The most mysterious phenomenon

The most mysterious phenomenon in the history of mankind, or a clever hoax? Tricks of pranksters or consequences unexplored atmospheric phenomena? These drawings are in the surface of the planet, amaze us with its size, variety of forms, intricate symbols and strange side effects on the environment, but most of all — mysterious origin. They are observed in all parts of the world since the last decades of the twentieth century, but no eyewitness, no research results is not enough to determine the nature of this phenomenon.

Some hoaxer, even claimed that the circles of their creation, some communities can really be considered a forgery.

Crop Circles

The first crop circles have been seen in 1972, and two witness, Arthur Shattlvud and Bruce Bond, were on a hill hoping to see a mysterious unidentified flying object, make this area a mecca for UFO England, a hundred feet seen as part of the fan-like ears were killed, forming a perfect circle on the field.

C that moment came about eighty reports of exactly the same incident, some were even captured on videotape. The appearance of the circle takes about twenty seconds, and is often accompanied by a creaking sound.

After a decade of crop circle phenomenon began to manifest itself quantitatively. By that time there were already more than 9,000 posts around the world, many of which came from England. In general, the diversity of the crop circle is very large. This, coupled with their large number, casts doubt on the assertion that all crop circles are a fraud, without denying the people's participation in this process, here are some circles can not be considered a fake.

Coded message

Crop circles have chibltonskoy observatory knocked out quite a number of similar communities, probably in response to the message sent with the message of the land in 1947.
According to Paul Vigey Director Independent Research Center of unexplained phenomena (Sauvsi, Hampshire, England), the image is very similar to digital message that 16 November 1974 was sent into space by astronomers from Cornell University (with Carl Sagan) by radio "Arecibo" ( Arecibo), built in Puerto Rico. Memos directed to star cluster M13, located at a distance of about 23,000 years away.

Izobrazhnie binary-coded messages sent from the ground. In the form of curved lines shows the double helix of the DNA molecule.
Below, between binary information about the number of the world's population, and average human humanoid figure shows depicting people.
Under the image of man as a square shows the sun and nine planets. Third one planet rests on the symbolic figure of a man.
Above the bottom of the letter M is shown as representing radio telescope "Arecibo" and the binary code at the bottom of report its diameter (300 m).

Compare black and white graphic binary encoding. broadcast of 1974 (left) and "binary code", which arose from the 2001 Chilboltona

As can be seen "messages" are different.

The left-hand side of the figure, which appeared on the field at Chilboltona is different from the right side. If you look at the picture, which appeared in a wheat field, we can see that after the first two planets, a group of three planet rests in the same way as was done in the letter that 16 November 1974 was sent into space by astronomers from Cornell University. The third planet in the series raised. The fourth planet is raised. A fifth planet not only raised, but transformed from one point to four smaller points, forming something like a cross.

In the bottom of the binary message, sent in 1974, was painted arch under which indicates the diameter radio telescope antenna "Arecibo", with which the message was sent. The report appeared in a wheat field near Chilboltona this element is identical to the picture, which also appeared in Chilboltona in August 2000. We can assume that between the pattern that emerged in August 2000, and these figures that emerged in August 2001, apparently, there is a connection.
In the place where the message sent to the radio "Arecibo" in 1974, he referred to the size of the antenna, it is the image that was found next to Chilboltonom in August 2000.
Top zmnogo messages number is a number from 1 to 10. Immediately below them are the atomic numbers of the key elements that are the building blocks that support life on Earth. This phosphorus, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen. Now it is possible to decipher. That which corresponds to phosphorus, is indicated by a long line, that is 1111, which means 15. The next element of the image, if it is read vertically, gives 0001. This corresponds to 8, which is, of course, is oxygen. The next element (1110) corresponds to 7, which is nitrogen. Next (011) corresponds to 6, which is carbon. And finally, the last item — a 1, which equals 1, is hydrogen.

In the email sent to "Arecibo", shows five columns: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus. The figure on the field is 6 speakers. Thus, this code contains an additional element. This element was inserted between the oxygen and phosphorus, that is, instead of the series 1, 6, 7, 8, 15, there is another series that contains the item that is marked as 0111, which corresponds to 14. Thus, a number of 1, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15. If we now look at the periodic table, you can see that the item under the 14th-Z, called silicon. This is a very interesting finding, as many researchers say that if there are any other forms of life, which, in contrast to terrestrial forms are not based on carbon, then the entire periodic table is almost the only element that could support life, is silicon . It is theoretically possible that there is a planet in which silicon is the dominant element. If this is indeed the binary-coded message, the presence of an additional element in the form of silicon is important information.
Perhaps in some circles is really the message fields of the other planets, so will these messages declassified, because almost all the more essential information about menie crop circles became quadrupeds only at the beginning, just after this information is not komenntirovalas, islyuchenie just be a clear poodelki.

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