The Moor has done his job? ..

Part first. Barin go?

"I'm tired, I'm leaving" — a phrase first President of the Russian Federation at the time was perceived not as a pre-New Year on a different political jestingly. But when people realized that in fact does happen, the Russians have mixed feelings: on the one hand, most people have experienced a sense of getting rid of the stone on the neck, the other — a misunderstanding, and even some horror as further without this stone to live, and who offer new options for the coming of the existence of the country. Who are these options offered, remember, of course, out of place.

The Moor has done his job? ..

Apparently, try on the role of leaving on their own policies decided and acting Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov our country. Russian media have managed to replicate according to a senior Defense Ministry source, in what is a terrific phrase that the sovereign Serdyukov "tired of military orgy of endless reform of personnel and lack of respect." In addition, even while acting minister decided to give the tops know that he longs to work in a new government, and beg him to stay at his post — you can not even try …

If you believe the words of this "senior source" about the sluggishness of Defense, it turns out that we have in Russia in the last month in the higher echelons of the government was suspicious of a lot of "tired". Not so long ago, almost to lethargy on the go knees buckled at the head of Roscosmos sovereign Popovkina, and before he could retreat from its own sluggishness in the hospital and get to the latest Huge work has appeared as a regular izmayavshiysya bureaucrat — Anatoly E. Serdyukov. It is, of course, is clear: to engage organizational activities in Russia — it exhausting, but it can be, then it was necessary to immediately declare to the people that we have, say, a work not afford on a physical level — the idea is to find others. But prince Serdyukov, who is himself the last few years, participated in the one he deigned to speak, military orgy, now washes his hands — let rake other competent comrades, all I had time to think out. Step, of course, worthy of the highest rank of minister of defense.

Of course, many people in Russia who believe that Anatoly Serdyukov positive for the Russian army did more than all the previous ministers, coupled taken (by raising wages to solve the housing problem), so here is to see that the agency and sovereign Serdyukov excelled in 10s times more money than it was before. With this funding could be reincarnated in the Russian army standard equipment and capability, but somehow, Anatoly Eduardovicha went wrong, and then came to him and "orgy" and "tired" …

Right to information that after the inauguration of Vladimir Putin to chair Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has not sit, there is evidence of the desire to leave the post of Chief of Staff of own sovereign Makarova, who only recently was awarded the Gold Star of the Hero RF for the reform of the armed forces. As you know, in our country after such large awards manager, or bring to the more senior job, or send honors retiring. But General Makarov, apparently anticipating some changes, he decided to declare that he was not prepared to continue to work with the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff directly, since May of this year.

In this connection, it is possible that the heroic honors quite soon be rewarded and Anatoly Serdyukov. Namely, the last work of the Minister of the college which was appreciated by the President and the Prime Minister, in turn, just decided to say nothing about the activities of sovereign Serdyukov's own post. Apparently, a prematurely leaving bureaucrats — or fine, or nothing.

Immediately after the departure of disk imaging Serdyukov ministerial post, journalists and analysts took up the prediction of who will be the changer minister and reformer.

The first option, surprisingly, it may be that Nikolai Makarov. He was asked to work out their still-heroic star, but just will not let the tail wag. Say something about their own retirement can be any number, but suddenly shestidesyatidvuhletnemu General of the Army will make such an offer he can not turn away. Only now there is one caveat. By Makarov and to award him the star of the Hero of the Russian Federation put forward certain claims, and after the "secret presentation" the merits of these claims has become even greater. Because if Nikolai Makarov suddenly decide to approve the post of defense minister, he can be as unpopular minister, as the sovereign Serdyukov, and in fact there is no posodeystvuyut and shoulder straps.

