The motto Europe without borders may be left in the past

The slogan "Europe without borders" may be in the pastAll EU countries often act contrary to the Schengen agreement, which provides for the abolition of internal borders. Right behind France border control restores Denmark.

According to the government's decision in Copenhagen, will soon be reintroduced border screening of people crossing the Danish-German border. Strong protest against the one-sided action Danish government has expressed Brussels. "The European Commission will not approve any sample contract EU level", — said the adviser commission on Wednesday evening, commenting on the actions of the Government of Denmark. Brussels is waiting for an explanation on the part of Copenhagen. After Denmark will interpret the motives of their actions, the European Commission plans to give them a legal assessment.

The implication is that the border guards will keep control of the travelers like to race in Denmark, and on leaving the country. As explained recently Danish minister Gert Frederiksen money, the purpose of border control — the fight against cross-border crime. As explained by Justice Minister Lars Barfed, as quoted by the news agency dpa, says first of the guests from Eastern Europe.

Crime, illegal immigrants and populism

In general, as long as there is no official explanation of Copenhagen, most of the EU partners regard this step as the horror of illegal migration. Previously, a temporary suspension of Schengen acts on its territory declared France. So makarom Paris hopes to stop illegal migrants from Africa, which in recent weeks are moving en masse from Italy. In general, unlike France, Denmark decided to resume frontier control on the same basis. This decision was taken under pressure from political events: limited government Lars Løkke Rasmussen has a majority in parliament. Decision the resumption of border controls government taken at the request of its own new partners — the populist right Popular Party. In exchange for this step right in parliament pledged to support major government decisions.

Sharp criticism of the Danish government in the address sounds from MEPs. Chairman of the Socialist Group, Martin Schulz referred to restore border controls "pure populism" and "psevdopolitikoy." "Possible problems with refugees from North Africa is unrealistic to solve with the passport control at the border of Germany and Denmark," — said in an interview with Schultz Tagesspiegel. The representative of the Liberals in the European Parliament Alexander Alvaro cast swing Denmark upcoming stay in the Schengen area. "If the Danish government is giving itself the right populists blackmail so that Copenhagen even calls into question the major European freedom, we must raise the question whether it makes sense in the upcoming Danish membership in the Schengen area," — emphasizes Alvaro.

The concern of the EU partners

Danes expressed concern about the decision and Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. According to her, the freedom of movement in the European Union — one of the greatest achievements of European integration and has an "incredible weight" to the people. Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said the need to check the actions of Denmark against the fundamental EU treaties.

But German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich speaks for the tremendous resilience Schengen agreements. According to the policy limits, you need to make adjustments in the agreement that would have allowed a certain critical cases swiftly and legally impose temporary border controls inside the Schengen area. "In the future, we need the flexibility to respond to the extraordinary migratory pressure" — said in an interview with Friedrich Die Welt. The relevant German minister will announce the proposal at a meeting with his colleagues from the EU member states on Thursday.

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