The military program Sladkova Alexander (141 — 150 series) watch online

"The military program," Alexander Sladkova (141 - 150 series) watch online
The database applets — author's story with a dash of situations in which the characters were applets, historical and factual references that give the viewer a more "volume" to make heroes. Any programm contains stories about people in uniform with all their advantages, shortcomings, victories and defeats.
Attention is given to military education, issues of recruitment and manning the army. In the program are used as unique shooting from the personal archives of military personnel, and operational Chronicle survey.
Are special inserts that provide some information on how these issues are dealt with in other armies of the world, the tactical and technical data weapons, curious facts.

141. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (Efir_13.04.2013)
In this issue: "Rehabilitation of war veterans"
Now the problem of rehabilitation of war veterans as never before burning. For example, in the U.S. it has received tremendous attention: there so far experts at working with people who have fought in the Vietnam War, not to mention the adaptation of the military to civilian life, not so long ago had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The problem of rehabilitation of veterans did not pass and our country. From the 80-ies of the last century, thousands of young people vorachivayutsya after serving in the "hot spots" and do not find yourself in a "citizen." As a result, yesterday's heroes can not find a job, make ordinary families, they drink, commit criminal wrongdoing.
Who but the country's public and veterans organizations should assist them? This question is answered Alexander Sweet and programs from his hero — a veteran of the fighting in the North Caucasus Vitaly Efimenkov.

142. Military programm Alexander Sladkova

143. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (Efir_27.04.2013)
In this issue: "Alcohol in the war -"
Soon the whole country will be celebrating the day of victory. May 9th, war veterans gather at laid tables. Mandatory, as they say, "front 100 grams." "For Victory!" But after the military drink alcohol not only on holidays … The stark theme — alcohol in the war.
June 22, 1941 Germany attacked the Soviet Union. Russian Fascist Alliance was listed on maps as Wodka-Gau. Which translated from German — "Vodka district." Talking about the future of, Hitler stated: "There are no vaccinations, no hygiene — only vodka and tobacco." So he planned to exterminate all the local population after the occupation. At the same time, in the 41 th year in Moscow signed a hidden order № 0320 "On the issue of the military band of the army advanced, 100 grams of vodka a day." Times were very languid. Nothing just did not do so.
In this issue applets Alexander Sweet and historian, director of the Museum of Russian Vodka in Moscow Alexander Nikishin try to answer the question: "Alcohol in the war — the need for compulsory or obvious evil?"

144. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_04.05.2013)
In this release"May 7 — military radio and television correspondents"
May 7th day is celebrated in Russia radio — prazdnichek signalers, radio and television workers. Everyone who promptly inform us about important events happening in the country and abroad.
In this issue, Alexander Sladkov say about the features of reportorial work of war correspondents radio and television.

145. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (Efir_11.05.2013)
In this issue: "The stately Russian war veterans"
Victory day that we celebrate every year on May 9, always remains the holiest prazdnichkom for most Russians. All further takes us from time to events 2nd World War — the most bloody and ruthless war in the history of mankind. Fewer still with us her veterans. And the more expensive the history in their life at the front, because "trench truth" Lofty Russian participants fights are added to the picture of majestic feat. These people have shown how interminable human capacity in which untold criteria can endure and overcome.

146. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_18.05.2013)
In this issue: "Special Operations Forces (SOF)"
In this release Alexander Sladkov say about the Special Operations Forces (SOF), recently made in the Russian army. For the first time in many years, our military openly expressed his own willingness to local actions abroad.
Special Operations forces — forces that are created for the merits of political and economic objectives in at least some geographical part of the world, representing the enthusiasm for the Russian Federation. These forces have long been formed in the United States, Israel, Germany, France and other countries.
Reporting "Military applets" with not so long past teachings MTR. Their goal — an imitation of the nominal transfer of special forces in the area of the 1st of neighboring countries.

147. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_25.05.2013)
In this release"The Central Naval clinical hospital"
Central Navy clinical Infirmary (TSVMKG) 30 years old. The place of construction chosen personally Commander of the Navy, Admiral of the Fleet Russian Union Sergei Gorshkov — in a birch grove near the little village Kupavna.
The main objective of the 32nd TSVMKG — healing ill coming in from the regions where the Navy is based. In addition, it provides assistance to special medical facility personnel Surrounding military units and other law enforcement agencies and departments.
The increased attention paid to Kupavna healing the wounded soldiers received from the battle area. In the hospital all made to provide them special medical care at the highest level.

148. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_01.06.2013)
In this issue: "20 years of the disaster on the 12th of the Metropolitan frontier outpost"
July 13, 2013 marks 20 years of the disaster, which occurred on the 12th of the Metropolitan frontier outpost, near the
village Fri Sorigor, on the Tajik-Afghan border. Russian border guards were attacked by a large group of Mujahideen. Over 10 hours of the personnel of the gates, taking the radial defense, bravely to repel the attacks of the enemy. 25 soldiers and officers were killed. 18 border guards, despite the fact that they were in the middle of a lot of the wounded, managed to break out of the encirclement by going to their rescue comrades.
In this issue of "Military applets" Alexander Sladkov meet with border guards, heroically defending the 12th outpost July 13, 1993. It took 20 years. As the fate of these people? Who do they become? As they reminisce about the old days?

149. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (Efir_08.06.2013)
In this issue: "Russian complex" Window ""
About our military who are serving in the Russian opto-electronic complex (OEC) control gallakticheskogo place "Window." The complex is located in Tajikistan, high in the Pamir Mountains, near the town of Nurek. It is the property of the Russian Federation and comes in the gallakticheskih troops. As they say spices, it has no analogues.
HST "Window" is designed to provide timely information about gallakticheskoy environment, cataloging gallakticheskih artificial objects, determine their class destination and the current status. The complex is designed to detect any gallakticheskie objects at altitudes between 2,000 km and right up to the geostationary orbit.

150. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_03.08.2013)
In this issue: "The armed forces of Zimbabwe"
Alexander Sladkova trip to Africa, the Republic of Zimbabwe and familiarity with the best warriors of this continent …

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