Another candidate that, in principle, be maintained and operated, and by its own members — Dmitry Rogozin. His likely destination for post Minister of Defence of speech, including the "Military Review", were even before it was announced that his mission to the vice-premier post in the Government of the Russian Federation. In principle, which requires two people in the Cabinet, which, in fact, are doing the same — issues of Defense. That is why Dmitry Rogozin completely may be appointed instead of Anatoly Serdyukov, and he's (Rogozin) will be able to throw for a vice premiership to successfully address the issues MIC. This combination is completely miscible with perseverance Dmitry O.. Recall that now occupies Rogozin also post special envoy of President of the Russian Federation in the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, but this post so he can afford to sacrifice himself.
As defense minister is considered likely also nominated Chief of Ground Forces 55-year-old Alexander Postnikov. Having a great track list, Colonel General Postnikov can fit completely into the existing concept of reforming the army. In the past year, he said, quite symbolic words that this man was characterized with a particular party. General Postnikov said that replaced in order to finance the project T-90, which Tipo little better than T-72 and, moreover, worth more than 118 million, it is better to buy German tanks — Leopards. He was seconded and the present head of Roscosmos sovereign Popovkin, saying that Russian tanks — is commonplace "iron coffins". When you consider that these generals until now occupy the highest positions, that, or the top leaders of the country are thinking the same way, or Postnikov and Popovkin also decided to write off all of slackness of work … Following such logic, you can not help but wonder if Alexander Postnikov in May will be presented as a new minister Defense, "who can be considered economical means."

There is another probable candidate for the post of minister — the commander of the Navy Vladimir Shamanov, who had at one time to visit the governor's office in the Ulyanovsk region. The candidacy Shamanova looks quite promising even as himself, Lieutenant General Shaman — a man which knows first hand what the Russian army. He passed the Karabakh conflict, the two Chechen campaigns, dealt a blow by the Georgian forces in 2008 to the Kodori Gorge. Only now are required to in the true Russian military experts at the government — the big question. Shamanova candidacy is unlikely to be considered, because the general to let himself not once criticized as acting minister of defense, and the methods themselves of the military reform in Russia. A criticism of the existing municipal officials in Russia the situation is very difficult, because to think seriously about the purpose of a ministerial post
in the General Shamanov hardly necessary.

In general, Serdyukov has done his job, Serdyukov can go — something like that … But … Then all of a sudden the story turned 180 degrees with the revelations of the journalist fraternity of slander and provocation in the address Minister and reformer.

Part of the second. The gentleman is?

Apparently, after the sudden removal of the existing procedures for lethargy and decreased mayhem to a minimum, sir Serdyukov, the very fact of itself does not zhdya decided that completely can continue to manage the defense ministry and after May 7, 2012. Yes, it turns out, there is no sluggishness at all and there was, well, a bacchanalia question is also not clear. It turns out minister Serdyukov did not read any words that he was not going to work in a new government, and that all comes from the conspiratorially minded Russian media that everything is done to tarnish the good name certainly Anatoly Serdyukov. The press service of the Ministry, quoted by the agency "Interfax", the claim that the rumors about the resignation Serdyukov and General Makarov under a have no basis. It turns out that the Minister Serdyukov will continue to entertain the Russian military leadership's own work, or still there?

One gets the impression that the emperor Serdyukov through its press office did not let the media off the dual information. And that of course is clear: if the new Prime Minister Anatoly Eduardovicha strike out of the list of the sacred, then that will be the occasion read it, they say, and he has long talked of his own unwillingness to work in a new Cabinet on the same post. And if Anatoly Serdyukov suddenly decide to quit, his press hawks here are storming the Russian press with allegations of insolvency judgments about the resignation of its own chapter. In general, the straw is underlain by a thorough — there strategist Serdyukov must pay tribute.

Of all the words you can make such a conclusion: develops a feeling that the emperor Serdyukov in fact do not care how it is perceived in Russia and what are its real rewards before the Russian army. Want to — announced his retirement, they want to — accuse of slander and provocation journalists. But if the current head of the defense department will not leave his post, and in a new government, it is already tarnished reputation of Vladimir Putin, whom the majority of Russians supported the March 4 hearing in his presidential program there harsh words about the need for change.

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