilpuhovo Pershamaiski the Yaroslavl region, where he lives and comes up with songs Valery Petryaev.

132. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_02.02.2013)
In this issue: "The armed forces of the Republic of Sudan"
In this issue, Alexander Sladkov say about Sudan — a country in North Africa — and its armed forces. The world's media they say about the country or bad, or nothing. Specialists, referring to the Republic of Sudan, saying that government — the key to all the "black continent". Specifically, there is a clash of interests of global leading global powers.
Camera crew Alexander Sladkova visited military units and military educational institutions of Sudan

133. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_09.02.2013)
In this release"February 15 — a day of withdrawal from Afghanistan"
February 15 — a day of withdrawal from Afghanistan. Day memory of soldiers-internationalists of.
Many Russian veterans of the war in Afghanistan once again dream to visit this country, to remember fellow soldiers, to find an outpost or a post, which had been on duty, or the place where they took the first fight. Some of them even said "Afghan" in the best years of his life.
Who among former soldiers-internationalists have such an opportunity — they can visit to Afghanistan as a tourist destination. Although this trip so far is associated with risk and is not recommended for bodies of state power of the Russian Federation, the veterans are moving to this country, where they really know the cost of living, the importance of human relationships, the ability to live in a group, move languid household and climatic conditions.
One such group of veterans who went on a trip to Afghanistan, accompanied the crew of "Military applets."

134. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_16.02.2013)
In this issue: "fighting vehicle BMD-4M"
In this issue, Alexander Sladkov say about fighting vehicle BMD-4M, adopted not long ago adopted the Russian Airborne Forces.
The deepest raids on the enemy's rear, fire support, air assault groups, the increase in resistance of the compounds airborne infantry — is far not everything that can combat these machines. They are able to not only reach speeds of up to 70 km / h, but still fly and swim.
Airborne combat vehicles do not have to act on the front of the band, and in a deep behind enemy lines, their work — at one point collapse on him from heaven, to make a march on hundreds of miles, to crush headquarters, communications centers, missile batteries to kill. BMD-4M, as demonstrated by tests, posodeystvuyut paratroopers with success and less losses do these military tasks.

135. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_02.03.2013)
In this issue: "The hero of the Union of Russian Andrei Mikhailovich Serebrjakov"
This issue "Military applets" Hero of the Russian Union is dedicated to Andrei Mikhailovich Serebryakov.
The commander of a tank company in the name of Felix Dzerzhinsky 475-th separate languid Tank Battalion Lieutenant state security Serebrjakov fallen brave death July 27, 1942 in a battle in the defense of the town of Voronezh. His naming of named streets in Moscow, Voronezh and Ryazhskikh.
Correspondents "Military applets" met with the widow and daughter of the hero-tank officer, visited the home in the town of Serebriakova Ryazhskikh. On the eve of the 100th anniversary of Andrei Mikhailovich Moscow KGB opened at the request of his daughter and took their archives a personal matter lieutenant Serebriakova. In the program applied unique footage, which was captured Andrey Serebryakov while sending his tank company on the front.

136. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (Efir_09.03.2013)
In this issue: "Base SWAT Interior Ministry in Ingushetia"
The crew of Alexander Sladkova visited the Ingush town of Karabulak. This town is a base for the Russian OMON Ingushetia. Not so long ago, his staff noted the twentieth anniversary of the day or with the creation of the group. The highest combat training, Professor skill OMON fighters have repeatedly been demonstrated in the performance of duty. On the current situation in the country and the work of local law enforcement in an exclusive interview with "Military programmke" told the head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov

137. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_16.03.2013)
In this release"The work of police in North Ossetia"
In this issue, Alexander Sladkov will introduce viewers to the work of
the police in North Ossetia. In the past nedavneshnem population and law enforcement officials of the republic is not just perceive the blows of the terrorists, and now security is given special attention here.
About how well the fight against crime in an exclusive interview with "Military programmke" told the head of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Teimuraz Mansurov.

138. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_23.03.2013)
In this issue: "A squad of special purpose" Bulat ""
March 27 — day Russian Interior Ministry troops. In this issue, Alexander Sladkov say about the force of a special purpose Volga Regional Command of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry, "Bulat".
The emblem of the internal forces from the time nedavneshnego steel men in maroon berets. This is — an army special forces. The best of the best.
A squad of special purpose "Bulat" was formed in June 2004. His fighters confidently declared for themselves and their rightful place in the line units of the Interior troops of the Interior Ministry. The detachment involved in counterterrorism operations in the areas of the North Caucasus region. On account of "Bulat" a huge amount of activities undertaken effectively in the process of which is neutralized by a number of active members of the armed groups, many seized guns and ammunition, and destroyed more than one base of terrorists.

139. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_30.03.2013)
In this issue: "The soldiers hidden war"

140. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_06.04.2013)
In this issue: "multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm"
In this issue, Alexander Sladkov say about a brand new Russian twin multirole fighter Su-30cm, is now entering the Air Force of Russia.
This fighter is forthcoming development of the family of combat aircraft such as the Su-30MK. Specialists of JSC "Sukhoi" adapted it to the requirements of the Russian Air Force radar systems, telecommunications and municipal identification, ejection seat, and a number of support systems.
Also made the configuration of the weapons. Double Su-30cm has maneuverability, capable of using advanced high-precision weapons and perspective of "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface". In the opinion of professionals, the new aircraft will significantly increase the combat potential of the Russian Air Force.

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